Alternative to Spanx for Men and Underworks for Chest Compression?

Happy Easter everyone! Hoping most of you are enjoying an extended 3-day weekend! While the house is still sleeping, I thought it would be good to get in a little writing time before the Easter festivities begin.

This is a fairly recent email that came in from a reader looking for a slimming tank top that’s a cross between Spanx for Men Cotton Compression and Underworks:

I have both the Spanx mens tank and the Underworks 997 Compression tank. I love how the Underworks compresses my chest “moob” problem, but the issue I’m having is when someone touches me, you can feel the “hard surgical” like material under my t-shirts.

My Spanx is ok, as an everyday tank “looking” and “feeling” tank, but the chest compression isn’t as good.

Is there a brand I can purchase that will compress as good as the Underworks, but with the feel of the Spanx.



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My Response

hey r,

Sculptees Pex Tank

have you checked out the sculptees pex tank or gc2 tanks yet? the pex tank might be a good choice since it’s designed to compress the chest and the fabric they use (at least what i’ve seen) is more natural looking and feeling than some of the highly synthetic ones.

on the gc2 side, i’m not clear how to differentiate their tanks easily on their website, but i know they offer a cotton blend slimming top, so you might want to send an email with your chest-compressing requirements and see which one they recommend.

if you happen to have a macys near you, i’d suggest you pay them a visit and check out equmen and/or the newer one flat jack product line to see if you like either. equmen has a great product line, that performs very well.  i personally really like my equmen tank top, and the fabric is definitely much more natural feeling than other synthetic compressing tops. but, it is more “athletic” looking – meaning it looks more like a tank that you’d wear to the gym and less a “typical” plain tank top.
equmen sale on today only: just saw these on on sale for $48.99

i’ve never tried one flat jack, but based on the photos on the website, it kinda reminds me of the look of scultpees with similar fabric to that one and equmen.

there are also two tank slimming products on that you might want to try out. the body trimmer top looks promising, but i’ve never tried anything from them yet, so i couldn’t tell you specifically if either of them would be at chest compression.

lastly, there is supposed to be a value-priced “evolve” brand line of slimming undershirts available at target. they are made by 2(x)ist, and i’ve heard some decent comments about them. now, i understand the tank top is designed like the 2(x)ist form version, so i don’t think it has the amount of chest coverage you may want, but maybe you might want to consider checking out the line to see if the other full undershirt version of the products work for you. i don’t know which target stores carry them, but it might be worth paying a quick visit.

to sum it up:

  1. if you’re looking for something that looks closest to spanx cotton compression, focus on sculptees, gc2, and one flat jack
  2. check out equmen if you want a good performing crossover (daily/active) slimming tank
  3. move on to undergear if you don’t find what you’re looking for with the above recommendations

hope the above information helps you narrow down what to look at!


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