Sweat Shaper Review. Advanced Polymer Sweat Accelerating Technology

Curious about the As Seen on TV sweat enhancing Sweat Shaper compression wear products? You’ve come to the right place.

First, let’s answer some common questions.

Does Sweat Shaper really work?

Yes. Sweat Shaper helps accelerate sweating & provides compression. It does those two things very well.

Where can I buy Sweat Shaper

The official Sweat Shaper website is shopsweatshaper.com. Beware of any copy-cat sites trying to sell similar looking knock-off sweat shapers – they are not the same product. Only buy from their official website which ships from the USA.

Is Sweat Shaper better than neoprene sweat shapers?

In my opinion, yes. Sweat Shaper’s inner lining is made with polyurethane instead of neoprene. It promotes sweat as much or more than neoprene, while being thinner and more comfortable to wear. Plus the polyester/spandex outer shell combined with the inner lining make it a very good compression shirt as well.

Will Sweat Shaper help me lose weight?

Yes and no. Wearing Sweat Shaper products will vastly increase the amount you sweat. So, you will lose water weight faster than if you weren’t wearing it. However, losing water weight is only temporary.


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How do you wash / clean Sweat Shaper

Machine wash COLD, gentle cycle. Air dry. Alternatively, hand wipe the inner lining using a damp cloth with mild soap or gentle detergent, rinse away soap, then air dry.

Sweat Shaper Details

  • Website: shopsweatshaper.com
  • Description: Sweat enhancing compression wear
  • Men’s & Women’s Products: Athletic Tank Top ($29.99), Waist Trimmer ($19.99)
  • Women’s Only Product: Leggings ($39.99)
  • Colors: Black
  • Outer Fabric: 92% polyester, 8% spandex
  • Inner Liner: 100% polyurethane
  • Features: Instantly shapes, traps heat, accelerates & promotes sweating
sweat shaper mens tank top
womens sweat shaper leggings
sweat shaper waist trimmer

Sweat Shaper Review: Men’s Athletic Tank Top

First, I’m a big fan of sweat-enhancing products and love wearing them when I’m working out or doing some other physical activity.

In fact, I always wear some compression base layer under my gym clothes, and prefer to wear something that promotes sweating.

A while back I came across a different As Seen on TV slimming belt called the Slim Away Belt. While I was not impressed with how they marketed the product, I did like wearing it to the gym because it helped me sweat more. That said, it had a pretty terrible design.

I’m rarely impressed with As Seen on TV products, but Sweat Shaper is an exception.

First and foremost, I appreciate that Sweat Shaper does not try to promote things it does not do. For example, they don’t claim that it will help you lose weight anywhere on their site. They do say it accelerates natural body heat to promote sweat & weight loss, but they don’t say that you will lose weight.

This is what they say it does, and my impression of the claim after wearing my Sweat Shaper Tank Top several times.

ClaimTrue or Not
Performance compressionYes
Heat-trapping polymer fabricAbsolutely!
Anti-slip waistbandIt’s got one
Instantly shapesYes, more below
Sauna-like experienceI like it better than a sauna
Premium neoprene-free compressionMuch better than neoprene
Sweat moreOh my, yes!

Sweat Shaper Pros

  • Makes you sweat — A LOT
  • Quality construction
  • Nicely designed
  • Lightweight
  • Polyurethane works better than neoprene and is lighter weight
  • Dries fast
  • Provides compression & light shaping

Sweat Shaper Cons

  • The care label is scratchy. Thankfully it’s a tear-out care label
  • I’d like to see more sizes. Instead of the three combined sizes (S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL), I’d prefer they offer separate sizes
  • They should offer men’s leggings/tights – I would certainly wear them
  • I only have one of them

Sweat Shaper Review: Other Details

Sizing Down

My chest circumference is 41″ and I wear a 36″ waist in pants. Based on their size chart, I chose their size L / XL (fits waist size 38″ – 44″).

The tank fits well, and does offer some smoothing. But if I wanted more compression, I’d likely need to size down to a S / M (fits waist size 30″ – 36″). Though, that size might fit too tight. So, as I noted above, I’d like to see a broader range of sizes.

Dual purpose anti-slip waistband

The bottom hem on the Sweat Shaper is a woven elastic band with a clear silicone bead on it. The purpose of the silicone is to help keep the bottom of the tank from sliding up, which it does rather well.

anti-slip waistband

But, I found it does something else pretty well too.

When wearing the Sweat Shaper, you do sweat a lot. That sweat drips down on the inside, and I noticed that it would get my underwear somewhat wet. However, the silicone bead also creates a seal between your skin and the inside of the tank. As a result, it does lower the amount of sweat that drips down into my underwear. A good thing if you ask me.

Caution if wearing Sweat Shaper under your regular clothes

As I mentioned, you will sweat quite a bit when wearing the Sweat Shaper — even if you’re not doing heavy physical activity. Sweat will drip down, and some will get on you underwear.

It is very possible that sweat will eventually make its way to your pants, and show sweat marks on your outer clothes. So, keep this in mind.

If you’re primarily looking for regular shapewear, check out this article about compression undershirts to see some other options.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I’m quite impressed with the Sweat Shaper, and would recommend it to anyone interested in a sweat-accelerating shirt or waist trimmer.

You can buy yours here: shopsweatshaper.com

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