The First Undershirt / T-Shirt That Completely Eliminates Sweat Has Been Invented

Well this is pretty interesting news that I discovered through my friend Charmaine, and she’s had hyperhidrosis her entire life.  She’s just about ready to launch her website, which will chronicle everything she’s learned about hyperhidrosis through the years, and she’ll also be guest writing here soon to share specific undershirt solutions that are available for women who suffer from the condition. So stay tuned.

Based on the information I read, this new t-shirt/undershirt, cooperatively developed by UPC-Barcelona Tech’s Technological Innovation Center (was and the company Sutran S.L., has two layers of specially designed fabric (on the entire shirt) that are fused together using a new technique whereby an air chamber is formed between the two layers. Now, what’s very cool about this solution is that it appears the entire shirt is made with double layer protection. Other hyperhidrosis undershirts like Silverback and Kleinerts have double protection, however, it’s usually limited to the underarm and back areas only.

I’ve sent an email to the company representatives to see if we can learn more about this amazing new invention, and if I get lucky, maybe they’ll hook me up with some samples to review. The product seems to be available already at Sutran’s website, but it’s in Spanish, so even with Babel Fish, it’s a little tough to get the details. What I can gather is that the men’s white and black undershirts (was on sell for $24.50 EUR ($32.40 USD) and they come in v-neck and crew neck. They also have a selection for women as well.

5/03/10 Update – I’ve had a couple email exchanges with the folks at Sutran, and they said that they will have their english website up in a couple weeks, so folks from the U.S. will be able order from them when it’s ready. Maybe I’ll pick one up then and give it a test drive!

5/12/10 Update – Sutran’s english website is up. See more information here. Shipping is very expensive for one shirt, but it’s the same cost to ship 5 shirts, so it’s better to order more so your price per shirt isn’t burdened as much.

6/04/10 Update – Another reader and I pooled our money and decided to order a few of these shirts! As soon as they come in, I’ll give you the run-down.  I also just found out that they are now offering the sweat eliminating t-shirts for men in two new colors: green and blue.


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7/12/10 Update – Well, after a little problem with getting the initial order in a timely fashion, the Sutran undershirts made it to my friend (“M”) who ordered them! One Sutran undershirt with shipping set be back a hefty $54, but oh well! Now, my Sutran sweat eliminating undershirt is on it’s way to me!  I asked “M” if hey had any initial thoughts and this is what he said:

As for my initial thoughts on the shirts, I think they hold some promise, but I’m withholding further assessment until I’m able to “pressure test” them in more challenging situations. As soon as I’m able to do this, I will definitely let you know my impressions

Dang! Well, I know more soon enough. Stay tuned…

—– MORE ——

Here’s the news release about this new sweat eliminating t-shirt:

The UPC-Barcelona Tech’s Technological Innovation Center (was and the company Sutran S.L. have designed a T-shirt that eliminates sweat stains from clothes, and was specially designed for people with hyperhidrosis.

Everyone remembers the image on TV of a well-known football manager giving instructions to his players from the sidelines with his arms continuously in the air and huge sweat stains on his clothes due to excessive sweat. Hyperhidrosis is a problem that affects the everyday lives of 176 million people worldwide, according to figures from the International Hyperhidrosis Society.

Feliu Marsal, the director of the UPC-Barcelona Tech’s Technological Innovation Center (CTF) on the Terrassa Campus, and the Catalan company Sutran S.L. have created the first T-shirt in the world that, although unable to overcome hyperhidrosis, is able to completely eliminate its main effect: sweat.

An air chamber between two special fabrics
There are textiles on the market that partly reduce the effects of sweat, but they do not completely get rid of it, as is the case of the innovative T-shirt that is already being sold by the company Sutran S.L. The secret behind this surprising innovation in textile design lies in the two layers of light fabric that are put together using a new technique whereby an air chamber is formed between the two layers. The air evaporates and completely removes all traces of sweat, thus keeping clothing dry at all times. The fabric that is in contact with the skin is made of extremely fine porous microfibers, which make it very comfortable to wear. It is also a good heat conductor and has a high absorption capacity. This inside layer likewise undergoes treatment that increases its breathability.

