I’m Done with Hanes Undershirts

One guy was so fed up with Hanes undershirts, he turned to the community at Badger & Blade for some recommendations. Who’s the big winner?

Hanes Comfort Flex Stretch Cotton Undershirt. New or Old?

On a recent visit to Target with Mrs. Tug recently, I did my typical stop in the men’s undershirt section to see if there was anything new. I ran across two things that were interesting: Hanes Perfect-T A fairly generous selection of Hanes Perfect-Ts. By all accounts, this line has been discontinued, but there were … Read more

Hanes Perfect-T Discontinued

I have not gotten the official word from Hanes yet, but this reader wrote in asking for a recommendation to replace is former favorite Hanes Perfect-T undershirts that he believes to be discontinued. The Question Hey Tug, Love the site – so much great information here about undershirts. I’m looking for a recommendation I’m hoping … Read more