Under+Scrub Bacteria Fighting, Anti-Odor, Anti-Fungal Performance Undershirts

Under+Scrub ShirtUnder+Scrub performance undershirts are being marketed to the medical community as a garment to wear as a base-layer.

The product line is designed with a silver-based polyester moisture wicking fabric, designed to dramatically decrease bacteria and fungi on clothing in a matter of minutes.

A Note from the Makers of Under+Scrub

Here’s a note I received from Silver Lining Textiles, the makers of Under+Scrub undershirts:

We developed a base layer to be worn specifically under a scrub uniform.

It has become popular among healthcare providers giving them a better choice beside a cotton t shirt.

The difference is performance.

Our exclusive medical fibeRx yarn gives an UNDER+SCRUB stretch, moisture wicking, thermal regulating and quick drying properties.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Most important, fibeRx gives an UNDER+SCRUB potent antimicrobial property to resist bacteria and guard against the degradation from microorganisms.

Silver Lining Textiles LLC was founded with the sole purpose of developing high quality, technical clothing and fabrics. 

We use modern advanced technologies in an effort to reduce infection transmission both in the healthcare environment and in the community.

Using scientifically proven silver ion antimicrobial technology, we have created clothing that safely reduces both bacterial and fungal pathogens that are frequently encountered in the medical workplace.

These same bacteria and fungi are responsible for the majority of preventable hospital acquired infections.

Our Under+Scrub is proven safe as we use no chemical finishes in the construction of the garment.

Our technical fabrics exceed all high performance standards solely from our yarn characteristics, rather than chemicals applied to the fabrics. The characteristics are permanent and will not wash out into the environment.

Product Details

  • Brand: Under+Scrub
  • Site: underscrub.com
  • Styles: Crew Neck, Short & Long Sleeve for Men & Women
  • Price: $24.99 (short sleeve), $29.00 (long sleeve).
  • Shipping: $0.99 
  • Colors:  Men – Black, Tech White, Light Grey, Ceil Blue. Women: Same as men, plus Pink
  • Fabric: Polyester, 4-way stretch jersey knit fabric. Dual layer knitting gives our products an extremely soft and comfortable feel against your skin
  • Permanently guards against the degradation from micro-organisms
  • Superior moisture wicking, breathable and quick drying properties. This enhances the natural cooling system in your body, keeping you dry and comfortable
  • Activated carbon in its fabrication allows Under+Scrub to offer extreme UV protection from both UVA and UVB rays
  • Fabric proven to reduce MRSA bacteria by 95% within 10 minutes of contact. Eliminates 99.9% of the MRSA within 30 minutes and this effect is maintained after 24 hours
  • Technology is permanent for the lifetime of the garment, withstanding multiple washing & drying cycles


This product does not appear to be available any longer, but there are many other undershirts made to be worn under scrubs.

You can also find some on Google.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

8 thoughts on “Under+Scrub Bacteria Fighting, Anti-Odor, Anti-Fungal Performance Undershirts”

  1. Links are dead. Can you find shirts made with cupron? I’m interested in it’s ability to fight bacteria and fungus but all I see are socks and underpants. Thanks

    • heya kev, thanks for stopping by.

      yeah, many of the brands i write about don’t survive, so i’m not too surprised that occurred here with under+scrub.

      are you specifically looking for shirts made from the cupron yarn or any shirt made with copper-infused yarn?

      also, are you looking for undershirts (for under clothing wear) or t-shirts (for outer wear)?

      if you can provide a bit more context to what you’re looking for, and the intended use, i’d be happy to see if/how i can help.

  2. Nice idea, but it really is unnecessary. For one, if I as a nurse (Registered Nurse–10 years exp. in Surgery) am aware that a patient has MRSA or another antibiotic resistant bacteria, I wear the appropriate personal protective equipment or PPE. This could include a mask (surgical, activated charcoal filter or OSHA N95), goggles, surgical cap or full-face shield with or without hood with respirator (think HAZMAT), impervious gown or HAZMAT suit (we call it a “bunny” suit), gloves–sometimes 2 pair at a time, and shoe covers that are impervious and reach all the way to the knees. With any or all of this on and the hand-washing or scrub that comes before and after patient contact, I will be protected from whatever pathogen comes my way.

    The best bet for undergarments in nursing or healthcare in general is synthetic (for moisture wicking) with a mesh construction (for breathability). Personally, I wear a T (long or short sleeved) and a pair of longer inseam boxer briefs–both of these items are packaged as “active” or “performance”– and a pair of over-the-calf nylon, acrylic, or wool blend men’s socks in basic colors like black, navy, grey, or white. All of this is available at Target, Walmart, Costco, etc. for cheap. Stay away from that spandex Under Armor crap. It’s too hot and stinks forever. Though, I guess that would be one of the advantages of the silver thread–no BO!

    • hey john! thanks so much for stopping by and providing your feedback. it’s great info, especially coming from someone who’s been a rn for 10+ years!

      i’m a big fan of mesh-constructed synthetic fabrics too. they breathe really well from my experience. the only drawback i’ve seen is that many of the mesh undershirts i’ve tried don’t have too much stretch in them. i like to wear my undershirts tight/close, so if they don’t have much stretch to them, they tend to feel a little uncomfortable.

      thanks again for sharing! if you have any other information, please feel free to chime in!

      • How close do you need them? :) I’ve had good luck with the performance long underwear tops and bottoms. If they’re too loose, I just size down or have my wife–a wonderful, understanding lady–alter them. Then again, we’re talking about wearing them under scrubs, which are naturally looser fitting, as well.

        BTW, I appreciate that you are another gentleman who takes his undergarment seriously. You can’t build a good house without laying a good foundation first!

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