Under Armour High-Tech Sleepwear

News just in from CES 2017 – Under Amour debuts a “Recovery Sleepwear” product for athletes.

Today at CES in Las Vegas, Under Armour (NYSE: UA, UAA) revealed a new revolutionary sleep and recovery system including the brand’s first-ever Athlete Recovery Sleepwear powered by TB12™ and a new UA Record™ app experience, both designed to improve sleep and overall athlete performance.

UA Athlete Recovery Sleepwear was developed in collaboration with Under Armour athlete Tom Brady, who credits sleep as one of the most important components to his training regimen.

Along with the brand’s newly announced line of recovery-focused Record Equipped running footwear, the Athlete Recovery Sleepwear will be on display at Under Armour’s booth at CES.

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Athlete Recovery Sleepwear for Men

  • Short Sleeve Shirts: $79.99
  • Men’s Shorts: $79.99
  • Men’s 3/4 Henley: $99.00
  • Men’s Pants: $99.99
  • Fabric: Modal/Elastane
  • TB12 technology reflects Far Infrared, which helps your body recover faster, promote better sleep, reduce inflammation & regulate cell metabolism

How The Technology Works

The key is the print on the inside of the Athlete Recovery Sleepwear, which leverages the power of Far Infrared.


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Far Infrared is a type of energy on the infrared spectrum that has several benefits for the human body.

TB12 technology was developed to harness it even when you’re resting.

The soft bioceramic print on the inside of the garment absorbs the body’s natural heat and reflects Far Infrared back to the skin.

This helps your body recover faster, promotes better sleep, reduces inflammation, and regulates cell metabolism.

My Opinion

This feels more like a publicity stunt than anything else.

The fact that they refer to this as “TB12 Technology” (Tom Brady, #12) is proof in itself.

I don’t doubt that the Modal/Elastane fabric in this line will be comfortable, but I do highly doubt that the brand can substantiate (prove) that wearing these shirts & shorts will actually help you sleep better.

Would love to see a double-blind study on this, with some inactive Modal/Elastane items, and some TB12 active.

My prediction:

This line won’t last, or at the very least it’ll be a poor seller over the long hall.

When people discover that they cannot quantify that they are getting better sleep wearing this specialized sleepwear, they won’t be able to justify the exorbitant price.


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4 thoughts on “Under Armour High-Tech Sleepwear”

  1. if they claim it helps sleep and other physiological benefits they should back it up. they , like makers of most products that claim health benefits, use anecdotal evidence only. indirect evidence, rather than testing their specific product. they have the funds to do these studies easily. my guess is they have and didnt get significant results. it then becomes a case of knowing the product may not do what it says and willfully deceiving the customer. they will have to be careful about their claims or risk being sued. no respect for such a company.

    • heya pat! good to hear from you buddy (:

      yeah, all hype — no substance in this product.

      pretty lame of under armour to do, but maybe they’re just getting too big to do anything really creative & just using celebrity to keep the brand top of mind.



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