Here Are The T-Shirts Carl Lentz Wears

If you’re curious what t-shirt Carl Lentz, the celebrity Pastor at Hillsong NYC wears most often, look no further.

Not sure who Carl is? Learn more about he and his wife Laura here.

What T-Shirt Does Carl Lentz Wear?

Quite often you will find Carl Lentz wearing long line scoop neck t-shirts, that have a rounded or curved hem. To find similar t-shirts, here’s some great information.

I received the following question from a reader, which inspired the writing of this article.


Carl Lentz always wears the most stylish and most comfortable looking tees.


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Can you identify what these brands or vibes are?

Thank you!



Here are the reference photos Jerret provided in his email.

Carl Lentz wearing a black long line scoop neck t-shirt Carl Lentz T-Shirt: A long line scoop neck tee Celebrity Pastor Carl Lentz wearing long line scoop neck tee


Finding Carl Lentz T-Shirts: My Response

Heya Jerret,

Good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question regarding what t-shirt Carl Lentz wears!

I’ll do some digging and see if I can find out the definitive answer.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for t-shirts that look similar to what Carl is wearing in the photos you provided, you’ll find them at Asos and possibly an Urban Outfitters.

Here’s a link to Asos, that has some very similar shirts.

Based on the photos, the tees look like they have a scoop neck or u-neck.

Scoop neck t-shirt is the more common term used for this style of t-shirt, so you’ll want to concentrate your search using that term.

If you can’t find something on, I’d recommend doing a Google image search, using terms like:

  1. men’s scoop neck t-shirt
  2. men’s u neck t-shirt
  3. longline t-shirt with curved hem
  4. long t-shirt with curved hem
  5. long body t-shirt
  6. rounded hem tees
  7. long line curved hem t-shirt
  8. curved hem t-shirt

If I find out any more information on the specific brand of t-shirt that he wears, I’ll be sure to email you back with the deets.

Hope the above information helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.



My Email To Hillsong

I figured there was no harm in emailing Hillsong as well, just to see if they could route my email to Carl or anyone on his team.

Here’s the email I sent, and the reply I received.

Hey folks,

Hoping you don’t mind me emailing you with this strange and unusual question.

I run a fairly popular resource website that covers t-shirts, undershirts, underwear, etc.

Recently, I received a question related to what t-shirts Carl Lentz normally wears.

I Tweeted the question directly to Carl here:

Wondering if you’d be able to forward this question to him, to see if he might be willing to provide some information about the brand of t-shirts he normally wears.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration!



Hillsong Response

Hi Tug,

Thank you for emailing Hillsong NYC.

We have passed along your message to our team and someone will reach out directly if this request can be accommodated.

Thank you again for writing to us. Have a wonderful week!



Drop Some Knowledge On Us

If you know Carl and can find out exactly what brand of scoop neck t-shirt he wears most often, be sure to tell us in the comments section below.

I’ll update this article as I learn more.


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