Thin Undershirts That Keep You Cool

While I’m not psychic, I have been known to identify upcoming undershirt trends. I’ve been a fan of thin undershirts for a long time, and it looks like more and more people are seeking them out.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve gotten a very large number of inquiries from people wondering where they can get their hands on very thin undershirts.

Here are just a few of the questions I’ve received:

Undershirt That Stops Sweating?


If you don’t mind me asking, what is the best undershirt brand that prevents sweating?

Thanks so much and have a great day.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Best regards,


Undershirts For Sweaty People


I live in Texas (it’s damn hot and humid here), and I am a sweaty guy.

I have been using SilverBack Apparel for the last few years but their website and service has been going down fast.

Now I can’t even buy their shirts (web site error and no response from the vendor).

What would you recommend as the next best undershirt after silverback xstatic?

I need something that is light, breathes, and absorbs sweat.

Thank you,


Best Thin Undershirt?

Hi, – looking for undershirts for my son who just started his first ‘real job.’

He wears a dress shirt but then has to deal with underarm sweat/smell when laundering.

Can you recommend a thin (cool temperature) undershirt to wear underneath?

He tried a few brands but felt too warm and bulky.

Thanks for your input! :-)


Cheap Lightweight Undershirt?


I am looking for a cheap, thin lightweight undershirt that I could buy a 3-pack for like $20.00.

What would you recommend?



Can Undershirts Stop People From Sweating?

There really isn’t such a thing as an undershirt that technically prevents a person from sweating. Sweating is a natural function, that happens to all of us, either a little, or a lot.

Even when we don’t appear to be sweating, we’re sweating.

That said, if you noticeably sweat as a by-product of wearing a heavier undershirt, then your best option is to wear a light or thin undershirt.

Thin Lightweight Undershirts

Out of all the undershirts I’ve personally tried or am currently familiar with, the coolest and thinnest undershirts currently available include:

  1. Zimmerli Undershirts – though the one I have is a bit itchy for some reason
  2. Uniqlo AIRism
  3. Retro Fit Tri-Blend or Cotton/Poly 50/50 Undershirts
  4. EVO TENCEL Undershirts – TENCEL / Spandex
  5. tasc Undershirts – Cotton / Viscose from Bamboo / Elastane
  6. Sheer T-shirts (semi see-through) that can be worn as Undershirts

Most of the above undershirts are in this category because they are made from almost gauze-like fabric, and when held up to light, they are more transparent than other undershirts.

I would guess that most of these undershirts have a weight of 140gsm/gms or less, since typical undershirts range around the 150gsm/gsm weight.

A while ago a reader asked if I could show him how the sheerness of a few undershirts compared, so I took some photos:

Zimmerli Undershirt Zimmerli Undershirt

RibbedTee Retro Fit: 50/50 poly/cotton | Very thin undershirt Retro Fit Undershirt

Hanes ComfortSoft Undershirt Hanes ComfortBlend Undershirt

SHIRTLESS thin undershirts SHIRTLESS Undershirt (no longer available)

Urban Outfitters: BDG 50-50 t-shirt Urban Outfitters 50/50 T-Shirt (no longer available)

Well in a few short months we’ll be entering spring and summer, I have no doubt that more and more people will be looking for super-thin, lightweight undershirts for the summer-time, like they seem to do every year.

I’m just kind of surprised that I’ve received so many questions about where to buy thin undershirts during the fall and winter.

It’s telling me that another shift in the undershirt marketplace is looming and about to take place.

Personally speaking, I’ve favored wearing thin undershirts for the last few years, mostly because I’ve become more sensitive to feeling warm.

If an undershirt is too thick or too tight, it’ll make me feel a bit on the uncomfortable side.

So, I definitely recommend wearing thinner undershirts over thicker ones.

This article has been updated, re-written, and republished. The original comments below have been maintained for historical purposes.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

13 thoughts on “Thin Undershirts That Keep You Cool”

  1. Hi,

    I’m looking for a thin, cooling/breathable if possible, undershirt that is long sleeve. I always hate the look of wearing a white dress shirt and being able to see where the undershirt sleeve ends. Any advice?

    • hey harron, good to hear from you!

      have you ever thought about going with a neutral color undershirt like light grey or tan/beige/tone?

      many times they are referred to as invisible undershirts since these colors reflect less light and don’t show through lighter colored outer shirts.

      meaning, the edge of the undershirt sleeve isn’t visible at all, or at least is much less visible than a white undershirt is under a light colored shirt.

      here’s an article that shows a comparison of a white undershirt under a white dress shirt, and a heather grey undershirt under a white shirt:

      if you’re still looking for a long sleeve undershirt, reply back here in the comments and i’ll see if i can point you to some options.

      • I’ve seen uniqlo airism undershirts and thought that might be a good direction.

        I read the article and perhaps the flesh colored shirt is the way to go. Have you tried the airism shirts?

        Is it worth spending the extra money for the seamless version or are both versions fairly seamless?

  2. I have a granddaughter that just became a police woman in Florida and has to wear B.P. vest .

    She is breaking out with sweat pimples and heat rash

    I would like to help her & her other officers with the best undershirts

    Can you help me help them

    • heya paul, thanks for stopping by. let’s see if we can help your granddaughter (:

      first, i’d recommend that you guys take a look at these under kevlar products:

      between those two articles, there are 3 products that are designed to provide an air-pocket buffer layer between the body and the kevlar.

      coolshield may be a good option, because you don’t need to add an additional piece of equipment — it’s an undershirt replacement.

      maxx-dri and armorvent may be a good option, because it would allow your granddaughter to wear her favorite undershirt.

      my recommendation would be to have her try one of the above products first under her kevlar / body armor, to see if it helps eliminate the heat rash & sweat pimples.

      outside of that, she may be well serviced with a really fast drying undershirt, that has some structure to it (not a smooth polyester).

      what i mean specifically, is that i think a wicking cellular mesh undershirt would be better to wear under kevlar than a slick/smooth polyester undershirt.

      the one undershirt that comes to mind is the uniqlo airism “mesh” undershirt (note: airism also comes in a non-mesh version too, so be sure to get the mesh one)

      here’s an article about that undershirt:

      there are some others as well, but i’d say start with the above recommendations, and then we’ll go from there if she’s still getting heat rash.

      sound good?

  3. A few years back, I found some very light weight pima cotton Calvin Klein crew neck undershirts at Macys, and I love them. Alas, they are wearing out, and I cannot find any replacement! Do you recall those? Are they still available anywhere? p.s. I have never found their stretchy versions comfortable.

  4. This year I started buying some of the retro undershirts from RibbedTee which are on the thin side. I’ve gotten used to the comfort and have a hard time going back to my Jockeys.

    • heya amond! thanks for popping by and letting us know!

      yeah, i’m thinking thin is in (: and definitely looking forward to checking out airism undershirts from uniqlo.


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