Campbellsville Apparel 100% Moisture Wicking Polyester Shirt Review

Last week I reviewed a cotton undershirt from Campbellsville Apparel and although I was hoping to find something unique about it, there was nothing I could pinpoint that would differentiate it from the rest of the pack.

I’m happy to say, that is NOT the case with their 100% moisture wicking polyester shirt. While they don’t technically classify this shirt as an undershirt, some may want to consider this as an alternative for some undershirt applications.

If you want to read about my ordering experience, you can read about it here. Recapping my earlier packaging review, this 3-pack of semi-neatly folded shirts come similarly packaged as their 100% cotton counterparts.

The fun started as soon as I opened the package.


Immediately I could tell there was something unique and different about this shirt. Although I don’t typically make it a point to buy 100% polyester shirts, right out of the package this little gem is one of the softest and more comfortable shirts we’ve reviewed here recently.

I’d classify it with a couple of my other favorites (Tommy John, RibbedTee) from a sheer comfort point of view. I slipped this baby on and was pretty impressed.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Manufacturing is well done, as expected. Stitching, seams, collars all executed very well, with one minor exception. When laid flat (as in the picture), there is some apparent gathering at the seams where the sleeves are attached to the body of the shirt.

Personally, I’m not too fond of the appearance of shirts that gather like this, but thankfully it is not noticeable when wearing it. Overall fit is pretty darn good in this medium-sized shirt. The 5.25″ shoulder strap length and 6.5″ sleeve lengths are near perfect for my body and frame.

The collar width is the same wide 1″ as its cotton undershirt brother and the length is as well having the bottom of the shirt fall 9″ below my waist line. The stretchy soft polyester fabric is very forgiving as well and moves with you very nicely. One of the nice by-products of this polyester shirt is that it didn’t shrink after washing.

Wearing It To The Gym

Considering this shirt is marketed as moisture wicking, I decided to wear it to the gym.

I’ve got to hand it to the folks at Campbellsville since this shirt performed very well overall. I jumped on the stationary bike for about 30 minutes and in the process, worked up a good sweat. The one thing I noticed immediately was that I didn’t get as hot wearing this shirt as I did when I wore the compression shirts from CoolClothingUSA.

I was pretty comfortable for the entire workout and never felt overly hot or wet. Another nice thing about the shirt was that because of the color (Sand) and the fact that it dried pretty quickly, I was able to wear it for the remainder of the day without worrying about those unsightly sweat stains showing up. It “camouflaged” everything very nicely (no pun intended folks).

No review would be complete without touching on some items that could be perceived as “negative”.

As I mentioned above, I really don’t care for the gathering at the arms, but I’m willing to see past it a bit because they really aren’t visible when I was wearing the shirt. Second, since the sleeves are on the shorter side and are not fitted, they tended to stick out a little when my arms were resting by my side. Third, since the only color this shirt comes in is sand, it’s hard to consider it a true undershirt alternative since sand will certainly not go with every outfit in your closet.

Overall, I really like this shirt for its softness, stretchiness, comfort and fit. Unfortunately I can’t truly classify this as an undershirt and wouldn’t likely consider buying these to fit that particular need. I would, however, happily wear this to the gym in place of the typical t-shirt that I normally wear.

Regardless, at $12 for a pack of three shirts, its definitely worth having some of these in your wardrobe.


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7 thoughts on “Campbellsville Apparel 100% Moisture Wicking Polyester Shirt Review”

  1. Hi,

    Anybody know if these shirts are tubular or do they have side seams? Feels like such a struggle to find affordable seamless shirts that aren’t Hanes & al.



  2. Wanted to buy the “Campbellsville Apparel – 100% Moisture Wicking Polyester Shirt.” Went to the website and found the 3 pack for $13.50. But when I calculated the shipping to California it was $17.06 (UPS Ground) for a total of $30.56. I called the plant in Kentucky and they said that they hated that the price was so high but that was the deal. Thought you might want to know.

    • heya peter! good to hear from you buddy.

      hmmm, that’s very strange. have they never heard of usps priority mail or usps first class mail?

      if the shipment is under 16oz, it can be shipped via first class mail (with tracking), and if 16oz or over, it will be shipped via priority mail.

      in either case shipping from kentucky to california should not cost you $17.06.

      hey, what if you asked them if you could email them a shipping label? you could just ask them for the shipping weight, create a label on, save it as a pdf, and email it to them.

      what do you think about that idea?

  3. Thanks. Nice review. I have dealt with Campbellsville, mostly for the reason of it be
    made in USA. But their shirts and underwear have been great.


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