The Stork: Now Delivering Your Undershirts

Undershirt Subscription Service start-up Stork will deliver you new Undershirts every 3, 4, or 6 months.

Stork Founder Greg Schwartz decided it was about time to rethink how undershirts were made, ordered, and re-utilized.

Stork Undershirts – The Fit

He first wanted to improve on the fit and the feel, so with the help of a progressive apparel manufacturing company and professional designers from the fashion industry, they set out to make the perfect undershirt.

After countless revisions driven by feedback from friends and family, Stork feels they’ve built the best fitting undershirt on the market

Stork Undershirts – The Undershirts



Stork Undershirts – Ordering

To keep things really simple, Stork created an easy to use Subscription Service.

Pick your style (V-Neck or Crew Neck), the number of undershirts you’d like to order (3, 5, or 7), and tell Stork how often you wear them (all the time, some of the time, rarely), and they put you in the perfect subscription service.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Pricing ranges from around $7/undershirt to $10/undershirt all with Free Shipping.

Stork Undershirt – Re-Utilizing / Recycling

Instead of throwing out your old undershirts and filling up yet more landfills, Stork wants to help you and the environment by recycling your used Stork Undershirts once per year.

They’ve partnered with one of the largest textile recycler, Trans-America Trading Co., to help you recycle your Undershirts.

Once per year just email Stork and tell them you want to recycle your Undershirts. They’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label. Just pop your old Stork undershirts in the poly mailer you received with your original Stork order, slap on the pre-paid shipping label, and leave the package with your mail carrier.

While you won’t get free replacement undershirts, you’ll feel eco-good knowing that your old undershirts will be helping someone in need or being recycled, and not being thrown in some landfill.

Stork is helping our planet, one undershirt at a time. Good for them.


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