SweatyMan Undershirt for Underarm Sweating (Quick Review)

A short while ago I ran across SweatyMan Undershirts, a new brand of sweat-through resistant undershirts with underarm protection.

SweatyMan Undershirts Features

  • Website: http://www.sweatyman.com
  • Price: $18.99
  • Styles: V-Neck (Men), Scoop Neck (Women)
  • Fabric (Men): 100% Combed Cotton
  • Fabric (Women): Blended Cotton
  • Sizing: S-XL (Men), S-L (Women)
  • Sweat Protection: Underarm – large patch made of absorbent microfiber
  • Manufactured in China

I reached out to the folks there, and they hooked me up with some samples of both the men’s and women’s styles.

Visually, they look very similar to other sweat-through resistant undershirts with integrated underarm pad panels. While I don’t really have an issue with excessive underarm sweating, I grabbed a size medium and give it a quick test run.

SweatyMan Undershirts Photos

sweatyman-scoop-neck-womans-undershirt-with-underarm-pads-large sweatyman-v-neck-undershirt-with-underarm-pads-large sweatyman-v-neck-undershirt-underarm-pad-medium sweatyman-v-neck-undershirt-large

SweatyMan Undershirts Quick Review

The Good

  • Fabric feels good on the skin, right out of the package. Cotton is very smooth, and comparable to the feel of many Pima/Supima Cotton undershirts I’ve tried. In fact, it’s probably even softer than some
  • Construction looks very well executed. Sewing is clean and of high quality. This sewing contractor or apparel manufacturer should be applauded for its fine work
  • Plenty long to stay tucked. My medium is 29″ out of the package, and based on the info on the company’s website, it sounds like these undershirts are preshrunk/pre-washed so they shouldn’t lose much length after washing/drying
  • Large surface of the underarm pad, so I’d predict that it’d do a good job in preventing sweat-through or leakage (where sweat would go beyond the integrated underarm sweat pad)
  • Good body fit

The Not So Good

  • Side Shoulder + Sleeve length is too long for a medium sized undershirt. Sitting at rest, the sleeves come down to just past my bicep. I tried on one of my short sleeve button up shirts and the sleeves of the undershirt were just about the exact same length as the sleeves on my shirt. Close enough in fact that you could see the sleeves of the undershirts. Fine for wearing with a long sleeve shirt though
  • V-Neck too shallow. I could see the v-neck collar line of the undershirt with only one button undone of my short sleeve button up shirt. The second button (first below the collar button) on my casual shirt sits about 2.5″ under where the collar is attached to the shirt, which is about the same as my dress shirts. I did try on one of my dress shirts over the SweatyMan undershirt, and left one button undone. The undershirt was not as visible under my dress shirt, but I could still see a bit of the collar
  • Sleeves are a bit too baggy. Not terribly baggy, but since the rest of the undershirt fits me a bit closer, I kinda want/expect the sleeves to fit a little more closely
  • Fairly large (2.5″ x 2.5″) sewn in brand/size/care label. In today’s market, no undershirt should be made with sewn in labels – especially one that big. Tagless care/size label really should be the defacto standard for inside-wear

Final Thoughts

At $18.99, it’s about $4-7 less expensive than many of the other sweat-through resistant undershirts with underarm pads, which is a pretty good value.

So if you’re looking for a more affordable but likely equally as effective undershirt with underarm sweat-through protection, and not concerned about sleeve length or v-neck depth, you may want to give SweatyMan Undershirts a try.


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11 thoughts on “SweatyMan Undershirt for Underarm Sweating (Quick Review)”

  1. Dear Dan

    It’s great to see another product on the market to help us heavy sweating folks. As the business is still new I need to urge you to follow some advice: RENAME the business NOW while you still can. Sweaty Man has bad name connotations and will always hold you back….people are amazingly shy about revealing or discussing the problem and the brand name alone will put them off ordering. Most will be concerned about receiving a package that says Sweaty Man on it and almost no one will give word of mouth referals.

    Just some friendly advice. Also not to mention the impact when you want to branch out into womens.

  2. here are a couple photos i took of the 100% cotton sweatyman undershirt exposed underarm pad.

    innerside – without water on it:

    innerside – with water (beading) on it:

    outerside – without water on it (has a semi-rubber type feel to it):

  3. heya alex,

    i just noticed something from the photos you sent — thanks for sending those.

    the size large sweatyman undershirt that you received was a 95/5 cotton/spandex blend, but the size medium one i have is 100% ring spun cotton.

    so for sure you and i received different undershirts. based on what the founder of sweatyman is telling me, the one i have (100% cotton) is the one they are currently selling.

    with the 5% spandex, that could definitely make the undershirt too heavy if the weight of the cotton fabric was heavy in the first place.

    the 100% cotton version is definitely smooth, and while i wouldn’t consider it “light”, i wouldn’t consider it heavy like a hanes beefy t.

    also, out of curiosity i too cut open the underarm area of my sweatyman undershirt, and i saw the inner lining.

    it does not look like sweatshirt material, which is how you described it to me, and it did not allow water to penetrate through.

    i poured about 1/8 cup of water against the inner lining two consecutive times and the water just beaded on the lining — it did not seep through.

    though, i’m gonna wash mine too, and see if the water resistance holds up, since you mentioned the water resistance did not work after the first wash.

    more to come (: thanks for keeping the dialog open!

