Tug Exclusive! 2(x)ist Creative Director Confirms Mens Shapewear FORM Collection Launch Details


A little over a week ago, I posted an article about the new 2(x)ist Men’s shapewear FORM Collection briefs and trunks that will soon be available at select retailers this August. Since then, I’ve gotten several emails from readers who were wondering if I had any additional intel on the upcoming launch, so I decided to reach out to see if I could get some further details.

Well, I hit the jackpot when the man himself, Jason Scarlatti, Creative Director for 2(x)ist directly responded to my email inquiry and was kind enough to take time out to answer some of my questions. He also sent some exclusive, never been seen before photos of the new line that you can see first here at UndershirtGuy.com!

I’ve consolidated the information a little bit, but here’s the email exchange Jason and I had earlier today.

Tug: Do you have any more specifics on the date when the 2(x)ist Form Collection will be available for purchase? Do you have pricing  information?

Jason: Form is shipping 7/25/09.
It will be available to both online and store retailers at the same time (Freshpair.com, Barenecessities.com, HisRoom.com, Saks.com, Bloomingdales.com).  Saks Dept Store is doing a huge push on Form and all our specialty store doors will be carrying this product as well.
Contour Pouch retails at $18.00 comes in White and Black.
Trunk retails at $24.00 comes in White and Black.

Tug: Do you have any additional pictures you can send me that I can share with my readers? The only picture on the net is the Form brief. Wondering if you could share pictures of the trunk style or any other  styles that will be available.

Jason: Additional images can be found in this link below – I have also attached some “sexier” marketing shots we did..we did not go forward with the design of this waistband, it was just created for marketing. [Tug: all photos Jason pointed me to are attached here in the post]

Tug: Why did 2(x)ist opt to design underwear-style shapewear vs. the current trend of undershirt shapewear like the products from Equmen,  RIPT Fusion, Sculptees, etc. And will 2(x)ist be offering a compression/slimming undershirt anytime soon?

Jason: Our forte is underwear, which is why we chose to focus on underwear styled shapewear instead of shapewear tops.  We also wanted to create something more affordable on the market then the current high priced items from Equmen and Sculptees.

Tug: Would you be interested in offering a sample for me to  review on my blog, like I have other shapewear products? Also, as a side note, the 2(x)ist 100% cotton undershirt is in myFaves top 5 list. I love your products! If you ever want me to review new 2(x)ist undershirts that are coming out, I’d always be happy to try them out and write up a review.

Jason: Tug…(I love the name Tug – its GREAT!!) THANK YOU so much for your interest in 2xist, as well as your kind words.  We will definitely send you some tops when we launch the new lines.  I usually do not have anything in advance, before the product ships, but I am looking into it for you to see what I can do.  (I think its a smart idea to release it to you guys before it ships, so people can read reviews…but that’s just me!)  So I am investigating that on my end.
Thanks again and take care!

This is so awesome! Not only was Jason nice enough to share the above details, he’s also going to try to get yours truly a sample of the new Form Collection Men’s Shapewear trucks for me to try out and review here (hell, maybe they’ll hide my love handles some). If we’re really lucky, I’ll get a pair to try out right before they’ll be available at retailers. Ooh, now isn’t that cool?

Here’s some more photos. Remember, that a few of these are just marketing shots that have concept waistbands. The ones without the coloring in the waistband are the ones that are going to be available in late July.

Here’s the official press release I received 2(x)ist’s PR Firm.
2xist FORM Collection Launch

4 thoughts on “Tug Exclusive! 2(x)ist Creative Director Confirms Mens Shapewear FORM Collection Launch Details”

  1. Tug, this is exciting news! I can’t wait to try these out. The men’s shapewear market is so under developed right now. Where are the Spanx people? They need to get on it!

  2. Great piece of detective journalism. I like the idea that it doesn’t cost a “pound of flesh.” LOL. Smart thinking on 2(x)ist part. At least, the price won’t be a stopper like some of the other stuff that is available. Glad that you decided to included this.

  3. Great scoop, Tug, on the upcoming line from 2(x)ist. I have a “gut” feeling this will be a successful launch for 2(x)ist next month.

    One of the many great things about the Undershirt Guy blog is that you are able to get information about new products to the average Joe.



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