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A few weeks ago I wrote about a bunch of great sales I found on undershirts when I was killing some time at our local mall while Mrs. Tug was getting her hair done. One of the specials I found was on a 3-pack of 100% Cotton 2(x)ist white, large, v-neck undershirts (Normally $29, on sale for $17.40).

2(x)ist is a fairly well known undershirt brand that has made a good name for itself and it’s fashionable underwear since it was founded back in 1991. They have a collection of undershirts (and boxers and briefs) that range from basic to high-end performance moisture wicking products. They really do have a nice variety of underwear to choose from.

Fit – Overall, this large undershirt fits me rather well for a standard-cut undershirt(Tug’s undershirt model pictured here). Pre-washing, the bottom of the shirt falls about 9.5″ below my waist line (pretty standard), the 6″ shoulder strap length (sitting about 1.5″ behind my center shoulder line) provides a little more room than I need, but it’s perfectly acceptable. The shirt sleeves are roughly 7.25″ inches long and are short enough to keep them from peaking out of my short-sleeved shirts. If I had wider shoulders (mine are about 18″ from shoulder to shoulder), it would fit nearly perfectly in these areas. The collar width is a hair over 1/2″ wide (1″ wide with stitching) and it lays pretty flat. Since this is a standard-cut undershirt, there’s a lot of room in the torso and waist area on my frame, but again, perfectly acceptable for this kind of undershirt. I’m still kinda of hung up on the shoulder seam sitting back 1.5″ from my center shoulder line because I do think it’s a bit odd, but many undershirts are designed this way and this one fits and lays just fine on me.

Feel – The 3-pack of undershirts that I picked up were their basic undershirts, but to be candid, I was pretty impressed with how comfortable they were right out of the package. This undershirt is made out of 100% Cotton, however, it’s much softer on the skin than many other cotton undershirts I’ve reviewed here, but as I mentioned in the Alfani undershirt review I wrote not too long ago, these slightly more expensive undershirts ($5.80 – $10 per undershirt) should be more comfortable than their lesser expensive counterparts. The fabric is stretchy and forgiving so overall, I really like the feel of this undershirt. Lastly, although these undershirts are on the thinner side, they do seem to keep me cooler than some other undershirts.

Function – Nothing to really talk about in the function area other than the best part of this undershirt is it’s feel. It doesn’t try to solve any other fit or function problems so I can’t really rate this area.

Affordability – Not including tax, these shirts cost me about $5.80 per shirt (on sale) which for a shirt that feels as nice as this one, it’s a bargain. At their regular price of $29, it’s still not a bad deal — primarily because they are pretty comfortable.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Wash Test– Coming Soon! (mrs. tug is killing me for washing all these individual undershirts) :)

Overall, I’m kinda diggin’ this undershirt. Even though it doesn’t solve any function problems I typically look for, I would likely keep a set of these handy for casual wear or for bumming around the house.

It’s going on the Tug’s favorites list, and bumping the Alfani Basic down to #5.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

5 thoughts on “Undershirt Review – 2xist – V-Neck”

  1. My husband is looking for a white cotton undershirt in 2clothes. Short sleeve 5inches on top of arm and 3 inches understand. Undershirt he has is longer then his shirts he wears over them

  2. I have purchase this in the past after 2 washs they feel streched out. Unless this are a new design, I would pass again please let me know how they came out after the wash I did like the way they fit. Also how is the collar I belive they bacon up on them as well.

    • hey jose, this is a very old review from 2008. i would venture to guess the product i originally had is nothing like the current product.

      i don’t recall any problems with the collar, but then again i wore the v-neck and mostly used it as a night/sleeping shirt. i know one thing, i beat the total hell out of it for a couple years before i threw it away.

      if i recall correctly, it was kinda short and a little wide – so it’s not something i’d wear on a daily basis as my undershirt base layer. oh, and these were size large and now i wear size medium undershirts so it was big on me at the end for that reason as well. that and because it was a wider cut undershirt.

  3. Great review. I’m glad you liked it. These 3 shirt/pack can be found as low as $12-$15 at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Ross as well and bumps the price per shirt down.

    I also like your other reviews, even though I love 2(x)ist, your reviews are making me consider trying other ones out. Keep up the good work.


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