UnderFit Back In The USA. Now Using ProModal

As mentioned back in July, UnderFit was clearing out their inventory, while they were in the process of moving their production back to the USA!

In a recent newsletter update, I received word that the transition was complete, and that UnderFit had made a move over to ProModal:

UnderFit: In 2012 UnderFit finds a way to bring manufacturing back to the United States.

Are we claiming to be the Bruce Springsteen of the undershirt industry?

Of course we are, and now all we need to do is wait on Rolling Stone to define the “Undershirt of the Decade”.

We’ll keep you posted on that… For now we’re using all the strengths of our country to bring a great new undershirt to market.


Rules to wearing undershirts

  • Fabric sourced from mills in beautiful Southern California – Sun sets in the West but that’s where our shirts start their life
  • Manufacturing completed in the Midwest – Media calls it the rust belt but we beg to differ
  • Warehousing and shipping taken care of in Philadelphia – Ring that Liberty Bell

UnderFit shirts are now made from ProModal and take the best of what the United States has to offer in fabric mills, manufacturing, and distribution.

Result is the best fabric we’ve ever used that is form fitting, breathable, and looks the same after a 100 washes as the day you got it.

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I reached out to Ben, founder of UnderFit, and asked a couple questions about the transition to ProModal (I ProModal undershirts) as well as his choice in doing cross-country manufacturing:

Glad to hear you agree on the ProModal – We we’re looking for something that didn’t pill at all after multiple washings which was a downside on the modal.

So, came to ProModal and the more we researched the more sense it made.

Incredible feel to the fabric and great durability/form which is huge.

Agreed, bit strange on how all the logistics play out. Seems that SoCal really does the best job with fabrics so sort of forces us to start there.

NY has some good infrastructure with the fashion industry (remnants of garment district offer plentiful options) but find people in SoCal so much easier to work with and get the right product.

Then reasoning on manufacturing in the midwest is that I’m based in Chicago so really wanted something drive-able for me so it’s easy to keep an eye on production.

We use a company (Crowley) for our freight movement and they’re extremely economical so doesn’t deter from picking best aspects regionally and moving the goods to/fro.

Easily less than a few hundred bucks to move our freight around through them, and it’s a few pallets worth of stuff.

New ProModal Undershirt Feedback

Mr. Ben was kind enough to send over some samples of his new UnderFit ProModal/Spandex undershirts.

I wore them for a couple days, washed them, and provided him with the following feedback:

gotta tell you, it’s a very nice product.

good fit, good feel, good price. comparatively, your undershirt fits and feels very close (or as nice as) to the more expensive micromodal/lycra undershirts that are priced in the $30+ range.

the only thing i noticed so far, is that it does not feel quite as smooth/silky as those mm/lycra undershirts, but wears about the same temp as they do.

i’m finding many lycra undershirt products can wear a little warmer in the hotter months.

seems like the lycra gives the shirt a little density, and that combined with the body-close fit, it can wear a hair warm. keep in mind, i’m splitting hairs now.

i’m super conscious about how warm an undershirt wears, especially during the hotter months.

that said, all things created equal – you’ve done a great job in improving the product from it’s original modal version.

in fact, it might just squeak it’s way into my top list, but i have to do some more thinking/feeling, etc to be certain.


How to wear undershirts

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