Top 9 Sweat Management Solutions

My good friend Antonio Centeno over at Real Men Real Style recently received a letter from a young man due to a problem in the sweat management area.

Color me surprised when Antonio referred him over to the Sweat Management category here on my site! Also, he said that the information in my Sweat Management category is the best on the Planet! WhooHoo, I’m super honored! Thanks for the props Antonio.

Before I share his How to Deal with Excessive Sweating video (below), I’ve pulled together some very helpful sweat management solution information, including:

  • Sweat proof undershirts
  • Sweat blocking underwear
  • Sweat proof t-shirts, shirts, & polos
  • Hyperhidrosis antiperspirants
  • Sweat reducing medications
  • Managing head sweat
  • Managing sweaty palms & feet
  • Ideas on how to prevent sweat marks
  • Online resources for sweat management
  • Whether or not antiperspirant could make you sweat more

Sweat Blocking Hyperhidrosis Undershirts

Here’s a list of sweat-blocking undershirts, where they are made, and coverage area:

Brand / LinkWhere MfgCoverage Area | Other
Neat ApparelChinaAll Over
SutranSpainAll Over
NanodriJapanAll Over
EjisChinaUnderarm, back | More info
Thompson TeeUSA & ImportedUnderarm
SweatshieldChinaUnderarm, back
Matt King UndercoverEUUnderarm
ItsDriChinaUnderarm | More info
Robert OwenUnited KingdomUnderarm, side
PeyclonIndia (Fair Trade)Underarm | Currently only ships to Germany
Sweat SealUSAUnderarm | More info
NgwearIndiaUnderarm | More info

In addition the information here in this article, be sure to check out my article about Sweat Proof Shirts & Undershirts. It provides more details about some of the products above.

Undershirts With Sweat Proof Underarm Pads

For the undershirts listed above, that show coverage in the underarm & back, this is how the sweat-blocking protection usually works.

LayerWhat it does
Inside fabric layerPulls sweat from the body
Middle fabric layerAbsorbs and distributes the sweat. Many undershirts above also have a middle layer that is lined with a waterproof membrane. This membrane ensures little-to-know sweat from ever soaking through
Outer fabric layerUsually the same as the body of the undershirt. Mostly for aesthetics so the underarm panels match the undershirt
Sweat Proof fabric technology
Sweat Proof fabric technology in hyperhidrosis apparel

These Sweat Blocking Undershirts Are No Longer Available

Put here for historical purposes, and taken out of the list above.

Silverback Apparel (Canada) – Underarm, backFeelu undershirts (China) – Underarm
Shur-t (Saw on getontheshelf) – UnderarmSweaty Man undershirts (China) – Underarm
Armpit Armor (Varies) – UnderarmAdvadri (USA) – Underarm > bought by Thompson Tee
GoSoftwear no sweat tee (USA). Underarm (gosoftwear / products / no-sweat-tee)Knix sweat-proof undershirts for women
DEEPVTEE (China) – Underarm

User Comments on Hyperhidrosis Undershirts

Down below you’ll find lots of comments and feedback from readers who are heavy sweaters who’ve tried out some of the products above.

Even though some of the comments are related to specific hyperhidrosis undershirts, the comments themselves span a bunch of different products.

So be sure to look through all the comments.

Sweat Proof Underwear

I cover all the sweat proof underwear options in this article.

Best Sweat Proof Underwear

Sweat Blocking T-Shirts, Shirts, & Polos

The following brands sell sweat blocking or sweat hiding shirts, some of which are available for men & women.

Brand / LinkProducts
Neat ApparelMen: T-shirts & Polos. Women: T-Shirts
SutranMen: T-shirts, Polos, & Button-up shirts. Women: T-Shirts
NanoDriMen: Polo
NumiWomen: Mock Neck Shirt/Sweater
Lawrence Hunt Men: Dress Shirt. Women: Dress Shirt | More Info

Check out my article about Sweat Proof Shirts. It provides additional details on the products above.

