T-Shirt Blanks Manufacturer Spotlight: Spectra USA Apparel

T-shirt blanks are pretty popular in the screen printing business.

Blanks are simply t-shirts without any branding, many times manufactured with tear-out care labels, so they can be used by other companies looking to either resell them as t-shirts under their own brand name or with graphic designs on them.

This week I’m featuring a t-shirt blanks apparel manufacturer who is based out of Southern California.

spectra-usa-apparel-t-shirt-blanks-manufacturerSpectra USA Apparel

We are the manufacturer offer blank tees.  Spectra USA Apparel is all about beautiful quality at a great value.

99% of our tees are all constructed from USA materials, knitted and dyed in California. The tees are cut and sewn at our factories in Baja.  Since our entire manufacturing process occurs within a 150 mile radius we implement a very proactive quality control process that gives us the quality and consistency we’re known for, minimizes our carbon footprint and utilizes a 100% North American work force.

We’re the blank of choice by most marquee brands, screen printers and merchandise companies.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Our inventory model is very simple, we keep large quantities of prevalent colors and prepared material on hand, enabling us to fill orders fast.

Brad Eisman  
(619) 322-3333
SKYPE: bradeisman
[email protected]


Sweat Proof Undershirts

3 thoughts on “T-Shirt Blanks Manufacturer Spotlight: Spectra USA Apparel”

  1. Hey TUG

    Thanks for remaining such a great resource for the t-shirt community. We really dig your work. (hat tip)

    I’m sad to see Printerp had a customer who was so disappointed with a shirt of ours.

    We work hard to have a solid relationship with all of our customers and, I was really surprised to read such a negative review without hearing anything about it directly from Printerp at the office. It’s the very rare occasion when folks are disappointed with our work, but when they are we jump right on that kind of thing and set about fixing it for them.

    I’m not aware of any customers of ours who don’t already know this about how Spectra works. Seems strange to me that Printerp doesn’t know that actually. Seems like he missed an opportunity to let us help him/her out, which really is a pity. :(

    Keep up the great work TUG! See you on T-shirt forum sometime :)



  2. I have used Spectra tees in the past and I must say they are soft but the complaints I have received were:boxy and tight. We have since switched to Next Level and everyone seems to be happy.

    • heya printerp, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about spectra. glad to hear you are happy with next level apparel t-shirt blanks.

      have you tried startee apparel blanks, or goodwear tees?

      i have a list of blanks manufacturers here on this page that you may want to check out as well:

      also, currently the best resource site on the internet related to screen printing, dtg, or any other t-shirt printing related topic is this site:

      if you’re in the business, you probably already know about it.

      do you know of any other good internet resources for t-shirt printing?


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