Target Gets New $12.99 Evolve Shapewear Undershirts

>> 9/2013 – Looks like these items have been discontinued. check the comments section below. <<

EVOLVE Define Men's Shapewear Crew Neck Undershirt
EVOLVE Define Men’s Shapewear Crew Neck Undershirt

By way of a reader, I learned that Evolve (a Target-based 2(x)ist brand) just released an affordable line of men’s shaping undershirts priced at $12.99 each!

The line includes:

It’s interesting though. The Evolve shapewear line is nearly identical to the 2(x)ist FORM line of shapewear products which are priced at $48.

For those not good with math, that means that Evolve shapewear products are priced 73% less than it’s 2(x)ist branded brother products.

The 2(x)ist FORM line is made from a 80% Cotton, 20% Spandex blend.


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The Evolve Define line is made from a 85 % Cotton, 15 % Spandex blend.

Hmmm…makes you wonder, huh? A 5% fabric blend difference warrants a 73% price difference?

Well, next time I get over to Target, I’m definitely going to pick-up some of these new Evolve Shapewear undershirts so I can see how well they compress and conceal my love handles.

UPC Information

UPC code: 6 03679 04227 4 (courtesy of jay – see comments below)


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42 thoughts on “Target Gets New $12.99 Evolve Shapewear Undershirts”

    • heya bryan. yeah, my guess is that they discontinued this evolve define men’s shapewear line.

      but, target is still offering the hanes compression slim fit crew neck (formerly called “premium power slim fit tee“). at $20/2-pack, the per item price is just around $10 for each cotton compression undershirt versus the evolve define men’s shapewear shirt which was $12.99/each. so it’s a better value.

      the fabric blend is pretty similar too. i have a hanes power slim (oh, i mean “hanes compression slim fit crew”) and it’s good value shaping undershirt.

      you can buy them at, or you should be able to find them at the store too. last time i was at target not too long ago, i did see some there.

      good luck. let me know what you find out.

  1. Hey guys, I do have the UPC code, but there’s like 3 lines of numbers, I think the very top one is the store upc,so it’s 040-01-0321 oh,and by the way this is for the V-neck tee. Big question…why did Target stop selling them,no wonder I can never find them,some of my friends even bought some of these underwear items-LOVE ‘EM. Also have the briefs with the wide tummy tucker! Where can I order more??
    Tony in Chicago,IL.

    • yo tony from chicago! thanks for stopping by and posting the upc information. that’s awesome of you! if you feel up to it, can you take a photo of the label and email it to me? i’ll post it here so everyone has all the information when calling target. so you know, evolve is made by 2(x)ist, so they have similar – but more expensive – products under their 2(x)ist brand. if i recall correctly, it’s their ‘form’ line.

      can’t tell you exactly why they are no longer available. possibly it was a test? or maybe these undershirt lines got discontinued by the manufacturer.

      thanks again buddy! i really appreciate it.

      • Hey TUG,

        I finally grabbed a picture of the UPC code on the back of the new Evolve shirts. Let me know your email and I’ll send it to you.

        So why have they returned? I have a guess. They discontinued and clearanced the old versions because the new versions are thinner, shorter, and therefore probably cheaper to produce. They are still $12.99 each.

        I prefer the older versions because of the better weight, the length (I’m 6’3″), and the neck didn’t stretch out and bunch up like the new ones do.

        Regardless, these are my daily worn undershirts because the Hanes PowerSlim shirts (which are better at slimming) are no longer available at stores near me.

  2. I’m happy to report that the once-discontinued Evolve Shapewear has been cleared out and now replaced in two or three Target stores that I’ve recently visited! I immediately snatched up half a dozen as I use these as my daily wear (since the Hanes PowerSlims are also no longer available!!)

    • hey jay, that’s some pretty great news! thanks for stopping by and letting us know! can you tell me a couple things:
      1. where did you buy the evolve shapewear (city/state)?
      2. do you still have the packaging? if so, can you post the upc code that’s printed on the bar code? this will help other readers call targets in their area to see if they are carrying them.
      3. which version is yours? crew, v-neck, or tank?