The outside layer looks exactly like the fabric of an ordinary T-shirt. In fact, it is made of cotton, but has a special finish that prevents perspiration from passing through it and makes it waterproof. Finally, the seams on the sleeves of the T-shirt are sewn using a special technique that seals them completely. These specific technical features on the two parts of the T-shirt and the creation of an air chamber between them makes sweat evaporate, thus offering maximum comfort at all times.

The history of the manufacture of this revolutionary T-shirt is by no means connected to the textile industry. The idea was sparked off by a Catalan businessman from the building sector whose company is based in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. As a hyperhidrosis sufferer, he contacted the textile engineer Òscar Deumal to look into the possibility of making a fabric that prevented sweat from passing through it. A few months later, Deumal decided to contact Feliu Marsal, director of the UPC-Barcelona Tech’s Technological Innovation Center. After working together for approximately two years, they finally made the first T-shirt that completely eliminates sweat stains. Sutran S.L. is already selling these T-shirts in a shop on Calle Mas in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and on the Internet for around €22, depending on the design.

The human body has four million sweat glands. The brain sends messages to these glands to produce sweat to keep the body at the proper temperature in certain situations. However, people who suffer from hyperhidrosis continue to perspire regardless of the temperature or their state of anxiety. According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, 176 million people suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition that makes people sweat six times more than is normal. This problem has direct repercussions on their daily lives: insecurity, embarrassment, depression, and emotional and physical discomfort. Hyperhidrosis sufferers usually experience negative attitudes at the workplace and in their personal lives; their ability to carry out activities such as playing sport or music, or to behave naturally in tense situations is also compromised.


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47 thoughts on “The First Undershirt / T-Shirt That Completely Eliminates Sweat Has Been Invented”

  1. Ass Sweater, I ordered the boxers in the past with no problems shipping to the US. They are incredible, but keep one thing in mind, all sutran clothing has a waterproof treatment applied to the outer layer of the garment that WILL deteriorate with repeated washing!

      • heya swamp — are you referring to their sweat-through resistant underwear, or the sweat-through resistant undershirts?

        i haven’t tried their underwear, so i can’t really tell you how it performs.

  2. I just tried to place an order with Sutran for their boxers but they do not offer them to ship them to the United States. Did you have to call them directly or E-mail them in order to make a sale?

  3. My experience with these double layer shirts are they are too thick and hot – in summer conditions, especially on the golf course. May as well wear a singlet/ vest underneath? Careful, as sizes are fairly small – choose next size up. Sleeves also a little short – nice if you are a body builder.

  4. So I am getting married in NYC in September and I sweat throughly through my undershirts and dress shirts in the summer and when I put on a suit. I am going to be wearing a tuxedo and am looking for a very slim undershirt since my tuxedo shirt is a slim fit. Has anyone use the under armour undershirts? Any reccomendations? I have been reading all of the posts but I am still unsure which way to go

    • i haven’t heard anything new wilson, and i would suspect that sutran would let me know when and if they work out an arrangement with a u.s. distributor. if i learn something, i will for sure post an article about it.

  5. Just to let you know – when they gave you the 10% off code, they also raised the price per shirt 8%. They used to be 24.50 3 weeks ago.

    Also, 3 weeks ago when I ordered they did not have the regular V neck, and the Max-Dry shirt was not there either.

    It also does not look like they show the blue patch on the white round collar undershirt, but it was on all of mine.

    They still work, it is just a little misleading.

    • hey mike, thanks for all the good information about your experience with sutran undershirts. i know the information you have provided will be hugely beneficial to many others!

      we’ll have to talk with the folks over at sutran and see why they raised their prices ;)

  6. Regarding Sutran and the 5+1 deal versus the buy 5 get free shipping deal. I sent the customer service tam an email, and here was the exchange:

    Message: Hello,

    I live in the USA, and when I try and order 5 shirts, it says the shipping cost is over 61 US Dollars. Is this correct? It seems extraordinarily high. I have seen from other people that ordered 5 shirts you had a deal at one time that offered free shipping. I really want to try your product, but I find it hard to justify a shipping charge that equals 40% of the total price of 5 shirts. Please let me know.

    Thank you

    Thier response:

    Good morning,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We are affraid that the promotion you talk about is no longer available. However, we have from these days on, a promotion called 5+1, that paying 5 garments you get one for free. See that if you choose the Polo-shirt for free it is approximately the price of the shipping costs. (When making the purchase you have to indicate in “Comments” the garment you preffer for free).

