Undershirt Etiquette: Women Don’t Want To See Guys Nipples at Work

Japan’s RockNews24 reports that 84% of Women Don’t Want to See Guys Nipples at the Office.

As summer approaches, staying cool is really important — especially in very hot or humid climates like Tokyo.

Guys have to decide if staying cool at the office means going sans (without) undershirt, or going with for comfort and sweat-through control.

A recent Nika Spa! survey of 100 female office workers had some no-so-surprising results:

The survey tasked women with ranking the “filthy old man-ness” of three undershirt choices:

1) Athletic Shirt/Tank Top/Singlet

2) Decorated T-Shirt

3) No Undershirt at all

We hope it comes as no surprise that 84 percent of women surveyed said that the third option, no undershirt at all, was by far the grossest option.

It’s a shame they didn’t include three other options:

  1. Wear a crew neck undershirt
  2. Wear a neutral color crew neck undershirt (like Heather Grey, or possible tone). See How to Avoid Having Your Undershirt Show.
  3. Don’t wear a light colored dress shirt to work if you’re not going to wear an undershirt

Which Looks Best To You?

Photo Credit: RockNews24

no-undershirt-under-light-colored-dress-shirttank-top-a-shirt-undershirt-under-light-colored-dress-shirt decorated-white-t-shirt-under-light-colored-dress-shirt



2 thoughts on “Undershirt Etiquette: Women Don’t Want To See Guys Nipples at Work”

    • thanks will. out of that bunch, i agree with you that the tank looks the best.

      i believe that the most appropriate undershirt option with a shirt and tie is crew as well, but i might go with a neutral color crew neck undershirt if my dress shirt was a light-colored one.


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