In Search Of Tank Tops for Tall Men. Can You Help?

If you’re really tall, have a long torso, or both, you probably already know how very hard it is to find undershirts that are truly long enough to stay tucked.

Although many of the undershirt companies are starting to make their undershirts longer, they are still not long enough for very tall people.

Here’s an email from a reader who is looking for a tall man’s ribbed tank top (Large Tall), but so far has come up empty.

I don’t know how to find what I am looking for, even with all the searches I have done on the internet.

I am 6′ 6″ with my torso being taller than most people my height… my legs are not that long and I can buy pants just about anywhere, but not my shirts…and undershirts are no exception.

I have loved these [Towncraft 50/50 ribbed] tanks for many many years, and they are getting very thin.

My daughters, who are grown and have kids of their own, remember wearing my tanks for night gowns back when they were in grade school, and remember them being tied up because they were too big for them back then.

I just took the one I am wearing off, and lay it on the floor….the tape measure shows 36″ from shoulder to the bottom of the shirt. I think I have some new ones that are 32″, and they always come un-tucked.

And about the 50/50 blend…? that is just what these are, and I like them so much, I just thought someone would still be making them…as 60/40 would probably be acceptable too. It’s just the stupid length…and not too big around.

If I have to buy XXXL to get the length, I guess I could have them taken in… as long as they are long enough.

Can You Help?

I’ve searched my archives and haven’t come up with anything I can fully recommend.  The only two tall tank tops I can locate are 100% cotton include:

  1. JCPenney (stafford brand)
  2. Jockey tall tanks

I even tried to reach out to the folks at Stanfield’s Limited, a company known to have tall model crew neck and v-neck undershirts, but sadly they don’t carry any tall model tank tops.

Do you know of any cotton-blend or non-cotton ribbed tank tops that specifically come in tall (maybe large tall)??

If so, tell me about it in the comments below.

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  1. A bit late in commenting, but I can confirm that the Stafford Essentials are – indeed – good for tall men.

    I’m 6’5″, weigh about 190lbs, and am horribly long waisted. I have an impossible time finding tanktops to fit my long, lanky torso and decided to try the Stafford Essentials after reading this post.

    Happily, the tanktops are an absolutely perfect length. They stay tucked in my waistband and don’t pull up – best of all, it means I can keep wearing my size small t-shirts without flashing my midriff or plumber’s crack every time I stretch or bend over!

  2. You might want to try contacting Sportsman underwear which makes a range of very nice briefs, boxers, undershirts etc. in Montreal Quebec Canada. Unlike the typical underwear made in the third world for big USA names, the Sportsman brand is sized to fit the Canadian and American male. I LOVE their spandex tank / athletic style undershirts and they are very long on me – but then, I’m only 5’10. It couldn’t hurt to contact them to inquire if they would be interested in making a line of “talls”. I will cation you however that their website is full of non-working features – so I’d leave any ordereing to either their phone number or their eBay site.

    • thanks for the info phil.

      a kind word of caution though: with you posting three comments on my site promoting sportsman underwear, one could begin to assume you are affiliated with sportsman, directly or indirectly, or even possibly a reseller of those products through ebay. so you know, that’s considered comment spamming and bloggers and forums frown upon that.

      i know you say you have no affiliation with sportsman, but if you’re a reseller on ebay, you wouldn’t technically be associated with sportman, but there’s still an indirect affiliation.

      lastly, i deleted your last comment because it had nothing to do with the post you commented on.

      now that we know you like sportsman, i’d welcome you to participate in the conversation here so as long as you don’t continue to plug buying sportsman on ebay in your comments.

      • Old Navy now has tall ribbed tanks. I honestly think it was a manufacturing mistake but they are pretty killer, especially at $10 for a pack of three.

        I think they “accidentally” made it tall because they don’t clearly list it until tall, but don’t worry, I ordered it and it is.

        No need to select the “big” size. The Large regular that link brings you to was plenty long for me at 6’6″.

        Sure, they are not 100% cotton (60%), and they are a bit thin in terms of fabric, they are otherwise an unbeatable deal, slim-fitting and long too. Come in colors other than white too.

        Old Navy has a lot of affordable great stuff going now actually.

      • Duluth trading co. My husband’s 6’1, and recently heavier set. always has had plumbers crack! lol … the shirts are made out of polyester and they last about a year there a bit on the pricier side side but they work!

        they don’t come untucked they’re very long 3″ past waist…

        I’m currently looking for something a little bit cheaper in price. due to the fact that there are 15.99 a piece Any thoughts send me an email thank you!

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