Thompson Tee Launches Bamboo Sweat-Through Proof Fitted Undershirt

Thompson Tee has quietly launched a new fitted Hydro-Shield undershirt line, with an introductory price of $24.99 per undershirt.

Earlier this year I got word that Thompson Tee was working on developing a fitted Hydro-Shield undershirt, though they wanted to offer something with a more premium fabric offering.

Though a small handful of email exchanges, we discussed several different fabric options, and it looks like they finally settled on using a 95% Viscose (from Miro Bamboo) / 5% Spandex jersey fabric blend. Not quite sure what “miro bamboo” is, but the company shows on their site that it’s an exclusive to Hydro-Shield. Might be a play on the word “Micro”?

Thompson Tee Slim Fit Undershirt Features

  • Amazon: link
  • Price: $29.99 (Intro price: $24.99)
  • Styles: V-Neck & Crew Neck (Men), Scoop Neck (Women)
  • Color: White
  • 95% Ultra Soft Miro Bamboo and 5% Spandex blend (fabric exclusive)
  • Proprietary sweat proof barrier completely blocks armpit sweat from passing through, while allowing body heat and perspiration to escape as vapor
  • Fight odor with Anti-microbial and Hypoallergenic properties
  • Integrated design provides sleek, stylish, and consistent look and feel
  • Stay tucked in with added length
  • Machine wash and dry

Thompson Tee Slim Fit Undershirt Photos

thompson-tee-miro-bamboo-spandex-sweat-through-proof-v-neck-undershirtthompson-tee-miro-bamboo-spandex-sweat-through-proof-scoop-neck-undershirt thompson-tee-miro-bamboo-spandex-sweat-through-proof-undershirt-with-hydroshield


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7 thoughts on “Thompson Tee Launches Bamboo Sweat-Through Proof Fitted Undershirt”

  1. I bought the bamboo, using them under work shirts so find the bamboo neater.

    Initial reaction is Thomson Tee are neater under the arm, more compact.

    However have tested both under extreme conditions and neither have shown a drop of sweat through on light blue shirts.

    They are amazing. Will wear Thomson for a month (I will swap and wash them!) and write a full review for you.

    • excellent! thanks john (:

      can’t wait to read your full review. in fact, feel free to email me with the full review and i’ll consider posting it as a full article.

      • Hi, have done a full review of Thompson T v Sweatshield and mailed it to you. Your choice to publish or not but in my opinion Thompson is the better product than Sweatshield but it does work out in the UK at baout twice the price.

      • heya john, thanks for stopping back by and letting me know about your thompson tee vs sweatshield undershirts review.

        i looked, and your email had gone to my junk folder for some reason, so i appreciate you letting me know.

        i’ll take a look and get back to you (:

      • Cool, let me know if you are going to publish. Its only my opinion but either is a good product and they do make your life a lot better.

  2. Just ‘imported’ my 1st Thompson Tees to the UK. Not cheap. $106 for 5 (included 15% off for 1st order) and then only $22 to ship via viabox to a US address and then onto UK and then got hit a £31 charge for UK customs duty. Not cheap and twice the price of sweatshield undershirts which I also bought recently. Total £120, sweatshield £64.

    Immediate impression is that they are lighter and less bulkly under the arm than sweatshield. Today was warm and I wore a light blue shirt and a jacket, not a drop showed through. God I love these shirts (both Thompson and Sweatshield). They have changed how I can dress for work.

    Bought 5 so will try out Thompson for another couple of weeks and report back in again.

    • heya john, thanks so much for stopping by my site and posting your thoughts about thompson tee and sweatshield undershirts!

      did you get the cotton or viscose (from bamboo) thompson tees?

      look forward to hearing your thoughts and comparison between the two brands after you’ve had a chance to wear them some (:


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