    Do not hesitate and contact us again if you have any other doubt.

    Yours faithfully,

    ** So, that didn’t really help me so much, BUT I wanted this forum to know that regardless of the 5 shirts you do buy, you can pick any item as the free one in comments. It is not the typical deal where the free one has to be equal or less than the others. If you do want to try one of their more expensive polos, that would be the way to go, and it would come close to balancing out. **

    • I just broke down and did it. Per shirt, the cost is about $38 a shirt v. $32 a shirt with the other deal, but that is based on getting 6 instead of 5. So I had to spend about $225 in order to get the 38 dollar rate, vs. only paying $160 to get 5 of them using the old deal. Basically, I had to pay $65.00 for that extra shirt. I just hope it was worth it…

      • So, a few words regarding the Sutran shirts.

        First, the shipping time is unbelievable! I ordered them on Jan 9th, a Sunday. I was leaving on a business trip Friday morning of the same week. I was not expecting them to show up in time, and was really nervous about how bad my sweating was going to be on this big trip. They showed up at my door on WEDNESDAY! I was so excited. My trip was 2 weeks long in Beijing, where they keep the offices around 80 degrees, and I was dreading the thought of being known as the guy with the sweat stains.

        So, as for the shirts – they actually worked! I was sweating a lot in those rooms, more than usual because of the temperature and the stress. There were times I felt the dampness inside the undershirt, but in the entire 2 weeks, the sweat NEVER transferred to my dress shirts in any area. Even when I was wearing my suit jacket and, folding my arms, and sitting all the way back in the chair – all recipes for disaster normally. The only place I saw a little sweat was around my dress shirt collar, and that was not noticeable at all. I had my shirts laundered and they were just as effective the 2nd week. I also had to wear one 2 times without washing and it still worked just fine without any odor. So, if lack of embarrassment is worth about $225.00, I would say you should make the investment. I am very glad I did.

        There were a few small issues I did have with the shirts that are worth noting.

        1 – The deep V is VERY deep (like a little past the middle of my chest). If you have a hairy chest and/or you wear thin dress shirts, the undershirt is highly visible. You could possibly wear a cotton undershirt over it, but that does add another layer and more bulk. I just bought 1 like this to try out, and I would only wear it under a thicker shirt.

        2 – The regular collar undershirts have an obnoxious Sutran Sports blue patch on the left sleeve. It is a thick patch, like a Boy Scout merit badge. You can easily see it through a white dress shirt. I may try and remove one and see how badly it damages the shirt. The deep V-necks did not have this patch.

        3 – The shirt also has a tag in the back and tags inside one side, both of which I found itchy and need to cut out.

        4 – The shirt seams are thick and a bit itchy, and I had some irritation in the underarms after wearing them all day. I took them off right after work.

        5 – The shirts retain all the sweat, so be sure and turn them inside out and hang them somewhere to dry when you take them off.

        6 – The fit is not the greatest. The sleeves are a bit short, especially the under the arms. I was a little concerned that since part of my underarm was exposed I would have sweat come through, but it did not end up being a problem. They are also short in length. They did not stay tucked in, but it was not noticeable as far as I could tell.

        I hope this helps out anyone still on the fence. I am happy with my purchase, and I may buy more at some point. I would like to see Sutran refine the shirt design, possibly go tagless, remove the patch, and increase the length. If they do end up getting a US distributer or bringing back the free shipping offer, I will buy more.

        Thanks again to undershirt guy for developing this site. Without it I would have never found out about these shirts!

      • Mike,

        Thank you for your review. I’ve been a long time sufferer of hyperhidrosis and the only thing that works for me is Robinul.

        I want to go ahead and pull the trigger on a pack of these shirts, but the sizing worries me a bit. I don’t want to be stuck with $200 worth of shirts that don’t fit.

        Are they true to size?

        I’m 5’8″, 155lbs and I’m thinking on going with my regular size Medium… Any thoughts?

      • hey buku,

        i’ve sent and email over to mike to see if he’d comment on sizing from his point of view.

        i can tell you from my own personal experience, i am about 175lbs, 5’9″, have the sutran size medium and it fits me pretty good.

        since you are thinner, i would think you could safe size down to a size small.

        but, i’d recommend using the sutran sizing chart just to be certain.

