What Happened to the Alfani Stretch Crew Neck Undershirts from Macys?

I’ve gotten a few questions about the Alfani Stretch Crew Neck undershirts recently, so I thought I’d make a post out of it. Here are a couple of the inquiries: Hi Tug, hope you don’t mind me getting in touch. You being an expert in all things undershirt and all, I was wondering if you … Read more

Sweat Challenge: 100% Cotton Undershirt

The undershirt sweat challenge (moisture wicking vs. cotton) continued last night. Basically, we’re trying to find out if, while wearing an undershirt, sweat will reach an outer layer of clothing faster if you’re wearing a moisture wicking undershirt or non moisture wicking undershirt. The Test Subject: Alfani The 100% combed cotton v-neck undershirt from Alfani … Read more

Undershirt Review – Alfani Basic – Ultra Fresh – Antimicrobial Protection

Today’s review is on the Alfani Basic V-Neck undershirt. This 2-pack of large undershirts, retailing for $14.98 at Macy’s, included one white v-neck jersey and one midnight blue v-neck jersey. Personally, I like the fact that they offered two different colors in a single pack and especially liked the midnight blue colored undershirt because it … Read more