The WORST Kind of Wedgie. You Need New Underwear! (Video)

Adding to my collection of underwear / undershirt commercials.

Here is a new underwear wedgie-inspired video from RibbedTee.

The brand is utilizing several versions of these wedgie videos to raise awareness for the brand’s G3 CoolNylon Boxer Briefs.

RibbedTee G3 Boxer Briefs Review

My main man Jason, and underwear aficionado, got his hands on a pair of the G3 Boxer Briefs, and wrote the following review:

How does a company take something that is already pretty great, and make it even better?

That’s just what RibbedTee decided to do with their newly released G3 Boxer Briefs.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, my review on their G2’s is here:

As mentioned, I was happy with the G2’s, and only had a few tips on what I would recommend as possible updates, and it looks like RibbedTee was able to take a few of those and incorporate them into the new version.

The G3’s are the same signature “CoolNylon” fabric as the G2, and still have the hidden waistband – but the main differences/updates between G2 and G3 are:

1. Longer leg length (perfect for no ride-up!)

2. Redesigned pouch (provide a cleaner look, and more room)

3. Moved lower pouch seam line lower inside gusset (for added comfort)

After trying these out, I was able to speak with Mike from RibbedTee in regards to future plans, and he mentioned that future options may include another longer leg length, as well as additional colors and fabrics.

I can’t wait to try them out.

The Kavalier YouTube Channel | Made in USA G3 Underwear

Jon, from The Kavalier YouTube channel, has an interest in Made in USA underwear, as well as other Made in America clothing.

He did an unboxing video recently that covered the deep v-neck undershirts as well as the G3 underwear.


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