Top 5 Tips for Buying Men’s Underwear, Socks, and Undershirts


Just came across this Business Wire article/press release. Our beloved Hanes shared some pretty interesting results of a recent survey along with some tips for buying men’s underwear, socks, and undershirts. Here are some highlights:

  • Nearly 30% of Americans received underwear or socks as a holiday gift last year, and nearly every one of them thought it was a “great gift to receive.”
  • 66 % of respondents said they needed some new underwear
  • 17 % said that receiving underwear meant that someone thought they were sexy, and
  • 13 % had other “great” reasons

Here is a list of tips that Hanes compiled when giving underclothes as a holiday gift:

Know What Underwear He Wears

Sure, you can’t go wrong with buying traditional briefs in traditional white, but today, 70 percent of men over the age of 25 buy their own underwear, compared with just 40 percent a decade ago.

That means they know what they want, which has led to an explosion of colors and styles available.

I totally agree with this. Although I implicitly trust Mrs. Tug, I prefer to pick out my own underwear & undershirts of course. Glad to hear 70% of guys take the initiative and buy their own underwear.

Underwear Color

Give In Living Color.

Color is starting to take over in men’s underwear dressers. A significant majority – two-thirds – of men’s underwear bottoms sold today are dyed colors versus white.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Color in men’s underwear tops is starting to catch on with more than a quarter sold in color. If you like to give gifts with some pizzazz, go with color, but don’t be too daring.

The preferred colors for men’s underwear are black, gray and dark blue.

This is a good recommendation as well. Most of my underwear are either black, grey, or blue. I never buy white underwear any longer.

As for undershirts, well the three main colors are the traditional white, black, and grey. Of course other colors are available, but if you have one of those three colors of undershirts in your drawer, you’ll be all set.

What Style Underwear?

Boxers vs. Briefs vs. Boxer-Briefs is an Age Thing.

The eternal question of boxers or briefs is easy to answer. You simply need to know the age of the wearer.

Loose boxers are the dominate choice for those under 25 (54 percent preference); tight briefs still reign with older men, 45 and older (44 percent preference); and the compromise silhouette of boxer-briefs is preferred by men ages 25 to 44 (39 percent preference).

Yep, I’m in that 30th percentile – boxer briefs is the only way to go!

The Crew Neck Undershirt is Tops

When it comes to underwear tops, the crew neck is captain, but the fastest growing undershirt style is the V-neck.

Measured by unit sales, here is how the preference breaks down: crew neck (67 percent), sleeveless tanks (17 percent) and V-neck (16 percent). Regardless of style, remember color.

Dyed-color undershirts are the fastest growing in all three silhouettes, one reason why more and more men are wearing their undershirts as outerwear.

Interesting stats, let’s see how they compare to my survey results:
– Crew neck (32%)
– Wifebeater (32%)
– V-neck (20%)
– Slimming tees (6%)

Looks like my survey shows that wifebeater tank top undershirts and crew necks are “neck n neck” (pun intended). Also, slimming tees isn’t really a shirt style as much as it is a type of undershirt, so Hanes’ survey wouldn’t have captured that metric.

I think the stats would be skewed if you did them by area. Example, here in Los Angeles, v-neck undershirts are all the rage and hugely more popular than crew necks.

He Wants Boring Socks

Get Over It. Old school is where it’s at with his socks.

Men want white athletic socks in crew length. Here is the break down: 57 percent preferred athletic socks to casual or dress socks; 57 percent preferred crew length athletic socks to no-show or low-cut ankle lengths; and 67 percent preferred white versus gray and black colors.

The only glimmer of nonconformity was 23 percent said they would prefer black athletic socks and 37 percent prefer low-cut ankle length athletic socks.

I guess this is where I am in the minority. When I wear socks, they are usually black casual or dress socks. When i’m not wearing black socks, i’m usually barefoot wearing my trusty old flip flops. Man, they are comfortable :)


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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