These Clothes Are Best For Hot Weather Travel

Ashley & Barron

Here’s a great video with some really solid ways to pack light, and smart for hot weather travel.

Barron Cuadro (Effortless Gent) and Ashley Weston ( put together an amazing and concise list of what guys should pack when they’re traveling to a hot weather destination.

The list recommended in the video, summarized below, covers about 15 days worth of travel.

All items are lightweight and easy to rinse out in the evening, and can hang dry overnight.

Best Hot Weather Travel Clothes

  • Well fitted white & light blue linen shirt (or a cotton oxford button down)
  • Two polo shirts (the t-shirt’s older, more sophisticated big brother)
  • Two pairs chinos (stretch). Navy & khaki
  • Two pairs of shorts. Light blue & navy. Preferably linen
  • Quick Drying Underwear. ExOfficio Give-n-Go was mentioned in the video, but there are other quick drying underwear available. Here’s an article where I’m keeping track of my favorite men’s boxer briefs, and ones that I still want to try.
  • Brown leather belt
  • Light weight blazer (unlined, deconstructed). Navy, light blue, or grey
  • White sneakers
  • Brown suede driving shoes
  • Maybe a couple of light t-shirts
  • Panama hat
  • Portable steamer (optional)

I’d like to add one non-clothing item to the list, that’ll help you stay dry, and you may not even have to bring it with you.

Instead of bringing a travel size antiperspirant, I’d suggest using a 7-day antiperspirant like:


Sweat Proof Undershirts

  • Sweat Shield Ultra (link)
  • SweatBlock (link)

If you’re traveling for under a week, just apply the antiperspirant the night before you travel.

One application should last you 5-7 days.

If you’re traveling for longer, just take an extra 1-2 towelettes with you.

They [the towelettes] are tiny and will take up almost no extra room in your luggage.

How To Pack Smart For Hot Weather Travel


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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