TRI DRI Micro-Mesh Polyester Moisture Wicking Undershirts

TRI DRI has just recently entered the undershirt market with a goal of creating a cool-wearing daily wear undershirt that can double as an active-wear top. From the company’s About page.

The business model was to invent a light weight and comfortable undershirt that could counteract the heat of the South. With many cities in the Gulf Coast on pace for their hottest years ever, the traditional undershirt had to change. With that in mind, TRI DRI® also wanted the ability for its undershirts to double as gym shirts. All TRI DRI ® undershirts are made from lightweight micro polyester with wicking capabilities.

This had to be done with costs in mind.TRI DRI® didn’t want to sell undershirts that were more expensive than the dress shirts covering them. All feedback is welcome and we would love to hear your ideas about how we can improve our undershirts for you.

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TRI DRI Product Features

  • Price: $18 per (Currently on sale for $15 per)
  • Collar Styles: Crew Neck, V-Neck
  • Colors: White
  • Made from a lightweight micro polyester with wicking capabilities
  • Tagless for comfort
  • The undershirt can function as a gym shirt as well and ultra breathable
  • Versatile: business and casual wear
  • Manufactured in Central America

TRI DRI Initial Thoughts (Size: Medium)

I got the chance to give the first generation of TRI DRI undershirts a test-drive a couple months ago and found the fabric,  a mesh/cellular-like very lightweight polyester, to be very similar to the Vdri moisture wicking undershirt that I wrote about way back in 2008.

The positive aspect of this type of fabric is that it’s extremely lightweight, has a smoother outer finish which allows your outer shirts to drape nicely, and it breathes very well. One downside is that moisture-wicking fabrics like this are non-absorbent, so if you’re a heavier sweater, there’s a possibility that you may sweat-through to your outer layer more quickly.

I found the fit to be on the generous side. I prefer my undershirts to be close or form fitting and this medium-sized undershirt felt a bit more like a large. Of course, with TRI DRI looking to have their undershirt double as an athletic/gym shirt, the looser fit would be more appropriate. Check the sizing chart on the product pages to ensure you find the right fit.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

The company is currently offering free shipping on all orders.

Please visit the TRI DRI website for additional information.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

6 thoughts on “TRI DRI Micro-Mesh Polyester Moisture Wicking Undershirts”

  1. hey tug thanks for your response. a friend of mine stated to me that he only wears heather or black undershirts, however, he stated to me that he believes that those 2 colors draws heat to his body. I told him i never heard of that. can you give cause and effect to this case, thanks?

    • heya shawn, well i can’t really give you cause and effect from a technical pov, but generally speaking darker colors are known to absorb heat moreso than lighter colors.

      has to do with reflection of light if i recall. the more light/uv reflects, the less heat/energy that can be absorbed into the object.

      though, that wouldn’t necessarily be the case with high-tech fibers designed to repel heat/energy. but with standard fibers like the cotton used in the fruit of the loom tank tops, i could see that being the case.

      • It depends on the heat source and the direction you want heat to go. Black is a good absorber of light but it also radiates heat more efficiently than white. So, if you’re directly under the sun which is a greater heat source than our bodies, you’ll want to wear a white outer layer to reflect those rays (and heat) away from the body.

        However, if say you’re outdoors hiking in a shaded forest, you’ll want to wear black to radiate most of your heat away from you. White will tend to contain the heat within your body.

        Now, what about undershirts? My opinion is that a black undershirt paired with a white outer shirt may be the best way to go.

      • good stuff bernard!

        great information that i’m sure will come in handy to other folks curious about how black undershirts can dissipate heat. i know i really didn’t know that level of specificity.

        appreciate the contribution!

  2. Hey tug, this is off the subject, but i had to post this. Recently, i brought some ftl a-shirts from Walmart. I haven’t these since i was kid in elementary school. I wore and washed them. I those they were find, i have seen alot of people say they are cheap and easily tored. i didn’t get that. to me they are better than calvin klein. lol


    • that’s great to hear shawn! fruit of the loom is doing some great stuff with their undershirt and a-shirt (tank top) lines, so maybe the current inventory in walmart stores are performing better than something from the past.

      appreciate the info though! thanks for stopping by and commenting too!


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