Top 9 Sweat Management Solutions

My good friend Antonio Centeno over at Real Men Real Style received a letter from a young man due to a problem in the sweat management area.

Color me surprised when Antonio referred him over to the Sweat Management category here on my site! Also, he said that the information in my Sweat Management category is the best on the Planet! WhooHoo, I’m super honored! Thanks for the props Antonio.

Before I share his How to Deal with Excessive Sweating video (below), I’ve pulled together some very helpful sweat management solution information, including:

  • Sweat proof undershirts
  • Sweat blocking underwear
  • Sweat proof t-shirts, shirts, & polos
  • Hyperhidrosis antiperspirants
  • Sweat reducing medications
  • Managing head sweat
  • Managing sweaty palms & feet
  • Ideas on how to prevent sweat marks
  • Online resources for sweat management
  • Whether or not antiperspirant could make you sweat more

Sweat Blocking Hyperhidrosis Undershirts

Here’s a list of sweat-blocking undershirts, where they are made, and coverage area:

Brand / LinkWhere MfgCoverage Area | Other
SutranSpainAll Over
Neat ApparelChinaAll Over
NanodriJapanAll Over
EjisChinaUnderarm, back | More info
Thompson TeeUSA & ImportedUnderarm
SweatshieldChinaUnderarm, back
Matt King UndercoverEUUnderarm
Robert OwenUnited KingdomUnderarm, side
NgwearIndiaUnderarm | More info

In addition the information here in this article, be sure to check out my article about Sweat Proof Shirts & Undershirts. It provides more details about some of the products above.

Undershirts With Sweat Proof Underarm Pads

For the undershirts listed above, that show coverage in the underarm & back, this is how the sweat-blocking protection usually works.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

LayerWhat it does
Inside fabric layerPulls sweat from the body
Middle fabric layerAbsorbs and distributes the sweat. Many undershirts above also have a middle layer that is lined with a waterproof membrane. This membrane ensures little-to-know sweat from ever soaking through
Outer fabric layerUsually the same as the body of the undershirt. Mostly for aesthetics so the underarm panels match the undershirt
Sweat Proof fabric technology
Sweat Proof fabric technology in hyperhidrosis apparel

Sweat Proof Underwear

I cover all the sweat proof underwear options in this article.

Best Sweat Proof Underwear

Sweat Blocking T-Shirts, Shirts, & Polos

The following brands sell sweat blocking or sweat hiding shirts, some of which are available for men & women.

Brand / LinkProducts
Neat ApparelMen: T-shirts & Polos. Women: T-Shirts
SutranMen: T-shirts, Polos, & Button-up shirts. Women: T-Shirts
NanoDriMen: Polo
NumiWomen: Mock Neck Shirt/Sweater
Lawrence Hunt Men: Dress Shirt. Women: Dress Shirt | More Info

Check out my article about Sweat Proof Shirts. It provides additional details on the products above.

Sweat Management: Antiperspirant Options

Here is a list of some clinical-strength antiperspirant (or sweat-reducing) solutions:

  1. SweatBlock 7-Day antiperspirant wipe (Amazon)
  2. Kleinerts 7-Day antiperspirants Sweat Shield Ultra or Dry Body wipes (Amazon)
  3. Perspirex (Amazon)
  4. Drysol
  5. Driclor
  6. Odaban
  7. Certain Dri
  8. Degree Adrenaline Series
  9. Mitchum Advanced
  10. Right Guard
  11. Deodorite
  12. Gillette Clinical Strength in Advanced Solid
  13. Duradry 3-step system
  14. Carpe Lotion (for sweaty hands and feet)
  15. Klima Health Solutions
  16. ZeroSweat (has products for sweaty hands & feet, as well as underarms)

Sweat Reducing Medications (Prescription Required)

Instead of blocking sweat, these prescription-only medications are designed to tell the sweat glands to produce less sweat.

Topical Robinul (Glycopyrrolate)Blocks nerve signals that stimulate sweat glands
Qbrexza (Glycopyrronium)A neurotransmitter-blocking topical treatment for underarm excessive sweating
OxybutyninPrimary usage as a bladder relaxant, but actively being used as a supplemental treatment to treat different forms of hyperhidrosis

Managing Head Sweat

Here is an article with some tips on how to manage head sweat.

Managing Sweaty Hands & Feet

One of the most common ways to cure sweaty hands or sweaty feet is by using an iontophoresis device, like the one from my pals over at Dermadry.

I mention Dermadry in my Top 3 Ways To Stop Sweaty Hands article, so be sure to check it out. It also includes other great solutions to keep your hands, palms & feet sweat-free.

Dermadry iontophoresis device
Use Dermadry to cure sweaty hands
Dermadry iontophoresis device for sweaty feet
Dermadry iontophoresis can also be used on sweaty feet

The article focuses on how to manage sweaty hands, but the same techniques can be used to manage excessive feet sweating.

Managing Chest, Boob or Back Sweating

I’ve consolidated multiple older articles about back & chest sweat, updated it, and shared it in this Best Undershirts & Solutions for Back & Chest Sweat article.

Antiperspirants Making You Sweat More?

So does wearing antiperspirant make you sweat more? I hadn’t heard about this before, but this is a question from a viewer of Antonio’s video.

I did some research, and wrote an article about the topic.

Online Resources for Sweat Management

International Hyperhidrosis Society

Reddit /r/Hyperhidrosis/ – A great sub-reddit for those with Hyperhidrosis

RealMenRealStyle – How To Deal With Excessive Sweating Video.

At 2:22 Antonio mentions my site!


How to wear undershirts

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