JCPenney Stafford Underwear Makes CSI Las Vegas. But They Flub Up.

Mrs Tug and I pay pretty close attention to all the product placement that goes on in television shows. We do it mostly for fun, but lately it seems like not a show goes by where we don’t see product placements from Sprint, Microsoft Windows, Apple, Ford, Chevy, etc. Back in the day, placements of … Read more

In Search of 60/40 Tank Tops

It’s pretty interesting how people are getting more specific about the undershirts they are looking for – and I love it! Here’s an email from a reader looking to track down a 60% cotton / 40% polyester tank top for her boyfriend (what a nice girlfriend): Hi Tug; My boyfriend asked me to find a … Read more

Towncraft Undershirts

The Quest To Find the Original Towncraft Undershirts

JCPenny discontinues the Towncraft undershirts. But, the brand’s 50/50 undershirts have a huge fan-following. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering where you can get some of those original tees. Keep reading because you just might find what you’re looking for below! Looking for an undershirt just like the Towncraft 50/50? Check out the Retro Fit undershirt line from … Read more