Undershirt Review – Cotton Sporty Crewneck from Hanro

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Our guest reviewer is back and is reviewing an undershirt from Switzerland based lingerie company Hanro. Just a quick FYI, this undershirt was purchased at a Neiman Marcus retail location. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the same shirt in their online store, so I provided a link (below) to the shirt on an alternate website.


Guest Reviewer:

I decided to lend Tug a hand and write an additional review. I was at Neiman Marcus the other day and stumbled upon an undershirt that I’d never heard of by Hanro. The price tag of $78 scared me. The sales associate said that happens often but that some of their customers really like them. I decided to purchase one.

Fit – The Cotton Sporty crewneck undershirt from Hanro has more of a slim fit. The cut and shape has a narrower fit than most undershirts. The overall dimensions (pre-wash and post wash) are pretty typical for a large undershirt: 6″ shoulder strap length, 1″ wide flat collar, 7.5″ sleeve length. Laying flat the overall length is 29″ and overall width is 21″ at armpits and bottom hem, thus it being a narrower box cut.


Rules to wearing undershirts

The large provides plenty of room in the shoulders, torso and waist and will fit a wide variety of body shapes and styles. I’m more of an athletic build so there is more room than I like in this shirt.

Wash Test Results – No shrinkage. Looks, feels, and fits the same as when it came out of the package.

Feel – It is made of mercerized cotton, which is a lightweight, transparent Swiss cotton. It is very lightweight and breathable. It is almost a “see through” type of undershirt. It has a shimmery soft feel to it.

Function – It’s hard for me to honestly address function of this undershirt because its main selling point is its Swiss mercerized cotton as well as being a “high end” undershirt. I put it to the true test wearing it with a suit and tie. I generally only sweat when I have a shirt, tie, and suit on.

This shirt breathed surprisingly well and I didn’t get nearly as sweaty as I usually do. Other than that, I don’t see this undershirt addressing any other functional areas such as staying tucked in, riding up, and bunching. The sales clerk at Neiman Marcus said the majority of people wear it as a casual undershirt, which makes sense to me.

Affordability – I don’t know many people that can or will spend $78 on an undershirt. It’s the most money I’ve ever spent on an undershirt, next to the Tommy John Tailored Stretch ™ for around $25.

Overall, I was disappointed in this shirt as an undershirt (would be fine as a casual shirt). For the price I paid, I had high expectations with this shirt. If you’re looking for a lightweight, soft, undershirt that stays tucked in, I’d say there are a ton of undershirts out there that perform just as well for a third the price. If I was in the income bracket to buy these shirts, I would wear this more as a casual shirt than an undershirt.


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