      • Buku,

        Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I have been doing a lot of travel outside the country and this slipped my mind.

        I am 5’11” 165 lbs. Typically I wear a Medium size basic cotton undershirt, which is a little loose. When I started having to wear business attire more frequently, I switched to size small. When i ordered from Sutran, I ordered small and medium because I was not sure. Because these shirts are more bulky than a cotton tee, I personally prefer the size small. It fits just about the same as a small Hanes T, but it feels noticeably tighter because of the thickness and the type of material. The medium does fit very close to the standard Hanes medium, and I have found the measurements on the Sutran website to be true to the actual product. I have not noticed any shrinkage in the shirt after repeated washes.

        If you have not already purchased, I think you are good to go with the Medium, unless you are looking for the closer fit like I was.

  7. Are these shirts going to be sold in the United States any time soon?

    And can these shirts be worn under another shirt to prevent sweating? It hides sweat stains, I know, but is that area still moist so that it would stain the shirt over top of it? On the website it says you don’t even need to wear a shirt over top of it, but I was wondering if you can.

    Thank you and I hope you can get back to me.

    • reply to yo on 11/22/10
      12/06/10 note: the shipping specials and buy X get Y free special has changed on the new site sutran recently launched.

      — original note to yo —
      thanks for stopping by my site and posting your question. not sure if these undershirts will be coming to the united states or not, but i do know that they offer free shipping after you purchase 3 or 4 of them. plus, they recently reduced the shipping fee too.

      yes, they can be worn undershirts. they are a little thicker than regular t-shirts because of their two-layer design, but if you’re looking to prevent sweat through, it’ll be well worth having a little extra thickness. yes, the shirts prevent sweat through pretty effectively. i wore mine to the gym and after my typical workout, there was no sweat on the outer layer of the shirts (where there is normally).

      hope that helps!

  8. Hi have just purchased 5 shirts – shipping was free! It is soooo hard to find tops for ladies to help with comp sweating after ETS! I just hope I ordered the right size!

    • thanks for the update leanne. i’ve been wearing my sutran undershirt to the gym lately. absorbs the sweat really well, but you need to wash them pretty regularly so they stay smelling fresh! i wore my sutran to the gym 2-3 times in a row, hanging it dry between each time, but after the 2nd wearing, the shirt held a bit of the sweat smell.

      definitely good to help prevent sweat-through though!

    • How did you manage to get the free shipping? I do not see that option on the site. Also, they now show a message saying that if you buy 5 shirts you get a free one, but there is no code, and if you put the 6 in your cart is charges for all of them. Are you calling your orders in, or ordering from the web site directly? I am really interested in these shirts but it looks like shipping to the US is insanely expensive! I have not seen any US resellers as of yet…

      • hey mike! well, it looks like sutran has a new website/shopping cart and maybe they either stopped offering the free shipping option we had seen back at the beginning of november, or it was some bug in their old shopping cart system that has since been fixed. in either case, it does appear their shipping price is back to the expensive price i originally saw on the first iteration of their website.

        as for the 5+1 free offer, if you look on their home page it says “add comments to order” which I assume means that if you ask for the 6th one free, they will give it to you after you place your order, not before. the problem likely is that their shopping cart software does not provide the functionality of buy X and get Y for free. so because of that, they have to do it manually.

        i’ll send a note over to the folks at sutran to see if they can look at these comments and see if they have any response.

      • If only I had found this site sooner! for me it loos like the shipping quote was almost the cost of 3 shirts, so the buy 5 get 1 free deal doesn’t compare…

        I guess I will start looking for some other options that are available in the US.

      • mike, the other undershirt options that are similar to sutran are: kleinerts (usa), silverback (canada), and sweatshields undershirts (china). do a search on my site (or google) for those products and take a look at what those companies have to offer.

      • Update: I purchased a Kleinerts undershirt with build in pads, as well as a pack of the 24 disposable shields to test out. I went on a business trip to North Carolina, where the weather was actually cold, and the meeting rooms were right about room temp.

