Tommy John Launches Improved Second Skin Collection

Undershirt and underwear maker Tommy John has just released their new and improved anti-pill MicroModal Skin Skin collection.

If you’ve ever owned any MicroModal-based (or microfiber) garment you would have noticed two things:

  1. It feels really nice on the skin
  2. After a few wears and washes, the silky-smooth fabric begins to pill. Although the item will still feel nice to wear, the pilling makes the garment look prematurely worn.

Personally, I have a bunch of MicroModal undershirts and underwear, and the pilling issue is present on all of them.

So, suffice it to say, I’m really looking forward to stress testing my new Tommy John non-pilling MicroModal undershirt (and underwear) to see how well it holds up. Oh, and for those unaware, TJ has also launched two athletic underwear products: 360 Sport Trunk & 360 Active Trunk

Here’s a press release covering the launch of the updated Second Skin Collection:

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5 thoughts on “Tommy John Launches Improved Second Skin Collection”

  1. Will Tommy John second skin provide any level of chest compression? How does it do with allowing sweat to pass through it?


    • heya dave! nope, tommy john does not offer any chest compression. it’s a fitted undershirt so it will fit close to your body, and may smooth a tiny hair depending on if it fits tight on you or not, but it’s not designed to be a slimming or shaping undershirt.

      also, it’s very lightweight, but made of micromodal which is said to be more absorbent than cotton. it’ll perform about the same as many other lightweight cotton or modal blend undershirts.

    • hey pat! what’s the “remainder”?

      are you saying you saw tommy john micromodal at target, or did you see the tommy john sleek fx (cotton/spandex) at target?

      as far as i knew, only the sleek fx tj brand was at target. let me know.

      • Yup! You are correct. Remainder is like Discontuined. Remainder might be just at the one retailer. Discontuned to me means it’s not going to be made anymore.

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