Ted Cruz On Jay Leno. Undershirt “Pizza Wedge” Showing. Good or Bad?

This is an undershirt style question for all of you.

Are you ok with showing your undershirt “pizza wedge”?

Senator Ted Cruz was on Jay Leno Friday night, wearing a white crew neck undershirt under an open collared light colored pin-stripe dress shirt. (He was wearing cowboy boots too — but since he’s from Texas, I’ll give him a pass on that.)

Undershirt Pizza Wedge definition: The triangular shaped outline created in the upper chest area while wearing a white crew neck undershirt under a collared shirt, of contrasting color, with the top buttons unbuttoned. The more buttons undone, the larger the pizza wedge.

Senator Cruz’ pizza wedge was that large, but it got me thinking (again) what does everyone think.

Is that a good look, or bad look? Tell me about it in the comments section below.

(Video No Longer Available)

5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz On Jay Leno. Undershirt “Pizza Wedge” Showing. Good or Bad?”

  1. I love a pizza wedge! It’s the only way to go, if you’re not going to wear a tie. A man with an unbuttoned collar that exposes skin is just nasty and unprofessional to me.

  2. In the South it’s common to see the pizza wedge under polos and oxfords, especially among frat types. It can look good, I think, adding a touch of color, layers and texture. I’m from northwest Florida, though, so maybe it’s a sentimental cultural association for me.

    That said, I think the pizza wedge under a white dress shirt or polo almost always looks strange, and worn with a blazer it just looks ridiculous. White polos suggest warm weather, so why layer? Same under a white oxford, and it prevents that lovely v that exposes a man’s neck and a hint of his chest. That v can be very sex, especially under a white, light oxford on a warm day.

    With Cruz–a man for whom “sexy” is never applicable–a v-neck undershirt would have looked more refined. But I suspect Cruz knows this and intentionally avoided looking refined for superficial and cynical political reasons. He’ll, it’s national television and he can’t wear a tie?

  3. Senator Ted Cruz looked ok in this casual look; however personally I would have preferred a
    no pizza wedge look (v-neck undershirt) or the more formal tie and suit. But I certainly
    won’t engage in some kind of nasty political rant. Senator Cruz is a patriot and he deserves respect.

  4. From anyone but a politician, I’d say it’s fine. But from a snake in the grass like Ted Cruz, it just seems very calculated. Hence forth, dressing in this manner shall be referred to as: “faux casual”. You’re welcome society.


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