        First day I wore the Kleinerts under a dress shirt. For the most part, it did what it was supposed to. Like most cotton shirts, it soaked though, so I felt wet and gross the entire day. The built in pads did not catch all of the sweat, and some of the sweat actually did transfer through the shirt and onto my dress shirt. By mid-day through the end of the day, I would periodically have visible silver dollar size sweat marks. My dress shirt was supposed to be sweat resistant as well, so if I discretely let things “air out” the outer shirt would dry up fairly quickly. All in all, I was not impressed for the $30.00 the shirt cost with shipping.

        The next 3 days I wore regular Hanes cotton undershirts with the Kleinerts disposable pads. The pads are a little awkward to put into an undershirt. You basically have to turn the shirt inside out, try to stick them in the right spots, then flip the shirt back and get it on without messing everything up. Once on, I had to try and pull the sleeves to flatten the pads out, since they never stick quite right. If you do not get them positioned well the first time, you may as well get over it because they are not easy to reposition. They are visible through a white undershirt, and a little noisy for awhile. The picture on the package shows people sticking them directly to their dress shirts, which is not at all practical. Probably easier to stick in the right spot, but you will see the outline of them on the shirt, and they will be noisier. As for performance, I actually felt about as protected as I did with the 30.00 Kleinert shirt. They did soak through, just like the shirt, and there were times in the day where I had visible sweat marks on my dress shirt. I still felt wet and gross as they became soaked, but that is pretty much the same with anything I have tried. From a practical standpoint, I purchased a package of 24 pads for 7 dollars – which is a much better deal than buying 5-10 shirts if you are going away on a long business trip, which I do. You can buy a 3 pack of Kleinerts shirts for just under 75.00, so it would be at least 150.00 for a week worth of shirts, which I would need cleaned to last 2 weeks. And since they have special cleaning instructions, I think it would be hard to just give them to the hotel to do. For 7 bucks (or maybe around 11 with shipping if that is all you buy) I am somewhat covered.

        Another thing I will add is that my “priority mail” shipping took quite a while, just under 2 weeks.

        Better than nothing, but I can’t recommend the actual shirts as a viable solution for someone with extreme underarm sweating. I may just have to breakdown and spend 200 bucks on the Sutrans…

  9. To add to this discussion thread, I purchased 5 of these shirts and the shipping was free. I received the shirts within 1 week and they arrived via FEDEX.

    To give a quick overview, 8 years ago, I had the ETS surgery b/c of excessive head sweating and underarm sweating. The ETS has cured those symptoms, but like most others, I experience moderate/severe compensatory sweating. Because of the high humidity and temps in Dallas, this only makes the chest and back sweating more intense. In anycase, I purchased these shirts b/c I literally got sick of hearing my wife tell me to stop wearing black shirts – to hide the sweat marks. I’m really not sure how these shirts work, but they do! I’ve been able to wear shirts I would never, ever consider wearing in public. I’ve pressured tested these shirts in a number of occasions and I definitely sweated, but it never was able to press through to my outer shirt.

    I will say, however, the undershirts are heavier than a normal Hanes undershirt and from I can tell, they are made up of at least 2 layers, but they are not uncomfortable. I ordered size XL, but I should have ordered XXL as they are a bit tight. (I’m 6’2 220) The shirts are also a bit pricy but considering it’s allowed me to expand my wardrobe, it’s definitely worth the added expense!

  10. This sounds great, it solves the problem of the visible stains. But how about the smell of sweat? If the undershirt is soaked, you will still smell sweaty and foul?

    • ah! very good observation bj. actually, i wore my sutran undershirt to the gym 3 days in a row and although the undershirt did a great job in not letting sweat make it through to the outer shell of the undershirt, it did seem to hold on to odor more than the compression/slimming undershirts i wear as my base layers. each day after i got done working out i hung all my shirts to let them air dry until i worked out the next day. by the 3rd day, i noticed that the sutran was holding on to the sweat smell.

      in saying that though, i wouldn’t expect someone to wear the same undershirt several days in a row in almost any circumstance. so, if you wash the sutran undershirts regularly and wear a fresh one daily, i would assume you wouldn’t notice any odor build-up over time.

  11. hey mary! i’m pretty sure there is a company in the u.s. that will be reselling sutran undershirts soon. are you looking for the women’s version or the men’s version of the sutran undershirt? i do know they do have some english on their website, but shipping to the u.s. costs quite a bit from their website.

    let me know and let me see what i can find out for you.

