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This blog will be the world’s first and only blog dedicated to the topic of undershirts (and anything related).

Sure, there’s information about these topics scattered all over the internet, but why not have all that information in one central place?

I think it’s a good idea too.

We’re going to be spending all of our time here talking about anything and everything related to undershirts, underwear, sweat management, fabric technologies, and so much more!

We’ll review new under-apparel brands and their products.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Excess sweating will be discussed, as well as what remedies there are out there to help those affected.

We’ll touch on style and fashion as it relates to how people wear their undershirts/underwear, and everything else in between.

Ask me anything about undershirts, undershirts, sweat management, or any other related topic and we’ll talk about it here.

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How to wear undershirts

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