    • Hi TUG,
      Personally, I really dislike when a company does the whole bait and switch thing. :(

      The shirt I received does have a 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex label in it. The shirt’s armpit area doesn’t bead up but it definitely sucks up the sweat then eventually goes through to my outer shirt.

      The material inside the armpit looks like my wife’s hooded sweatshirt and she called it “terry fleece.” That was the reference I mentioned in the email. One side is smooth and the other side is honeycomb like. Can you send me a picture of yours? I can send you a picture as well.
      Looking forward to see what happens to your shirt. I guess they are just dumping bad shirts on us regular folks…

      • Hi Alex. This is Dan from SweatyMan…seems like you have received a prototype shirt from our fulfillment team. Just be clear, we do not sell the 95 cotton 5 spandex. We only sell the 100% ringspun cotton shirt with our custom patch.

        Somehow you must have received the prototype version. I’d like to make it right. Please get in touch with me on the ‘contact us’ section of the website and I’ll send you over a couple new shirts.


  4. Hi TUG,
    I bought the men’s size large. Unfortunately after the first wash this shirt DID NOT work in stopping sweat from showing. Bummer!

    The shirt itself is too thick to be an undershirt, making the multi layered underarm panel that much more bulkier. I have to disagree with you TUG regarding the feel of the fabric. It felt like a Hanes Beefy T.

    The sizing seemed too big and the collar is way too big, practically fit like a women’s scoop neck.

    Finally, the shirt has a large patch sewn into the neck area. The label does not feel good against my skin…

    There are better shirts out there for underarm sweat. Shirts that are more fashionable and actually work in blocking heavy sweat.

    • heya alex,

      thanks for stopping by my site and posting your thoughts about the sweatyman undershirts!

      i have to say, you must of gotten a very different version of the undershirt than i received, because i know my fabric — and i am highly picky (maybe too picky) about how it feels on my skin.

      i can tell you with 100% certainty, that the undershirt i received actually has pretty smooth fabric. also it definitely did not feel or fit like a hanes beefy-t, well, because i have one that i wear to the gym and it is nothing like this sweatyman undershirt.

      also, the collar line of my v-neck men’s sweaty many undershirt definitely did not look, resemble, or fit like a women’s scoop neck undershirt. exactly the opposite actually, in that the v-neck was too shallow.

      if you look in my quick-review, i did mention about the sewn-in label being a “not so good”

      i can’t really comment on the effectiveness of the underarm patch, and couldn’t tell you why the patch would not work after washing it. that seems like a kinda strange issue don’t you think?

      hey, i’m super curious about how the shirt you received is so much different than the one i received. would you be willing to either:
      1. send me some photos (showing the neck line, and maybe with some measurements)
      2. send me the shirt to look over and compare to mine? i’ll pay for shipping both ways.

      if yours is that much different than mine, i’m wondering if they sent you something different than what i received — which would be pretty bad.

      what do you think? would love to get to the bottom of this.

      • Hi TUG,
        I appreciate your reply!
        In response to your feedback, it was my personal feedback regarding this shirt. I know you are the expert here however I feel that the fabric is thick just like a Hanes Beefy t. My higher end shirts have a certain thin but quality feel to them. This shirt does not have that feel. Plus it’s huge. I washed it in hot and high heat dry one more time to see if it will shrink…. It’s still large. As you mentioned the sleeves are massive. There is no way I can wear this under my regular shirts & polos….

        My neck is HUGE. When I put the shirt on, it’s so wide my shoulders are totally showing. It truly reminds me of a women neck type.

        The effectiveness of the arm pit patches might work for person that does not have heavy sweat. I have hyperhidrosis in my armpits and I have tried EVERYTHING on the web. I was able to pit thru the Sweatyman shirt within a few hours and it’s not even summer yet. I had much more success with other sweat proof shirts.

        I emailed you 2 pics… Picture of the neck on me and shirt laying down with a ruler on it like you suggested. I could figure out how to attached the pics to this comment..

        I hope it helps.

        Thanks again!

      • thanks alex! sorry to hear about this.

        the owner of sweatyman offered to send free replacements if you wanna give them another try.

        maybe their current fabrics is the softer fabric i tried, and you can try a smaller size. though, if you pitted through these, you might pit through replacements.

        which sweat through resistant undershirts have offered you the best underarm protection?

      • Hi TUG!

        I appreciate Sweatyman offering to replace the shirt. Unfortunately i won’t be trying another size because the arm pit pads don’t work for me. I sweat through them pretty easily. I imagine if the shirt is tighter on me, my sweat will go through even quicker. It makes me wonder why they would send me a different shirt than what they are advertising…. Just saying.

        I currently use 2 brands, Advadri & Thompson Tee:
        – Advadri: I originally bought Advadri. The shirt blocks my sweat however it does not fit well and the arm pit pad needs to be adjust constantly since it is not completely sewn into the shirt. The fabric is definitely not high quality.
        – Thompson Tee: I love my Thompson Tees. The fit is really nice and the fabric is really soft. Most importantly, my sweat DOES NOT go through their arm pit pads. THe arm pit pads are built into the shirt so it’s easy to take care of.

        Hopefully this helps.


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