Tube Undershirt Worn In The Martian Movie With Matt Damon

I got the chance to see the new The Martian Movie with Matt Damon yesterday and have say I really enjoyed the movie.

Initially I was curious how Ridley Scott was going to keep the story line interesting enough when Mark Watney (Matt Damon) figured out early how to grow potatoes on Mars to keep him alive long enough to get rescued, but Ridley didn’t disappoint.

I was intrigued and entertained for the full 141 minute-long movie.

The science and physics in the movie are nothing short of amazing. It also left me feeling much less intelligent after the movie.

One interesting observation I made was the blue “tube” undershirts all the astronauts were wearing.

the-martian-movie-2015-blue-tube-undershirts matt-damon-wearing-blue-tube-coolshirt-undershirt

CoolShirt Systems

coolshirt-2cool-black-compression-fit-water-shirtI immediately recognized the technical cooling undershirt to be the one from CoolShirt Systems.

Based on the images, I’m guessing it’s either a custom color option of the Cool Water Shirt (link) or the 2Cool Compression Water Shirt (link).

I’m thinking it’s the 2Cool shirt because it offers a compression fit versus the more relaxed fit of the Cool Water Shirt in the body and sleeves.

The company also shows the above images on their website as well as on their Facebook page (link).

I’m going to reach out to the company to find out if the movie’s costume department customized their shirts or if they made custom ones for the movie directly.

Once I know more, I’ll provide updates so stay tuned!

CoolShirt Systems Response

Just this morning (10/9) I received a response from Erick, the guy who heads up Film/FX products at CoolShirt Systems:

Good Morning Tug,

Thank you for your recent inquiry in regards to our COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS: Film/FX Products.

In answer to your question, Yes our shirts that were used in the Ridley Scott film “The Martian” are our stock 2COOL Compression shirt.

These same shirts are very popular in the Film Industry when the actors & stunt crew need cooling while in costume or on set in extreme environments.

Depending on the needs of the production crew, we do have the ability to create custom Liquid Cooled Garments as well.

If there is anything further I can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your time and support.

Best Regards, Erick

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