      • The Targets in Missouri – both in Columbia and Springfield – seen to have restocked the Evolve Shapewear line (including girdle-like underwear boxer briefs?!) except for the V-neck shirts. That means only the crew is available.

        Well I’ve already discarded the packaging. If I get another, I’ll be sure to grab that code and let you know.

      • UPC code looks to be:
        6 03679 04227 4

        and there are two sets of numbers above the UPC:

  3. Hey! I’ve been using Insta Slims for a year now, and I’m very satisfied with how it tucks my mid-section. What I would like to find out is, if the Evolve performs the same. Thanks.

    • hey alex. i’m with you, insta slim does a pretty bang-up job on the slimming and compression side.

      unfortunately, i could never find the evolve shapewear undershirts so i haven’t been able to try it out. i looked at about 5 different targets in my area and none of them had them.

      based on the website, it looks like it was only a test product for target and evolve (2xist) because it doesn’t look like they are offering it any more and just selling off the remaining inventory.

  4. I just bought the last two crew versions of this shirt (medium) from the Target website. Hope that doesn’t mean they’re soon going to discontinue it.

    • samson, color me a bit jealous. i tried to find them at multiple targets around my location, on several occasions, and just could never find them.

      what the hell? why are so many undershirt products being introduced at retailers, then subsequently discontinued?

  5. Has anyone ever seen this Vin Diesel FAQ where it mentions his comment about the 2(X)ist brand t-shirts?

    “Actor Vin Diesel has been very vocal about his love for the 2(X)ist v-neck t-shirt. He is quoted saying “Hands down the best t-shirt on the market.” He claims to have more than 2,000!”

    I always wondered which t’s he wears since that’s about all you ever see him in. Of course, he doesn’t need the shapewear line like I do to squeeze in the 20-30lb spare tire! LOL! :)

    • interesting…i wonder if that is current information. no doubt, 2(x)ist does make some nice products, but i think it all depends on your personal physique and what you’re looking for.

      for example, i’ve heard from many folks that many cotton 2(x)ist undershirts are not long enough to stay tucked – i doubt the vin diesel cares about that because he’s wearing them as tees.

      granted, the evolve “shapewear” is not the standard tee that you’ll possibly wear alone – it’s for flattening/concealment. of course vin doesn’t need that either!

      i don’t care what anyone says, i kinda like vin diesel as an actor. his action movies are fun to watch.

      • True, and maybe he just hasn’t tried RibbedTee’s either. He needs to support “Made in the USA!”

        Dude, I’m totally with ya — I love Vin, in a manly sort of way, of course. ;) My wife & I really enjoy his movies.

  6. Hi All: I’ve never commented here before, and quite frankly I can’t believe I’m interested in reading a blog about undershirts. But I am! :)

    Anyway, I’ve been trying to “re-do” my wardrobe recently, and wanted to get better undershirts in addition to wearing clothes that ACTUALLY fit me. After reading this post, I picked up one of the evolve shapewear v-necks from Target to try out.

    First, let me say… I am NOT used to wearing such tight fitting stuff. I am the guy (5′ 7″, 182lbs) who always wore XL shirts because I like the loose/baggy feel — nothing tugging or pulling. So the shapewear T felt REALLY weird when I first put it on.

    After a while, I got used to it and it seemed pretty comfortable. It doesn’t really have a lot of “squeezing” power, but it definitely hugs the body pretty tightly. I went with large, and the shoulder seams lined up where they should and the shirt fit overall, so I’m pretty sure a Medium would have been way too small/tight and I would have needed a shoehorn to put it on!

    Anyway, my only complaint is that it seemed to constantly ride up and bunch up just below the waistband of my pants. I do computer/tech work, so sometimes I’m racking equipment in a data center, and other times I’m just sitting at a computer banging keys. So I typically wear a basic pair of flat-front dockers or chinos, and a polo or button-down shirt.

