Ask Tug: Undershirts for Shorter Men

Hi: I just came across your blog and thought I would pick your brain regarding the following: I am 5.4 tall, with a 31 waist and a 38 chest/shoulders. I have been having trouble finding undershirts which are short enough such that they do not extend too far below my waistband. Overall, I have been … Read more

Ask Tug: In Search of a crew neck ribbed sleeveless undershirt

hey tug – several years ago 2xist used to make a ribbed crew neck sleeveless undershirt. i absolutely love the way it fits and it held its shape amazingly. they don’t make it anymore, and, although i bought several packs of them at the time, they are looking pretty sad now. are there any other … Read more

Calvin Klein Flexible Fit Undershirt Review

As you can probably tell by my other reviews, I’m fairly particular when it comes to undershirts and am not easily impressed. I’m finding that most undershirt companies aren’t trying to address all the problems (fit, feel, function, and affordability), but rather are addressing one or two of the issues and forgetting about the others. … Read more