Sweat Seal Sweat Blocking Undershirt

Sweat Seal is a new sweat-blocking undershirt maker.

To find out more information about sweat-blocking undershirts, and other sweat management solutions, click here.

Just launched on Indiegogo, Sweat Seal has created an undershirt that blocks pit sweat from penetrating through your undershirt, avoiding contact with your outer shirt.

The secret sauce behind the pit stain blocking undershirt lies in their custom underarm shield.

The shield covers 100% of your underarm sweat glands, and has a 3-step system that prevents pit stains from developing under your arms.

The Shield wicks sweat away from your body.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

It then turns the captured sweat into vapor using your body’s natural body heat (without raising it of course).

There are no fancy chemicals or substances anywhere in Sweat Seal, our custom fabrics do all the work and keep you sealed!

100% preventing pit stains

Sweat Seal Sweat Blocking Fabric

Sweat Seal Hybrid Design

Sweat Seal sweat blocking undershirts are designed as a cross between a tank top and a regular undershirt.

The collar line is like a tank top, but designed with short sleeves.

Incorporated into the under panel is the Sweat Seal 3-step sweat blocking system.

Sweat Seal Campaign Details

  • Indiegogo (link)
  • Colors: True white, modern grey, classic black
  • Retail Price: $25 (Campaign prices starting at $19 + shipping)
  • Hybrid Design: Tank top collar with full underarm coverage
  • Fabric: Ultra-thin ribbed fabric


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6 thoughts on “Sweat Seal Sweat Blocking Undershirt”

  1. Hi TUG,
    Looks like another Thompson Tee type shirt. Not sure what’s different from this shirt in comparison…. Have you battle tested the Sweat Seal version?

    • heya john!

      yeah, i’m not sure how this differs from the other underarm sweat-blocking undershirts like tt, sweatshield, ejiis, and the others.

      i’ve not yet tried sweat seal — i just learned about it, and figured it was noteworthy to write about. (:

      i’ll see if i can reach out to the campaign owner and see if he can give me some thoughts on how his undershirt may be different from the others.

  2. Hello,

    Does Sweat Seal undershirt have the same function as Sutran or Nanodri?

    So far those are the only 2 brands that I trust for overall (entire upper body) sweat protection.

    Thanks for the info, by the way!

    • heya lam — from what i can tell, sweat seal undershirts have underarm sweat protection only.

      sutran & nanodri hyperhidrosis undershirts have all-over sweat protection.

      meaning in addition to offering underarm sweat protection, nanodri and sutran undershirts offer back, chest, and stomach sweat-through protection.

      one bit of very positive news — nanodri can now be purchased on amazon (link)


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