Short Undershirts

Some short undershirt recommendations from a couple readers.

Anti-Odor, Antimicrobial Singlo Sport T-Shirt Has Arrived

Stinky, germ-a-riffic clothing gear must be getting on people’s nerves lately. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been noticing a reasonable amount of activity on new gear announcements that are designed to prevent/kill germs and/or prevent odors.

What Are The Different Types of Cotton Blends Used in T-Shirts?

Have you ever wondered about the fabrics or fabric blends used in t-shirts, undershirts, or performance gear but just couldn’t find the information you were looking for? Here’s a pretty interesting question from a reader who was in search of that information, and I did my best to help him out: Tug, Where can I … Read more

Who Makes the Best Cotton Spandex Undershirt in the World?

I’ve received a bunch of emails recently from people who’ve been looking for cotton spandex undershirts. Specifically, they’re looking for undershirt with a 95% cotton / 5% lycra/spandex fabric blend. One such liked undershirt was the Target Merona Ultimate Crew Neck t-shirt/undershirt. Cotton Spandex Undershirt Email Here is just one example of the types of … Read more