Undershirt Review – Day 8

Sorry for the radio silence over the last couple of days folks. “Mrs. Undershirt Guy” and I were traveling meeting with some more undershirt companies that I’ll be reviewing here in the next couple of weeks.

Upon our arrival back to home base, I was pleased to find that all three packages (Tommy John, Vdri, CoolClothing) had arrived. I decided to take some pictures of the packaging to help our readers get a visual on how these undershirts are packaged and shipped by the companies. Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing the products themselves, but for now, here’s a few pics of the product packaging:

Tommy John – Although the pictures may not be the best, these shirts are packaged in Tommy John packaging - fronta nicely designed, graphically pleasing, sleek, black, high quality light cardboard box. The front has a nice picture of a man wearing a Tommy John undershirt and provides a clear and concise “Custom fit undershirt for men” tagline message. The back has some pictures that compare Tommy John undershirts to a “typical” undershirt and provides some highlights and features of the shirts. I could definitely see this package sitting on the shelves of the high-end department stores. My only complaint would be that the box flaps were open when I opened the package (from the shipping no doubt) Tommy John packaging - backand the undershirt had started to come out of the box. If the box was sealed on both top and bottom, it would have prevented it from opening during shipping. The other thing I’m personally not to fond of (possibly because I ship undershirts out as well), is that the package was shipped in an USPS Express Mail package turned inside out. This practice is frowned upon by the postal service, and is a minor pet peeve of mine.

CoolClothingUSA – Unfortunately, not much good to report on here. The plain white plastic shipping pouchCoolClothingUSA - pretty lame packaging efforts - straight from Mexico was mailed to me via First Class mail. Upon opening the package, I found two clear, crinkled thin clear plastic bags, each containing one shirt (the compression shirt). On the outside, each bag is plastered with a warning message written in 29 different languages about the dangers of plastic bags. Each bag has a fairly large sticker on it that says “MADE IN MEXICO”. The shirts aren’t even folded very nicely. Also, the invoice/receipt included in the package is improperly folded in half (not evenly folded) and looks like somebody crinkled it up then tried to flatten it back out. Clearly, this is a no-frills packaging effort (I’m starting to regret paying as much as I did for these shirts). Now I understand that many clothing products are sourced from outside the United States to keep manufacturing costs down, but these non-US manufacturing facilities have every ability to provide low-cost, good quality packaging alternatives to the retailers. Trust me, I know. I’ve sourced very high-quality packaging materials from overseas before at very reasonable per unit prices. You just have to care enough to do so. Unfortunately, it appears this company does not care very much about the presentation of the shirts they sell.

Vdri.net – Even though I was a little concerned about the initial ordering mishaps I had (I provided the wrongVdri.net - inside shipping package contents shipping address), and was concerned I did not get a timely response to my email inquiry, I’ll have to give it to these guys because their shipping package is nicely done. To start, they ship their undershirt in a very nice white sturdy cardboard box. The box is sealed thoughtfully with clear shipping tape that has their logo on it. There is a colored shipping labeled affixed to the box accompanied by an electronically printed USPS Priority Mail sticker. Inside the box is a nice quality clear plastic poly bag that seals at the top with a zip-lock type affect. On the outside of the bag, is a nicely designed orange round “Vdri” sticker that shows the shirt size via a “punch out” effect (the letter “M” is punched out indicating it’s a size medium). The undershirt is folded nicely inside the small bag, and beneath the bag is a high quality 8.5″x11″ color “receipt”, which is very impressive. To the folks at Vdri, great presentation. I suspect they have quite a bit of “cost” involved in all this packaging, but as far as first impressions go, they made a good one on me. Now I’m really looking forward to trying out this shirt.

My vote for the best overall packaging has to go to Vdri.net. Tommy John coming in a real close second. While the Tommy John undershirt package is really well done, they just need to make a couple tweaks to their shipping process and they’ll hit a home run in my book!


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