Why Tight Neck Undershirts Could Make You Warmer

Reader curious where to buy tight (crew) neck undershirts in size 2XL, but it surfaces an interesting theory.

Hey Tug!

I’m a bigger guy who sweats terribly.

Looking for a 2X size white tee that has a durable collar. Something that can keep its form/ tightness after wearing it all day.

This is a problem I’ve had for over 10 yrs. I’d be interested in any examples you could send my way.

I’ve always wished there was a source to help me with my daily dilemma.


Rules to wearing undershirts

– Tommy

Tight Neck Undershirts in Big Sizes


Heya Tommy,

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If you’re looking for tight necked undershirts, you should check out my tight collar undershirts article.

My recommendation would be to read the article and also scan the comments, because the comments section usually has more up-to-date information from readers who’ve tried a bunch of different products.

Related to your sweating, deciding which undershirt to pick can be a little tricky.

If you sweat more when (or because) you’re wearing an undershirt, then you really should try out some lightweight undershirts first.

Most typical retail store-bought undershirts are medium-weight, being roughly around 150gsm (+/- 5gsm).

Lightweight undershirts usually fall in a weight range of 100gsm – 135gsm, so they are quite a bit lighter, thinner, and more breathable than medium-weight undershirts.

Personally, I prefer lightweight undershirts over medium-weight undershirt, as they keep me cooler and more comfortable, while still doing a good job with preventing sweat-through.

If you sweat the same regardless, and you’re worried about sweat-through (getting sweat marks on your outer shirts), then you should focus on something more medium-to-heavy weight (if you can tolerate the weight) that is closer fitting so you don’t add the extra bulk. The slightly heavier fabric will absorb more sweat, and minimize sweat-through.

Be sure to check out my Top 9 Sweat Management Solutions article. It contains information about sweat blocking undershirts, sweat proof underwear, various antiperspirant & sweat-reducing options, and much more.

Tight Collars – Less Airflow

Regarding tight crew neck undershirts in general, there is a possibility that the close fitting collar itself is causing you to overheat more than needed.

tight neck undershirt

If you think about it, while you might like the look of the tight fitting collar, if it fits that tight, then airflow will be restricted underneath your shirt, because one of the largest venting points (the collar) is completely blocked off.

So any airflow that could occur, would be limited to passing through the armholes, since the bottom of the undershirt is blocked-off too because it [your undershirt] is normally tucked into your pants.

The problem, as I see it, is that the main exposed undershirt openings that could encourage air flow, are the collar and the arm holes.

If you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt, then you take away two of the main venting points, and left with only one — the collar.

If you’re wearing a tight neck undershirt while wearing a long sleeve shirt, then your third and last venting point is closed off as well — restricting any and all airflow.

Anyway, I think you get the gist of the concept.

So, you may want to keep the above in mind, and possibly consider a crew neck undershirt with a thin collar trim that won’t sag over time, in place of a tight neck undershirt.

Hope the above information helps.

Let me know if you have any other questions (:


How to wear undershirts

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