Hanes Perfect-T Discontinued

I have not gotten the official word from Hanes yet, but this reader wrote in asking for a recommendation to replace is former favorite Hanes Perfect-T undershirts that he believes to be discontinued. The Question Hey Tug, Love the site – so much great information here about undershirts. I’m looking for a recommendation I’m hoping … Read more

Looking For A Super Soft Undershirt To Sleep In. Any Suggestions?

Here’s an email from a reader who is looking for an undershirt he can sleep in. What’s interesting about this email exchange is that it resurfaced the 2(x)ist undershirt that a reader wrote in about some time ago. Tug, I am looking for a super soft cotton undershirt primarily for sleeping in. Any thoughts or … Read more

Where Can I Find Kirkland Signature Black Crew Neck Undershirts?

Question from a reader who loves the Kirkland Signature brand undershirts from Costco, but wonders if they are available in black. Greetings. I currently wear the costco Kirkland select undershirts and think they are the best. Recently I’ve been trying to find them in black. I read on the net that they exist. However, I’ve … Read more

Undershirt Review: Sculptees T-Slim Crew Neck Undershirt

With the onslaught of public interest in men’s shapewear and slimming undershirts over the last couple of months, I’ve learned about several companies who are offering Spanx-like undershirt products that help men in their quest to hide those unflattering stomach bulges and love handles. Back in mid-January a reader posted a comment here and introduced … Read more