Power Body Sculpt Shaping T-Shirt: Initial Thoughts

Back a couple months ago, I came across the Powerbody shaping t-shirt by way of Freshpair.com and the product had promise of being a new, low-cost men’s slimming undershirt alternative. After a quick information exchange, the kind folks Freshpair offered to send over a sample so I could give the new Delta Galil Industries men’s shaping product … Read more

Copper-Infused Pain Relieving Compression Wear from Tommie Copper

I L-O-V-E learning about new products, and if those products are also very cool, I get even more excited about them!! So, I’m sure you can appreciate that I got pretty intrigued/interested in the Tommie Copper compression wear line of products that claim to help relieve pain.  Here’s the email I received: My name is … Read more

George £10 High Waisted Bodysculpt Trunks. Now Available at Asda Online

8/16/2011 Update: As of just before 11am today, it appears the web page for this George-brand Bodysculpt trunk has been removed. I sent asda a message via Twitter asking about it and this is how they responded: @undershirtguy I’m afraid they sold out pretty quickly. Back in stock soon. — Original Article — Just came across … Read more

Posture Under Shirt

Slimming/compression undershirts have gained mass popularity over the last few years and each company offering these types products tout a laundry list of end-consumer features. Features like; firms/flattens chest, flattens stomach, eliminates love handles, supports lower back, and of course improves posture. If I’m being totally honest, I’d have to say that out of all … Read more

New Power Body Sculpting Undershirt from Freshpair Offers Affordable Compression

8/31/11 Update – Product Review: Power Body Sculpt Shaping T-Shirt: Initial Thoughts Here’s a new low-cost men’s slimming undershirt and tank line from newcomer Power Body. I happened across this new find while visiting Freshpair.com recently. I’ve sent a couple emails to my contacts over at Freshpair, but I can’t seem to get a precise … Read more

How To Take Off A Slimming Undershirt Without Dislocating Your Shoulder

Here’s a funny visual – me stepping into my Ardyss Abdomen slimming tank top as I’m getting ready to go to the gym. After I get that on, I twist myself into one of my other compression undershirts or tank tops because I like how “stacking” two shirts holds my shit in when i’m running … Read more

Slimming Undershirts: The Sausage Effect

Ever feel like a “sausage” when you’re wearing men’s compression or slimming undershirts? The sausage effect is real – here is how to deal with it!