  12. Correction*
    My post should read “Hence, not only was the outer shirt NOT wet, but is also functioned to cool and evaporate the moisture off the inner shirt.”


  13. Hello Sam,
    The shirt is comprised of an inner and outer shirt. The inner shirt absorbs the moisture. The outer shirt stays dry and also allows air to reach the inner shirt. Hence, not only was the outer shirt wet, but it also functioned to cool and evaporate the moisture off the inner shirt.
    So, the sweat from my upper body was absorbed into the inner shirt. It did not redirect the sweat to the lower body.

    Hope that helps.


  14. Hi Sam;
    As stated by David this shirt prevents see sweat stains. Exactly consists of an inside can absorb a large amount was sweating, and an outer face that does not allow the sweat out in the liquid state, but the perspiration evaporates. On the website you can solve are many doubts and see the product



  15. Hi David,

    Thanks for your review, it sounds promising. I’m very curious though about your test – what happened to the sweat from your upper body? If the undershirt did not get wet, did it just drip down, or evaporate, or something else?


  16. Hello All,

    I am very impressed with the Sutran undershirts.

    Here is what I posted in their forum and I stand by it….

    My name is David and I am writing from Canada.
    I suffer from excess sweating which hindered the clothes that I could wear. Excess sweating has interfered with my life and caused personal embarrassment. Hence, I was always looking for a product or medication that could help with this. Not wanting to take medication, I wore regular undershirts under my clothes to try and keep the sweat down, but usually the sweat would come through anyway. Thus, I was restricted to dark clothing.
    When I saw the product sutran, I was doubtful that this product could perform as advertised. I though the only way would be for the product to redirect the sweat to my lower body.
    So, I purchased the shirts to give them a try. Since I am an avid indoor rower, I put the sutran undershirt under another buttun up shirt that would show the sweat and proceeded to row for 20 minutes. To my utter amazement, there was not ONE drop that showed through. The only way the button shirt got wet was from the sweat dripping off my face and hair. Furthermore, the sutran had the ability to keep me cool.
    To anyone suffering from embarrassing sweat coming through clothes, this product is EFFECTIVE.
    I am truly grateful to the scientists and people involved in the design. I hope is that in the future this company will design underwear to deal with sweating below the waist.

    Gratefully, David.

  17. It’s now the 25th, any updates on the shirts? As I’m in Europe, I’m more inclined to purchase this than silverback because of shipping and forex costs, if lives up to the promises.

    • hey arnold!

      thanks for stopping by my site and posting your comment. I’m pretty sure we’ll still waiting for the shirts to arrive. I went in with another reader and we purchased a handful of the sutran undershirts, but since they’re coming from spain, I assume they’ll take several weeks to arrive. hopefully any day now.

      as soon as I know more, I’ll let you know and post an update too!


  18. It is only June 7th, so you probably did not receive the shirts as of yet. I would really like to hear how the shirts work out. I play a lot of golf in Florida. Obviously, it is extremely hot and humid. I am diabetic which may or may not have anything to do with sweating, but in the summer I sweat to the extent that all of my clothes down to my underwear are soaked. Anything that would help would be greatly appreciated and I would live to hear back on this product.

  19. Hey TUG, fantastic blog! I was wondering if these undershirts would be able to shipped to the UK? Also do you think these undershirts will be revolutionary different or just a bigger double layer protection than the silverback undershirts?



    • hey peter! thanks for the kind words about my blog. i checked their website and they have the english version up now. i’m not really sure what to expect with these undershirts. by the sounds of it, they have a unique 2-layer design throughout the shirt. silverback has double-layer protection in the underarm and back areas. so, i guess we’ll have to wait until someone actually buys one of these shirts and provides us the details. maybe i’ll buy one out of sheer curiosity.

      here’s a link to sutran’s sweat eliminating t-shirt/undershirt english website.

      i went through their shopping cart process and it looks like they ship pretty much everywhere around the world, but the shipping price for a single shirt is really expensive (55 EURO). however, i added a bunch more shirts to my shopping cart and discovered that you can order up to 5 shirts for 55 EURO, so if anyone wants to go in with me, and we can collectively order a bunch of undershirts to keep the shipping cost down. once we get them here to the U.S., we can ship them to each other for around $5 USD.

      let me know if you’re interested by emailing me or contacting me through this form.


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