Sweat Proof Underwear: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to sweat proof underwear, mens’ options can get confusing. If you’re in search of the best underwear for sweaty guys or just curious about what they are, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Sweat Proof Underwear?

In simplest terms, sweat proof underwear is underwear that prevents sweat from reaching your pants, preventing wet sweat marks.

To understand how sweat proof underwear works, let’s explain what it can and can’t do. To be brief (pun possibly intended), sweat proof, sweat repellent and moisture-wicking are not the same thing. 

Below I’ll explain the differences between the three.

Sweat Proof Does Not Mean Sweat Repellent

Sweat proof does NOT mean sweat repelling. When a material repels sweat, it’s called hydrophobic or super-hydrophobic (which means water-hating).

If you wear 100% sweat repelling or hydrophobic underwear, the fabric against your skin does not absorb moisture at all, so it would stay between your skin and the fabric.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

When that occurs, the sweat gets trapped on your skin’s surface and spreads or drips across the surface of the fabric, all throughout the inside of your underwear.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to have puddles of sweat dripping all through the inside of my underwear.

Sweat Proof Does Not Mean Moisture Wicking

Sweat proof underwear is not the same thing as moisture-wicking underwear. Many brands interchange the terms ‘sweat proof’ and ‘moisture wicking’, which is confusing and 100% misleading.

Moisture-wicking fabrics work by transferring sweat from the surface of your skin to the outer layer of fabric where it has more surface area to evaporate and dry. In short, moisture-wicking underwear does not absorb sweat — it just transfers it. So you’re more likely to get sweat stains on your pants if you’re wearing moisture-wicking underwear.

This technology works better for things like workout apparel because there usually isn’t an additional layer of clothing that would absorb that transferred moisture and keep it from evaporating.

Sweat Proof Means Absorbent

When people search for men’s or women’s sweat proof underwear, they’re generally looking for underwear that prevents sweat marks from getting on their clothes.

Meaning, they don’t want the sweat from their body penetrating all the way through the fabric, where it will come in contact with their pants (shorts, slacks, jeans, etc.) and leave visible sweat stains.

More simply put, people are looking for sweat absorbing underwear that will pull sweat off their body, but also prevent it from soaking all the way through to the next layer of clothing.

How To Find The Best Underwear For Sweating

Are you just trying to stay dry? Or are you a heavy sweater who needs to prevent sweat from reaching your pants?

Some people sweat a lot more than others. The medical term for excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis.

Most people with hyperhidrosis have excessive sweating in the underarm area (called axillary hyperhidrosis). Others have it on the hands, feet, and face. A smaller percentage have heavy sweating on the chest, back, butt, and other nether regions.

Those with excessive sweating in the underarm region seek out hyperhidrosis undershirts. Or rather, undershirts with sweat-proof underarm barriers, also known as sweat proof undershirts.

As I mentioned earlier, moisture-wicking underwear doesn’t absorb much sweat. Sweat proof underwear is designed to soak up sweat.

So if you’re in search of underwear that prevents sweat-through, you could also try searching for hyperhidrosis underwear instead of sweat proof underwear. Keep in mind, you don’t have to have clinical hyperhidrosis to wear this kind of sweat-blocking underwear.

Sometimes, it’s just fucking hot out, you’re sweating your ass off (literally), and you just don’t want to end up with soggy, visibly sweat-stained pants. I get it.

Sweat Marks – They’re Freaking Embarrassing

Let’s just put it out there. 

The main reason we don’t want pit stains or visible swamp ass is that it’s just plain embarrassing — at least for most of us.

Granted, there are parts of the world where it’s so hot that everyone sweats no matter what they do. In those areas, people are not as concerned about visible sweat stains.

But for the rest of us, avoiding visible sweat marks anywhere on outer clothes is of critical importance.

Guide To Buying Sweat Proof Underwear

Here are my top five tips for buying sweat proof underwear.

1. Avoid Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Moisture-wicking underwear is good for travel, the gym, or any other activity where it’s important for the fabric to dry fast. But if you’re trying to prevent sweat stains on your pants, it’s best to avoid any underwear made from moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester.

I have a very extensive article that covers the moisture-wicking topic pretty thoroughly. In short, wicking fabrics allow sweat to pass through the fabric more quickly. As a result, it has a tendency to get outer clothes wetter, faster.

2. Buy Moisture-Absorbing Underwear 

While cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics in underwear and undershirts, there are other, newer fabrics that absorb more moisture and dry faster.

Cellulose-based fibers like viscose, rayon, Modal, MicroModal, & TENCEL all have cell structures designed to be more absorbent and have better moisture management capabilities than natural fibers like cotton.

You may find that mens’ underwear for sweat management — especially if it’s made from these types of materials — will absorb more sweat than its cotton equivalent, which means it’s less likely that sweat-through will occur. 

Additionally, there are synthetic materials like polyamide (Nylon) that have similar characteristics to cellulose-based fibers. They will absorb more moisture, and dry faster than cotton, generally speaking.

Your need for sweat proof underwear could be resolved simply by changing underwear fabrics.

3. Consider Weight and Weave

Thinner fabrics don’t absorb as much moisture as thicker fabrics.

So if you’re currently wearing thinner cotton underwear, try buying underwear made with thicker cotton.

Or even better, buy thicker underwear made from the moisture-absorbing fabrics noted above.