Sweat Management: Antiperspirant Options

Here is a list of some clinical-strength antiperspirant (or sweat-reducing) solutions:

  1. SweatBlock 7-Day antiperspirant wipe (Amazon)
  2. Kleinerts 7-Day antiperspirants Sweat Shield Ultra or Dry Body wipes (Amazon)
  3. Perspirex (Amazon)
  4. Drysol
  5. Driclor
  6. Odaban
  7. Certain Dri
  8. Degree Adrenaline Series
  9. Mitchum Advanced
  10. Right Guard
  11. Deodorite
  12. Gillette Clinical Strength in Advanced Solid
  13. Duradry 3-step system
  14. Carpe Lotion (for sweaty hands and feet)
  15. Klima Health Solutions
  16. ZeroSweat (has products for sweaty hands & feet, as well as underarms)

Sweat Reducing Medications (Prescription Required)

Instead of blocking sweat, these prescription-only medications are designed to tell the sweat glands to produce less sweat.

Topical Robinul (Glycopyrrolate)Blocks nerve signals that stimulate sweat glands
Qbrexza (Glycopyrronium)A neurotransmitter-blocking topical treatment for underarm excessive sweating
OxybutyninPrimary usage as a bladder relaxant, but actively being used as a supplemental treatment to treat different forms of hyperhidrosis

Managing Head Sweat

Here is an article with some tips on how to manage head sweat.

Managing Sweaty Hands & Feet

One of the most common ways to cure sweaty hands or sweaty feet is by using an iontophoresis device, like the one from my pals over at Dermadry.

I mention Dermadry in my Top 3 Ways To Stop Sweaty Hands article, so be sure to check it out. It also includes other great solutions to keep your hands, palms & feet sweat-free.

Dermadry iontophoresis device
Use Dermadry to cure sweaty hands
Dermadry iontophoresis device for sweaty feet
Dermadry iontophoresis can also be used on sweaty feet

The article focuses on how to manage sweaty hands, but the same techniques can be used to manage excessive feet sweating.

Managing Chest, Boob or Back Sweating

I’ve consolidated multiple older articles about back & chest sweat, updated it, and shared it in this Best Undershirts & Solutions for Back & Chest Sweat article.

Antiperspirants Making You Sweat More?

So does wearing antiperspirant make you sweat more? I hadn’t heard about this before, but this is a question from a viewer of Antonio’s video.

I did some research, and wrote an article about the topic.

Online Resources for Sweat Management

International Hyperhidrosis Society

Reddit /r/Hyperhidrosis/ – A great sub-reddit for those with Hyperhidrosis

RealMenRealStyle – How To Deal With Excessive Sweating Video.

At 2:22 Antonio mentions my site!

134 thoughts on “Top 9 Sweat Management Solutions”

  1. Hi I’m a regular user of the Sutran undershirts and I need to buy a new batch of undershirts to help with all over sweating. How does the Neat Apparell compare with Sutran for sweat protection?

    • heya michael,

      thanks for your question!

      sutran is two layers of fabric throughout the shirt. the inner layer absorbs the sweat, and then the sweat is trapped between the two layers.

      neat apparel undershirts and t-shirts are a single layer of fabric, treated with a unique and patented sweat blocking fabric technology. it creates channels that attracts sweat, distributes it in certain patterns that prevents the sweat from passing through the fabric.

      It also let’s the shirts dry much faster.

      I just got some neat apparel undershirts and tested it by pouring a good deal of water on the inside layer. the water followed the channels, and none of it passed through to the outer side. I did a second test with more water, and only a tiny bit passed through.

      suffice it to say, I was very surprised and impressed.

      not sure if it will prevent 100% of sweat from passing through for those who sweat a lot, but the tech is very impressive.

      you can see an example of the sweat-blocking capability in this article:

      let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Glad to see DEEPVTEE offering grey sweat-blocking undershirts, which will help with undershirt lines when worn under a dress shirt.

    The ones I’ve seen in the past were white only.

    One or two shades of beige/tan/brown would have been even better, but I’ll take it.

    PS I’m caucasian, and brown undershirts still make a massive difference for sleeve/collar lines, I have no idea why all these companies make white undershirts

    • Sorry, I should say I have no idea why people don’t buy more beige/tan/brown undershirts so companies make more of them (they make white because for some reason people always buy white)

      • heya michael — thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

        i have to agree with you here regarding non-white undershirts — i pretty much always wear a light grey undershirt.

        the only exceptions are:

        1. when i wear a white button up shirt that is slightly see through, i’ll wear a tan undershirt since it’s less visible than light grey

        2. when i don’t wear an undershirt at all

        i suspect people buy white undershirts mostly out of habit, however, there could be other factors as well.

        if you can’t find a light grey or tan colored sweatproof undershirt that you like, you could try using a 7-day antiperspirant and wear an undershirt that has better absorption than a typical cotton undershirt.

        there’s some great information here in the above article that may interest you!

        thanks again!

