Twitter News: Spanx for Men 25% OFF on

Hot off the twitter feed wire. Spanx for Men Cotton Compression Undershirts are 25% off on  The crew neck and v-necks are on sale for $43.50 per slimming undershirt, and the tanks are currently $41.25 with the discount offer. Even better, no coupon required!! Unfortunately, Freshpair isn’t offering the same special on the Spanx … Read more

Spanx for Men Zoned Performance Undershirt Review – My Initial Thoughts

Although I’ve already provided my initial thoughts of the new Spanx for Men Zoned Performance Undershirt in the comments section of the post where I announced the launch of the new undershirt line, I thought I’d pull those thoughts into an official review article. Zoned Performance Undershirt: Fit and Measurements Here’s the initial feedback I … Read more

Spanx for Men Guest Review. Cal Cuts Two Inches Off His Waist

Back on May 29th, a reader by the name of Cal stopped by the site to read my Spanx for Men review and decided to post this comment: I’m a late 50’s aged guy, a bit heavier than average at 6′2″ and 225 but nothing out of proportion. Not trying to be Fabio but I … Read more

SPANX for Men Cotton Compression Undershirt REVIEW

The cotton compression undershirt hype started back at the end of 2008 when the men’s shapewear market got world-wide visibility. It all happened after a UK reporter described a new high-tech men’s slimming undershirt as the “new SPANX for Men”. Although the product was not actually made by Sara Blakely’s SPANX, Inc., the new company … Read more

Undershirt Review: Equmen Core Precision Undershirt

I’m sitting here in my aisle seat aboard one of the newest airlines fully equipped with a media entertainment center offering on demand music, movies, satellite tv, music videos, games, and seat-to-seat chat. Instead of kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying a quite comfortable flight back to Tug Central, I’ve powered up my notebook, plugged it … Read more

LUMBARWEAR: The Man Girdle – Promoting Stability and Lumbar Strength

About a week ago, the world was introduced to Equmen’s compression undershirt, as a result of journalist John Waters’ article The New Spanx for Men? where he wore the product for a day. Today I ran across an article on about a new product from Lumbarwear (which they call the mirdle). While a bit … Read more