T-Shirts & Underwear With Hidden Pockets

The undershirts/t-shirts and underwear with hidden pockets from The Clever Travel Companion will keep you 100% pick-pocket free.

In order to make sure travelers always keep their most important documents and money safe, and enjoy a hassle free trip, we started The Clever Travel Companion. The Clever Travel Companion makes antitheft products that help travelers keep their belongings safe at all times and ensures a fun and safe trip, no matter where you go.

The first product we launched was our line of men’s and women’s underwear with pockets. The pockets are just the right size for your passport and comfortably fits cash, credit cards and other travel documents too. No one will ever know where you are hiding your credit cards or your passport and you will protect yourself from theft, loss and pick pocketing.


Clever Travel Product Highlights

  • Online Store: http://www.clevertravelcompanion.com/collections/all
  • Undershirts with pockets: Crew Neck, V-Neck, Tank Tops. Price: $29.90 each
  • Underwear with pockets: Mens & Womens. Different colors and patterns. Price: $19.90 – $24.90
  • Long Johns with pockets: Different colors. Price: $23.90 – $29.90

Product Photos

Women’s underwear with hidden pockets
T-shirts/undershirts with hidden pockets
Men’s underwear with hidden pockets


2 thoughts on “T-Shirts & Underwear With Hidden Pockets”

  1. Hi Tug, long time no see. how are you .
    I agree with you that it is very helpful and convinient on trip or out door when we wear a T-shirt or underwear with a pocket . and it is better with a hidden pocket than a traditional one. but i am concerning about another small issue . is it comfortable when we put something into the pocket ? since the underwear is like our second skin . so the underwear is required more soft and smooth touch .

    Best regards,

    • heya qiuyong! good to hear from you and thanks for taking the time to comment on this post.

      i’m guessing that these t-shirts/undershirts aren’t too form fitting, so i think it wouldn’t be too bad if you put some flat objects in the pockets.

      though, i would be curious to know if the pockets have moisture proof barriers to avoid sweat getting on whatever is in the pocket.

      think about it — what if you had your passport in the pocket, but were someone who sweat a lot in the chest area. it’s possible that you would get those documents wet.

      the difference with traditional slacks/jeans/shirt pockets, is that many times there are other fabric layers (like underwear/undershirts) between the skin and the pocket, which protects whatever is in the pocket from perspiration. this is especially true with pants (for those of us who wear underwear with more coverage).

      so, if the pocket is in direct contact with the skin, i am curious how it handles moisture. i think it would be best if it had some sort of moisture repellent on it.

      just thinking out loud (:


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