  3. DEEPVTEE look very similar other products out there!!

    Looking through their website there is no registered address or real contact details. Makes me very wary, sorry.

    • heya john — ha, i didn’t say they were doing anything original — just reporting new, possibly notable products (:

      there are plenty of products that i’ve written about over all these years that take “inspiration” from other products — some products make it, some don’t.

      we’ll see what happens over the course of the next year.

    • heya shreyas, thanks for stopping by!

      i just checked and it looks like the feelu undershirts & underwear are no longer being sold. i can’t access their website, and a quick google search doesn’t show up with anything.

      if you’re looking for sweat-through proof/resistant underwear or undershirts, i’d recommend you take a look at this article (above)

      good luck!

  4. Hi, posted also in another column about a product that did work (sweatshield undershirts) so in fairness I have to post here to.

    I bought 4 of these undershirts and tried 3 of them over 3 days and to me they do not work.

    Initially when I opened them I was very pleased and they are much neater under the armpit that the other I tried but after wearing a bit you realize that they leak or moisture comes through and as soon as you put a jacket on the shirt will show wet stains.

    People mention Thompson Tee, not sure how good they are but if you want to buy them and live outside the USA forget it.

    It would be $60 for me to have them shipped to the UK.

    I did feed this back to them on Twitter and they know it is an issue and are looking at distributors but not soon enough for me.

    • heya john, thanks for the feedback on this article, and the other sweatsheild article. glad the sweatshield undershirts are working out for you.

      i would understand why these FeelU undershirts wouldn’t work for you, since they don’t have any liquid barriers in them.

      the underarm are just has two layers of fabric, which for some, would still be ok.

      regarding thompson tee shipping charges, have you ever thought about:

      1. using a mail forwarding service where you get a united states address and the company forwards it to you in the uk?
      there are plenty like,,,,, etc.

      2. maybe ask thompson tee to send via first class international mail, and assume the risk of non-delivery.
      i have some friends in the uk and i send stuff to them via first class international for pretty cheap. i’ve never had any problem with the packages getting to them.

      if you’re still feeling experimental, you may also want to check out sutran, since they are in spain and shipping from spain to the uk might not be very expensive.

      and of course there is kleinerts too, and they are based on the east coast of the united states and may have decent shipping options to the uk.

      let me know if you try anything else and what you think of it!

      • Thanks for the options but for the moment happy with the sweatsheilds I have bought, got 5 of them.

        I am 49 (on Monday) and have suffered for years, was close to surgery this year but actually finding these shirts has been amazing.

        I have learned to mask the issue in my social life but work and nice shirts and suits are a nightmare. I could never wear nice light blue shirts, now I can and with confidence.

        For anyone that suffers I would highly recommend trying a good (!) undershirt. Takes a little getting used both from accepting confidence in them and also wearing them.

        Glad I found your site. Thanks

        Sutran are really expensive compared to sweatshield 40 euro v 15 euro!!!

        Good idea on Thompson so maybe in 6-9 months I will try them via your postage suggestion.

  5. Hey !

    Your site was a blessing. I’ve long had a problem with excessive underarm sweating.

    My solution was to stick to white shirts and fabrics that don’t get the sweat stain in a very different color than the dry area.

    It works in the sense that its not very noticeable.

    Recently I’d been getting bored and got some colored shirts for office (blue/light blue) and I had horrible days when I wore them. Then I found your site.

    I have now tried both Robert Owen and Thompson Tee and here are my thoughts:

    Robert Owen:

    Super premium material, super service, feels like a million dollars.

    The underarm area has a double layer with a pocket space for putting in a pad if you want. Protection, 7/10.

    I still had small sweat stains, far less than usual but it got through. I think it needs the pads to be fully effective. But overall a very very good undershirt

    Thompson Tee:

    Good fit, good material. Underarm protection: 10/10, their Hydro shield stuff works! This is what I wanted, works out of the box.