    Every time I went to the restroom, I’d have to completely unbutton and pull/stretch the Evolve shapewear T back down into my pants all the way around. Then, just sitting at a desk and/or doing normal walking/moving around for the next few hours, it would work it’s way back up and feel like it was bunched up again. Needless to say, it bothered the hell out of me all day!

    Does anyone else have this experience with the Evolve shapewear, or any other shapewear T-shirts out there?? I’ve only worn it the one time, so I’m going to give it another few tries before I decide for sure if I like it.

    • hey dave! thanks for stopping by and being open to comment here on my blog. it’s this kind of reader participation that makes for creating invaluable content for other folks visiting!

      the short answer is that this “ride-up” effect you are reporting, is pretty common with compression/slimming undershirts. i’ve found that if i tuck my slimming undershirt into my underwear, i don’t get the ride-up effect as much because the shirt kinda sticks to my hips since it’s in direct contact with my skin.

      there are a handful of men’s shapewear undershirts that don’t ride up as much, one of which is the ript fusion. this is mainly because the bottom part of the ript fusion is made out of cotton/lycra (95/5) so it fits more like a standard stretch undershirt around the hip area – the part you tuck in.

      i’ve also just recently received the new spanx cotton control tank and crew (87% cotton / 13% spandex) and they stay tucked pretty well and don’t ride up, but again, i tuck most of my shapewear undershirts into my underwear to minimize/eliminate bunch/ride-up and also to prevent the shirt from tugging on my underwear.

      the evolve shapewear is pretty new, but maybe the other folks who have commented here that have bought the product could provide some additional feedback.

      i’m planning to pick one of these evolve shapewear undershirts up as soon as i can find a target in my area that carries it.

      thanks again!! good to have you here.

      • Thanks for the reply and confirming I’m not alone in the “ride-up” effect! Now that I think of it, I was also wearing ExOfficio boxer briefs that day, and those are pretty slippery. So, nothing for the Evolve T to grab onto.

  7. Tug while looking for the new Evolve shirts at Target last evening, not available at that Target BTW, I notice the Slim FX was on clearance. I would guess it’s that awful “D” word.

  8. Well, I rushed out and tried one of each of these last weekend. I live in the Minneapolis, MN metro area and very few of the Targets had these in stock, I did find some at the big SuperTarget in Plymouth.

    As a point of perspective,I do wear the 2(x)ist shaping Tshirts regularly, along with the Calvin Klein ones. They are all relatively expensive compared to these Evolve ones.

    Cut and shape-wise, they are very close to the 2(x)ist ones, even in length. I bought 1 each of the V, crew and tank, and the tank is very much a square cut that seems to sit lower. The Tank has the inside shaping liner separate from the “old wife beater” ribbed outer tank.

    They all don’t have the power in the spandex of the 2(x)ist originals. They fit the same it the shoulders for the most part, but the actual compression on the stomach and sides isn’t with as much power. It think these Evolve ones are fine with a sweater or looser fitting clothing, but I prefer the much stronger/tighter fit of the real 2(x)ist models.

    I have never tired Spanx, btw.

    Thanks for the mention, they aren’t really bad for $12.95 but you do definitely get more for your money with the 2(x)ist shirts.


    • hey m0b, thanks so much for giving us the low-down on the new evolve shapewear undershirts and how they compare to their 2(x)ist counterparts.

      so, would it be fair to characterize the evolve shapewear undershirts more as “smoothing/shaping” vs. “slimming/compression”?

      if other readers were trying to make a buying decision, would you say they were a good value if they were only looking for some moderate smoothing/flattening?

      and if they were looking primarily for slimming/compression, they should go with something else?

      • Yes, I’d say definitely more smoothing/shaping versus outright compression. They are definitely a good value if you’re not looking for full on compression. I’m just running them through the wash now for the first time so I’ll try to report back here when I’ve worth them again to comment on shrinkage and if they tighten up.

