Thin Collar Undershirts?

If you’re looking for thin collar undershirts, here’s some great information to get you started.

Most undershirts nowadays are made with collar trim ranging in widths from 1/2″ to 1″.

In most cases, the collar trim is made out of either “self” fabric (same as body) or ribbed (1×1 rib knit) fabric that has the same yarn content as the body.

In other words, if the body of the undershirt is made from 100% cotton jersey, the collar trim is made from 100% cotton 1×1 rib knit fabric.

Collars Sag Over Time

In many cases, these wider collars can sag over time.

Hanes did a good job in branding this as “bacon collar“, and did an admirable job in promoting some of their undershirts as those that won’t (or shouldn’t) get bacon collar.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Even though not all undershirt collars will sag over time, some men prefer undershirts with thinner collar trim, whether it be for aesthetic purposes or because they won’t sag over time.

This reader contacted me to help him find some thin collar undershirts:

So I’ve searched high and low at JC Penney’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc., etc., etc., and I have not been able to find an undershirt with no or slim/thin collars.

Express used to make them, and more recently, Emporio Armani had one that was close, but since then, they’ve changed their designs. (Express stopped making them all together)

Also, my H+M shirts all have shorter sleeves, and my undershirt sleeve pokes out underneath.

I don’t like the “wife beater” tank top style because it doesn’t cover the arm pits. I just saw something that could work on an advertisement on your site, but it’s for men with gynecomastia, which, thankfully I do not suffer from.

To add to that, I really don’t want to spend 30+ on a single undershirt.

My friend already got on me about spending 30 on 3, so, can you help? Please?!

– Hosam

Finding Thin Collar Undershirts

Heya Hosam,

What’s happening buddy! Good to hear from you and thanks for stopping by my site.

This is a great question and I’m pretty sure I can help you out!

First, my recommendation would be to sign-up for my mailing list, and within the confirmation email you’ll receive, there is a link that you can use to download my “Undershirt Measurements Workbook”.

2020 Update: My Undershirt Measurements Workbook is outdated and no longer maintained. If you would still like an archive copy, please visit my Contact page and request a copy.

Once you do that, open it up and check out column “q” (collar trim width). Anything showing around 0.38″ is something that would be classified as a narrow collar trim.

Since the workbook is in Excel, you can use filtering to narrow down your list to those rows that have a collar trim width of .5″ or less. If you don’t have Excel, import the spreadsheet into something else like google docs.

Once you have the list of undershirts with narrower collar trims, then take a gander at column “m” (sleeve length). Focus on undershirts with shorter sleeve lengths and you should come up with results.

Keep in mind that “sleeve sprouts” is a result of not only sleeves that are too long, but also the length of the side shoulder (column “l”).

If the side shoulder length is too long for your shoulder, then the sleeves will hang lower on your arm, thus leaving the appearance of longer sleeves — when in fact, it’s just that the shoulder doesn’t fit you properly.

Some Undershirts To Consider

In quickly scanning through my list, the three least expensive undershirt options that fit into that classification look to be some undershirts from Jockey, Collected Threads ($39 for a 3-pack, $13 each), and ($22).

Note, I didn’t record the prices for Jockey, but if i recall correctly, they range from $15 – $25 depending on which one you pick.

Take a look at the workbook and it should make it a little clearer as to what to focus your search on.

Keep me posted on your search and what you decide to try out.

Hope that info helps you out!

Thin Collar Undershirt Photos

SHIRTLESS thin collar undershirt
SHIRTLESS Undershirts
jt V-Neck (

Do You Know of Any Undershirts With Thin Collar Trim?

If so, tell us about them in the comments section below! Remember, Hosam is looking for undershirts that aren’t too expensive.


Collected Threads is still offering their undershirts, which have thin collars, but they only carry deep v-neck undershirts and scoop neck undershirts — may be deeper than what you’re looking for. Check for them here.

RibbedTee offers a thin collar undershirt line called EVO Tencel — available in crew neck and deep v-neck.

SHIRTLESS is no longer available, so you can disregard that recommendation from the above article.

Many shapewear undershirts are made with thin collar trim, so you may want to consider a light compression shapewear undershirt.

Uniqlo AIRISM & AIRISM Micro Mesh have thinner collars too, plus they are priced at around $15 each.

ASOS offers a huge selection of t-shirts, many of which are lightweight and have thin collars.


How to wear undershirts

4 thoughts on “Thin Collar Undershirts?”

  1. I have the exact same issue. Particularly like thinner collars so they don’t poke out from underneath crew neck t-shirts I like to wear overtop (like rock tees).

    I signed up for the mailing list but did not see a link to your undershirt measurement workbook in the confirmation email.

    Can you tell me how to access it? Thanks!

    • heya demackay, thanks for stopping by and posting your comments & question.

      my undershirt measurement book is pretty outdated now, so i have decided to retire it. i still can give you a copy, but it wouldn’t really represent the current undershirt products.

      sorry for the confusion related to the messaging regarding the workbook — i’ll get that fixed today.

      as for thin collar crew neck undershirts (or v-neck), i just updated the article with some other thin collar undershirt recommendations.

      check it out (:

  2. I have the reverse situation. I catch cold very easy so usually opt for a collar that covers the base of my neck.

    When I shop for undershirts, I usually buy Life Undershirts, but find there are very few in the package that have collars of 1″ which is what I truly prefer.

    I rifle through the package to see what all of the undershirt collars look like before I decide whether to buy that package.

    Do you know of a brand of undershirt that specializes in a 1″ collar in all of the items in the package.

    Thanks TUG – You are Awesome!

    • heya willi! good to hear from you buddy and thanks for stopping by my site (: thanks for the compliment too!

      my recommendation would be to sign-up to my mailing list and download my undershirt workbook. there you will find 150+ different undershirts and all their measurements, including collar trim width.

      there are several with 1″ collar trim, including costco tees/undershirts (thick) and tactical 5.11.

      check it out!


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