    I sweat from the underarms a LOT, and I specifically tested both with this sky blue shirt that stains like mad, and zero stain with this one.

    I don’t know how well the inside material will last though (its sealed), ill get back on it.

    • heya cclegg, good to hear from you buddy and thanks for taking the time to provide your opinion on both products!

      really happy to hear that robert owen and thompson tee undershirts are working for you (: do keep me posted on your experience with them.

    • heya bill, thanks for stopping by and posting your comment. give thompson tee a try and then come back here to my site and let me know what you think of it.

      you might also want to:

      1. scan through my sweat management category — lots of great articles about managing and/or preventing sweat through

      2. possibly try using a 7-day antiperspirant like sweatblock or klierts — you can find out more about these sweat management antiperspirants above.

      good luck buddy and keep me posted!!

  6. hi i Ky from malaysia. I was suffering from hyperhidrosis for many years. in a few years ago I had surgery to stop the sweat from his palms.

    unfortunately after surgery I began to sweat it out with a lot of area . ​​Head, face, neck, chest and legs. or better say my whole body.

    of course I became more ashamed . No social . I prefer alone in the house. Information such as hyperhidrosis is not known, even the doctors from general hospital here dont know , except in the cardio thoracic department.

    And thanks to you for build this awesome website . This is a new science for me. but really I need to take the time to understand it because my english is not very well (this comment was translated by google translate: P).

    Before this, I do not bother about heavy sweating, but I will get married before the middle of next year. now I panicked and sweating. I dont want to be embarrassed in my day :(

    • heya ky — good to hear from you buddy! thanks for stopping by my site and posting your comment!

      i’m sorry to hear the sweating is making you ashamed to go out, but i do understand why you would feel that way. let me see if i can help you.

      my suggestion would be to try out the following options:

      1. use sweatblock or kleinerts dry body antiperspirant wipes

      you can use them on different parts of your body to help block sweat in those areas.

      if you cannot get those products in your country, you should try to find something similar with the same active ingredients to block sweat.

      2. for any areas around your chest, back, underarms

      you might want to look at the products from they have products that are designed for people with hyperhidrosis.

      i hope the above information is helpful. please let me know if you try any of the options above and how it works.

      good luck to you on your wedding day (:

  7. I’ve been looking for a solution to hide my excessive arm pit sweat for 30 years and was finally excited to learn about the Thompson Tee. Thank you Tug for your review of this product.

    So I thought at a price of $25 per shirt, I figured it was worth a try.

    Well I guess the low price of the T-shirt is offset by the huge shipping cost. I live in Canada, and the cheapest shipping cost to get a shirt shipped to me is $23.95. There has to be another, cheaper shipping alternative.

    And to top it off, the 10% discount code found at the International Hyperhydrosis Society is no longer valid.

    So I am not too impressed with the Thompson Tee company, but think this may be my best bet to eliminate the embarrassing sweaty pits. I’ll have to find a way to get a shirt somehow.

    So frustrated. :(

    • heya bill,

      thanks so much for stopping by my site and posting your question and comments!

      first, let me say that i wouldn’t encourage you to negatively judge thompson tee (the company or product) just because they don’t have cost-effective shipping options to your country.

      i do agree that $25 per shirt is extremely overpriced — and kinda ridiculous.

      my suspicion is that it’s more of a technical limitation with their international shipping options, or simply priced that high because they have not yet figured out the best, most reliable, and most cost effective way to ship to countries outside of the united states.

      while not to deter you from purchasing a good product like thompson tee, there are other sweat-blocking undershirts available. see above and you’ll see what i mean.

      one of my advertisers is, and they offer free shipping worldwide. though, the cost of their undershirts are $44.99, which would only be about $5 less than thompson tee + $25 shipping.

      coincidentally, i have been in frequent email exchanges with the founder of kleinerts.

      they have undershirt options for
      1) sweat-resistant
      2) sweat proof
      3) micromodal with shields, and
      4) cotton with shields.

      i checked their pricing for shipping to canada and it was a meager and fair $7.95 for one shirt, and it scaled up moderately for each additional undershirt i added to my cart.

      i just got my hands on some of their dry body wipes to help me manage back sweating during these hotter months — and they have been working amazing for me so far.

      considering the product offering and low shipping costs to your country, my recommendation would be to take a look at kleinerts and see if any of their products are a good fit for you.

      let me know what you wind up with and what you think of it. ok?