        I really do prefer the Calvin Klein Core Sculpt t-shirts. They are very sporty and high compression, and frankly are tough to get on and off. :) The biggest downside is they are probably for the gym and have a logo on one sleeve that will show through if you’re wearing a white shirt over the top. The 2(x)ist ones are my second choice.

        These ones from Target I will probably be wearing under sweaters as more of my non-compressive tshirts, where I don’t want the full sculpt look. I have grown very used to wearing snug fit tshirts now and going back to ones that don’t fit that way feel…odd.

        Thanks for the heads up on these, I’m not frequent to comment on the site but have been following you for a while as I’ve gotten into the compression Tshirt trend in the past year.

        One thing, when I was at Target these were on an end-cap and at first I didn’t find them. There are other Tshirts of this brand at Target, so make sure you pay attention. The Evolve ones that are shaping have silver and yellow on the packaging, not blue. Another funny observation was as I found them there was a couple walking by and a guy picked one up while his lady friend said “what the heck, are these like Spanx for men?” :-)


  9. Tug,
    Your readers will need to check the Target website… Only certain stores here in the Phoenix area have them… I took my morning looking and had to drive 20 minutes to get one tonight…KF

    • hey kf! yeah, that’s how it goes with new products. target doesn’t put carry them in all the stores initially. i’ll have to do some calling around here too.

      so, you did wind up picking up some of the evolve shapewear undershirts? if so, which ones? what do you think of them? can you take some photos that you can send in so i can share here?

      can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

  10. Hi Tug, I’m on my way to Targets here in the city of Orange(Socal)to track down the Evolve brand t shirts.I’ll let you know if they have them in stock.

      • Hi Tug. I went by the Targets on Tustin Ave in the city of Orange.(its opposite Walmarts down a bit). They have a full selection of the Evolve T shirts,V necks and the A shirts. They come in S,M,L and XL.I like the way the elasticated Spandex lining is actually a seperate piece that is stitched inside and under the main shirt its self. Almost like wearing two shirts in one with the outer shirt not being elasticated. Very different. They also have the Evolve mens briefs for $10.99. I will wear my shirts for a week or two and then I will report back to give you my opinion. I’m not sure yet if I will buy the briefs.

      • hey doug! thanks for the update and for the additional intel on how the slimming/shaping is designed into the shirt. it sounds exactly like the 2(x)ist form square cut tank top i received back in june of 2010.

        i too liked the premise of this type of separate slimming inner lining design because it allows the shirt to have a concealed slimming function with the outer look of a typical undershirt.

        my issue with the inner lining of the item i received back then was that it was kinda hard to get on and it rolled up a lot at the bottom.

        now, the inner lining of the evolve brand might be different from that of the form line. are you able to tell me what the fabric make-up is of the outer shirt and the inner lining??

        i might have to find my way to target today and pick some up.

  11. Looked for these today and could only find a sleeveless version. I’m hoping my store gets the sleeved version soon as I really want to try them.

    • hey nick, thanks for keeping us posted. in what city/state do you live? have you thought about ordering them online?

      i’m going to see if i can get to target this week down here in socal and see if i can track some down.

  12. As you know Tug, the materials cost are only one factor in the actual cost of a garment. I thing that 2(X)ist has a higher perceived value than Evolve. This doesn’t mean it’s a better shirt. Sort of Designer vs Store brand. Snob appeal if you like. LOL

    • hey pat! thanks for chiming in. always appreciate your input here!

      maybe it wasn’t obvious, but i was kinda playing/teasing regarding the pricing. it is likely true that there little difference in what it costs the company to physically make the different lines (evolve vs. 2(x)ist), however, i’m certain the fully-loaded costs of the 2(x)ist form line is substantially higher.

      “fully loaded” would include marketing, promotional, packaging, staff, and distribution costs – probably other stuff too. since 2(x)ist does not really market evolve, that line is not heavily burdened with those other costs, so they can offer it at a less-expensive retail cost to the end consumer.

      i’m certain though, as there is with many other tier 1 brands, there is a premium value put on the brand name itself. thanks again my friend.


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