Sweat Proof Undershirts & Shirts: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of sweat proof undershirts & shirts, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in.

I’ve been writing about this topic for a long time, and although there are several articles here that cover the topic, figured it would be good to collect all that information and put it into one article.

For sake of clarity, I’ll define the difference between sweat proof undershirts and sweat proof shirts.

  • Sweat Proof Undershirt – Similar to a sweat proof shirt, but exclusively designed to be worn under existing shirts
  • Sweat Proof Shirt – An outerwear shirt that has some form of sweat blocking capability, or other capability to minimize or eliminate the appearance of sweat marks on the clothing

Sweat Blocking & Preventing Sweat Marks

The main reason sweat proof clothing exists is to prevent visible sweat marks. Unless you’re working out, most find it embarrassing if their clothes show sweat rings or sweat patches.

The most common place people sweat is in the underarm area. However, those that sweat more than others can get sweat marks on their lower back, chest, and even their shoulders.

Of course, some people sweat more from their bottom half, which results in visible sweat patches on your pants in the butt and on the back of the thighs. This article won’t cover the bottom region, but I do have one that covers the topic. Be sure to check out my Sweat Proof Underwear article for a list of the top underwear that eliminates visible sweat marks.

Sweat Management Solutions

For a comprehensive list of products and solutions that help people manage sweat, please check out my Top Sweat Management Solutions article.

It provides an overview of the following:

  • Sweat proof undershirts
  • Sweat blocking underwear
  • Sweat proof t-shirts, shirts, & polos
  • Hyperhidrosis antiperspirants
  • Sweat reducing medications
  • Managing head sweat
  • Managing sweaty palms & feet
  • Ideas on how to prevent sweat marks
  • Online resources for sweat management
  • Whether or not antiperspirant could make you sweat more

Sweat Proof Undershirts

I have a comprehensive list of sweat proof undershirts on my Top Sweat Management Solutions article. That said, here are the ones worth mentioning.

Thompson Tee

Thompson Tee is the only patented sweat proof undershirt made in America. Their undershirts feature patented Hydro-Shield sweat proof technology that blocks 100% of underarm sweat, yellow stains and odor.

Thompson Tee makes sweat proof shirts for both men and women, and they have the best variety of necklines and colors which include:

  • Men’s original fit: crewneck, v-neck, deep v-neck and long sleeves in crewneck or v-neck
  • Men’s slim fit: crewneck and v-neck
  • Women’s original fit: crewneck and scoop neck
  • Women’s slim fit: scoop neck and deep v-neck
Patented Sweat Proof Technology for Deep V-Neck Shirts
Thompson Tee patented Hydro-Shield technology

Where to buy: thompsontee.com | Coverage area: Underarm

Neat Apparel

In addition to shirts and polos, Neat Apparel also makes sweat proof undershirts for men & women utilizing the same technology I mentioned above.

Found this comment on reddit from someone who recently tried a Neat Apparel undershirt:

Dude, before they arrived, I started wearing two undershirts in attempt to conceal the sweat. They did the job alright, except on days where I exert a lot of effort, a tiny unnoticeable spot on my shirt would be wet.

Whereas with these shirts, I’d run all day and there is absolutely no mark or sign. Seriously amazing.

Steep price obviously, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t do the job right. And the website were so nice, their customer service is excellent and they seem like good people.


Where to buy: neatapparel.com | Coverage Area: All over


Ejis makes a variety of sweat proof underclothing including:

  • Men’s undershirts (underarm protection): Crew neck, v-neck, deep v-neck (Fabrics: MicroModal, Cotton)
  • Men’s undershirts (back & underarm protection): V-neck
  • Men’s underwear: With fly and without
  • Women’s undershirts: Scoop Neck

Where to buy: ejis.com | Coverage Area: See above

Ejis Sweat Proof Boxer Briefs for Men

Matt King Undercover

The Matt King Undercover undershirts use the same type of sweat-blocking underarm pad as other brands, however, they have a specific focus to make eco-friendly sweat proof undershirts.

Their fabric options include:

  • Organic cotton / Elastane
  • Supima cotton / Elastane
  • ECOVERO MicroModal / Elastane

More Info:

  • Styles: V-neck, Scoop
  • Colors: White, natural

Where to buy: mattkingundercover.com | Coverage Area: Underarm

Matt King Undercover


Created out of necessity by serial entrepreneur Antonio Turco-Rivas, TR+O undershirts have 100% sweat-blocking underarm pads directly incorporated into the undershirts. One unique characteristic these sweat proof undershirts have is a raglan sleeve design, which I quite like.

More Info:

  • Styles: V-neck, crew neck
  • Colors: white, black

Where to buy: troundershirts.com | Coverage Area: Underarm

TR+O Sweat Proof Undershirts
TR+O Undershirts: no sweat marks

Sweat Proof Shirts

Neat Apparel

Neat Apparel utilizes a unique patented fabric technology to prevent visible sweat marks. When sweat comes in contact with the inside fabric, the Neat technology channels the sweat through a maze-like structure, allowing sweat to distribute farther and dry faster.

It also has a hydro-blocking functionality that prevents sweat from creating sweat patches on the outside surface. For heavy sweaters it may not block all of the sweat, but most of it.

They carry the following shirt products:

  • Men: Sweat blocking t-shirt & polo
  • Women: Sweat proof t-shirt

They also carry sweat proof undershirts, but I’ll mention those below in my undershirts section.

Where to buy: neatapparel.com | Coverage Area: All over

Neat Apparel sweat-proof shirt
Neat Apparel sweat-proof shirt: dry outside, wet-inside
Neat Apparel Polo: No sweat patches


Sutran is one of the first companies to come out with sweat proof apparel with all-over coverage. This is accomplished via two thin layers of fabric with their DriLook fabric technology that prevents sweat marks from appearing on the outside of the shirt.

They carry the following products:

  • Men: T-shirts, Polos, & Button-up shirts
  • Women: T-Shirts

Where to buy: sutrantechnology.com | Coverage Area: All over

Sutran sweat mark resistant button up shirt
Sutran polo: No sweat rings
Women's Sweat proof shirt by Sutran

Lawrence Hunt Performance Shirts

Lawrence Hunt takes a slightly different approach to hiding sweat rings. They construct their dress shirts with high performance moisture wicking underarm panels that dry rapidly.

As such, their shirts don’t block sweat from penetrating through, but the result could be similar since the underarms would dry quick and not show sweat marks.

They carry the following products:

  • Men: Polos & Button-up shirts
  • Women: Button-up shirts

Where to buy: Amazon | Website: lawrencehuntfashion.com | Coverage Area: Underarm

Lawrence Hunt Shirts


Numi makes sweat proof shirts for women utilizing their Sweat-Secret fabric technology. The key to their sweat-blocking capability lies in their 3-layer underarm guards.

  • First layer wicks and absorbs the sweat
  • Second layer blocks the sweat
  • Outer layer matches the body of the shirt

Where to buy: wearnumi.com | Coverage Area: Underarm

Numi women's sweat proof shirt


NanoDri’s sweat proof polo for men utilizes their special nanotechnology to hide sweat patches. Constructed similar to their undershirts, these polos are constructed with two layers.

The first layer will wick and absorb the sweat from your body, and the outer layer will block the sweat from coming through — thus preventing visible sweat marks.

NanoDri sweat proof polo

Where to buy: nanodri.jp | Coverage Area: All over

Be sure to check out my Top 9 Sweat Management Solutions article. It contains information about sweat blocking undershirts, sweat proof underwear, various antiperspirant & sweat-reducing options, and much more.

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