Weave also plays a role in sweat management (absorption, distribution and drying). So even underwear with unique knit patterns (diamond, cellular, mesh, tricot, etc.) could be worth trying.

4. Use Antiperspirant Wipes or Hack Your Wardrobe

Instead of buying more absorbent or sweat proof underwear, consider using antiperspirant wipes instead.

If your high sweat situation is only occasional or seasonal, you may not need to purchase underwear that prevents sweat-through.

Try combining moisture-absorbing underwear with a 7-day antiperspirant wipe like Kleinert’s Sweat Shield, SweatBlock, or other similar hyperhidrosis antiperspirants.

In the summer, I tend to get a little sweaty on the back of my legs. So I just use an antiperspirant wipe in that area, and I stay sweat-free for 7 to 10 days.

You could also try hacking the back of your underwear or pants by adding a layer of adhesive sweat pads (Amazon) or a layer of absorbing fabric.

5. Try Sweat Proof Underwear

If your sweating is more severe, there’s a good chance you need to purchase sweat proof underwear.

Here is a list of companies that make underwear with sweat-blocking characteristics.


Sweat Proof Boxer Brief for Men. Created With Drilook technology to prevent moisture and perspiration stains.

This underwear is constructed with two layers of fabric which creates an air chamber that allows sweat to evaporate completely before it is visible.

Where to Buy: sutrantechnology.us

Sutran Sweat Proof Underwear for Men


Men’s Sweat Proof Boxer Briefs. These sweatproof boxers feature an ultra-thin waterproof layer in the places you need it most.

Where to Buy: ejisinc.com

Ejis Sweat Proof Boxer Briefs for Men


Sweat Resistant Underwear for Men & Sweat Resistant Panties for Women. The fabric is protected with Fabrapel, a water-resistant fabric treatment. Items also have water-proof protection in the crotch area.

More Info: Men’s Products | Woman’s Products

Kleinerts Sweat Proof Panties for Women

Sweatshield Boxer Briefs

Men’s Sweat Proof Boxer Briefs. A sweat barrier is built into the backside of the underwear.

Where to Buy: sweatshieldundershirt.com

Sweat Proof Underwear And ETS Surgery

Here’s a question from someone who has already tried Ejis and Sutran sweat proof underwear:


I have awful compensatory sweating from ETS surgery, however the surgery definitely corrected my hands sweating.

In the summer my shorts are literally dripping with sweat after a 4-hr round of golf in Georgia.

Is there any underwear that will protect my outer shirt and pants from soak through sweating during the summer.

I’ve tried both Sutran and Ejis sweat proof boxer briefs in 95 degree Georgia heat while playing golf. Neither was very effective.



My Reply To Tommy: Ejis & Sutran

Heya Tommy,

Good to hear back from you!

I’d like to update my article with your experiences with both products, so we can help others with the same issue.


I’m a bit surprised to hear the Ejis sweat proof underwear didn’t work — as they are supposed to have a sweat-blocking membrane between the two layers of fabric on the back side of their underwear.

Can you tell me more about your experience with the Ejis boxer briefs? Where did the sweat penetrate through? Did you contact them about it? If so, how did they respond?

They mention their underwear is 100% guaranteed to stop sweat marks on your butt, back of legs, and groin. So, if they did not work for you, I’d like to hear more about where they fell short for you.


I don’t think Sutran has a membrane, so i’m not that surprised they didn’t work, but it’s unfortunate. Can you tell me about your experience with Sutran underwear?

Alternative Idea: Combine 7-Day Antiperspirant Wipes

Have you tried combining a 7-day antiperspirant wipe like Sweatblock or Klienerts Sweat shield with Ejis or Sutran underwear?

Meaning, apply the antiperspirant wipes on the back of your legs and butt, let it take effect overnight, then wear the sweat-proof underwear.

Sweat Shield (Amazon)

SweatBlock (Amazon)

The more detail the better (:

Look forward to hearing back from you!

A Reply From Tommy: Extreme Compensatory Sweating


My compensatory sweating is so bad in our extreme heat…I could literally squeeze sweat from my outer shorts!

At these extreme temps I don’t think it’s a fair test.

I will say at church this morning the Sutran shirt and Sutran boxers did great.

Sunday afternoon playing golf at a heat index of 103 — the boxer briefs could not cut it. I sweat right through them.

Again the Sutran t-shirt did well.


Additional Feedback About Sweat Proof Underwear

People with severe hyperhidrosis or compensatory sweating in the butt area might find this feedback useful.

My biggest issue with sweat blocking / absorbing underwear has been that the inner layer [of sweat] doesn’t evaporate. It can leave you with an accumulation of sweat.

If there’s too much sweat, when sitting down, it can leave moisture marks on your chair (and yes, that does bleed through to shorts that you are wearing).

Had an embarrassing moment on a recent warm weather vacation where my sweat blocking underwear got overwhelmed with sweat and backfired on me.

Might have been better wearing cotton underwear or something that would have had some evaporation.

– traveller

Any Thoughts Or Other Ideas?

If you have other ideas or want to share your thoughts about this topic, please comment below.

For more information on comfortable underwear, high-quality sweat management products and more, check out my reviews of popular brand-name apparel.

Be sure to check out my Top 9 Sweat Management Solutions article. It contains information about sweat blocking undershirts, sweat proof underwear, various antiperspirant & sweat-reducing options, and much more.


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