Can Under Armour Compression Shirts Be Worn for Medical Healing Purposes?

Here’s some great information from a reader who wrote in asking about the use of Under Armour compression shirts during recovery from an accident that caused rib damage.

under armour compression shirts: Coldgear long sleeve crew

Medical Compression Shirts: Do They Work?

Hey Tug,

Awesome website, it potentially could have what I needed on it… Keep up the good work!

Two things in this e-mail:

#1: Under Armour Compression Garment Review

First, I would recommend you add Under Armour to your list of brands to review.

(It’s not currently in your brand list, though it is in the survey).

Additionally, even though UA makes their own compression garment, I personally race sailboats in my free time.

Therefore, I use the “Heatgear Compression shirts” as undershirts (black or white).

They are not cotton at all – very synthetic feeling.

However, I find them super comfortable. They remove moisture and are compressive.

I’m actually 6’1″ in pretty good shape, so I like clothes that accentuate my figure.

But I didn’t always use to have the best figure.

I would wear such compression shirt under my racing technical (lyrca) gear or under dress clothes on a date/for work (I’m an MBA in Aerospace) and it will hug your body.

If you are looking for something to relieve pain, just go to Dr. Gorman pain management.

Some of your readers may find the same enjoyment.

Therefore, I would highly encourage you to try UAs regular undergarments and their Heatgear Compression.

#2: The Question

Second thing…this is a QUESTION – and I could use help ASAP.

I recently took a severe blow to the ribs and have badly bruised ribs (all taped up).

The doctors said that after a week, I can transition to compression type clothing.

I could use a compression undershirt that “is like Spanx”, which would help apply some pressure to my ribs.

It’s the same thing they prescribe to people who have an appendix removed or greater abdominal surgery when there is severe scarring or swelling there.

So my question is: Are Under Armour compression shirts just as good as Spanx?

Do you have anything which rates the compression properties of various compression garments?

I don’t want to spend a bunch of $ on Spanx or RIPT Fusion if I already have the UA compression garment and it’s good enough.

But, how do I know it’s good enough?

Thanks Tug!

And I would really appreciate your advice on the second bullet since it is a current medical condition ;)

– Anton

My Initial Response

Hey Anton,

Good to hear from you and thanks for sending in the suggestions about Under Armour!

I did recently review the Under Armour charged cotton T-shirt.

I am also open to reviewing other Under Armour undershirts, so I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

Sorry to say, I am not familiar with how the UA Heatgear compression shirts compare to products like Spanx for men or RIPT.

However, I will tell you that I know of a couple of brands of medical-grade compression undershirts that likely offer a lot more compression than UA.

When I have some extra time, maybe I’ll pick up a UA Heatgear so I can see how the slimming/compression compares.

My recommendation would be to contact Underworks first. Email them with your current situation and see which compression top they recommend.

After that, check out

If you wouldn’t mind, keep me posted on what you decide on because this email exchange might make for a good article at some point in the future.

Hope the above information helps!

Follow-up & Answer

Hey Tug!

Thanks for the really quick response.

I checked out the website and realized a lot of the compression garments they have on there are exactly what was giving to me by the hospital, which is informative for me.

I called my doctor and he wants me to bring a UA Coldgear and Heatgear compression shirt to check.

(The Coldgear seems to have more compression force than the Heatgear because its thicker).

You’ll definitely get an e-mail from me on Wed/Thurs to let you know what they say.

It may be good for now… it may be good in a few weeks when I can transition.

Either way, I’ll let you know what happens.

– Anton

Under Armour Compression Shirts: An Update from Anton

Hey Tug,

An update for your website:

If one experiences blunt-force trauma to the torso, or has surgery there, they require compression garments to help reduce swelling, and force the muscle to not move, aiding in the healing process.

The same goes for anything which tears up the muscle, fat, or fascia – fibrous mini-muscle net under the skin.

There is no substitute to the medical garments.

After a certain amount of time (in my case one week), the doctor may suggest that you no longer need the compression garment while sleeping.

Instead, you may use Spanx or the equivalent. Then as your body heals further (in my case, 3 weeks), you can forego the medical garment completely for the Spanx (or equivalent).

My doctor evaluated both UA Heatgear and Coldgear of the Compression-style. UA makes 3 fits for all their stuff, Compression, Fitted, Loose -> in order of decreasing tightness.

He approved of Compression Coldgear but NOT Compression-Heatgear. It’s thinner, and so the compression force is less than that of the Coldgear.

FYI, in case you decide to post the information in the future.

Take care!

2 thoughts on “Can Under Armour Compression Shirts Be Worn for Medical Healing Purposes?”

  1. A few weeks ago during jiu jitsu I felt something pop, it sounded like a tear, in my left pectoralis. My left chest was deformed and there was bleeding on the inside of the skin. The blood pooled around the nipple area a couple of days later. It was somewhat painful but only in certain positions. Such as pushup position hurt the chest as well as the position you would take to work a pair of bolt cutters.

    I had an MRI a few days ago but haven’t gotten the results yet. I believe the chest muscle belly is slightly torn. I am not hampered by the injury much so I am still full duty as a police officer. I am a patrol officer.

    I started wearing compression shirts for my chest. This seems to really alleviate some of the discomfort. It also gives me stability and holds my chest confidently in place.

    The first shirt I wore was a Nike pro compression short sleeve shirt. I normallywear a medium t-shirt but I wore a small Nike pro. It felt really good to my chest and gave me plenty of support. The only problem was the shirt sleeves dug into upper arms. This was pretty uncomfortable.

    A few days ago I bought a sleeveless Under Armor compression shirt. Again size small. This shirt is awesome and gives me the support i need. I wear it under my T shirt and ballistic vest while I am working.

    The compression shirts have helped tremendously with healing my chest. the swelling has gone way down.

    I have not seen my doctor about the MRI results yet. They are going to have to be pretty drastic before I will consider surgery. I really feel the healing process is going good.

    I would highly reccomend a compression shirt for an injury similar to mine

    • great stuff phil! thanks so much for stopping by and sharing.

      i can definitely understand where a compression top could come in real handy in your injury situation. i love wearing my compression tops during working out because it holds everything in place really well.

      glad to hear the compression top has helped you manage the discomfort/pain from your chest injury. thanks again for stopping by.


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