      • Hey Tug,

        Thanks for the replies, I appreciate having someone else’s input on this issue and it is comforting to know that others who have the same issues are finding solution.

        I will investigate the undershirt options and am in communication with Thompson Tee to see if there are alternatives.


      • I’d like to give everyone an update on this. I’ve been in discussions with the Thompson Tee’s customer service and they have worked with me and we found a solution to my problem.

        I am very impressed with their efforts and am looking forward to the arrival of my Thompson Tee.

      • great stuff bill! thanks for the update and good to hear that the folks over at thompson tee were able to help you out.

        are you able to let us know what the shipping “solution” was? could be helpful to others visiting this article from outside the united states.

      • Hey Tug,

        A follow up on my experience with Thompson Tee.

        The Thompson Tee works!!!

        I have suffered from hyperhydrosis for 30 plus years. For that entire time, I have avoided shirts that would show the arm pit sweat.

        Thompson Tee worked diligently, and efficiently I should add, to deal with my shipping issues and make my purchase possible.

        This shirt fit perfectly and felt extremely comfortable and, most importantly, IT WORKS.

        Did you catch that? IT WORKS!!!!! No more sweaty arm pits. WOW, this is a huge game changer for me. I wear dress shirts for work and put the Thompson Tee to the test during a difficult client appointment. Not a drop of sweat showed on my dress shirt.

        I can now confidently wear more than black or white dress shirts and in fact today went out and bought a “plum” coloured dress shirt. Yep it would show all the sweat, but with my Thompson Tee, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

        Thank you Thompson Tee for producing a shirt that hides my sweaty arm pits and thanks for the extra effort you went through to ensure I got the chance to try these shirts.

        Awaiting my next shipment as we speak and now see you offer the shirts in Black.

        By far one of the best internet buying experiences I have ever had.

      • hey corinne, please visit and ask their staff what size thompson tee undershirt you should get.

        my guess would be xs if they have it

    • by the way bill, i think you ought to try a combination of the following:

      1. a clinical antiperspirant wipes like
      (a) kleinerts “dry body wipes” or “ultra sweat shields”
      (b) sweatblock which is a similar product, with slightly less (1%) active ingredient and,

      2. an undershirt designed with sweat-through resistant/proof underarm protection.

      the clinical antiperspirant wipes will provide superior sweat blocking, and the super-powered underarm-padded undershirts will catch most/all of the remaining underarm sweat.

      • I used Drysol for years and it seemed to help although this last bottle doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

        How does the Kleinerts compare to Drysol?

      • i’ve never tried drysol, so i couldn’t tell you how they compare to dry body wipes.

        though, i suppose that it depends on the active ingredient content.

        for me, the back sweating stuff is newer and really only a bit more severe in the hotter/summer months. other than that, thankfully, my back doesn’t sweat too much.

      • Bill,

        What sort of deal did you work out for shipping to Canada?

        I’m in the same boat and don’t want to pay the cost of more that one shirt for my shirts.

        I’m looking as buying 5, but the cost of shipping is still not worth it.

      • heya jj — did you you ever contact thompson tee directly to see what kind of shipping options they could offer you for delivery to canada?

      • I contacted customer support and explained the situation.

        They were fantastic to work with and gave me a one-time code to discount the total cost – not the full amount of the shipping but enough to make it worth while ordering.

        I ordered 5 and am looking forward to the new TTs.

  8. Thompson Tees did not work for me at all. In fact, I sweat more and it smelled terribly!

    I ordered so many of them…I hope they take them back. They made me sweat through everything I wore.

    • Hello Audreina,

      We’re sorry to hear about your experience. This is unusual.

      Is your sweat exclusive to your underarm area and did your sweat penetrate the middle of the Hydro-Shield barrier? As for any odor issues, we recommend turning your garment inside out to ensure the underarm area that is exposed to the skin/sweat is thoroughly cleaned and dried.

      We offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee so at your convenience please send an email to “[email protected]” and we will initiate your return process.

      Your feedback is much appreciated as we are continuously looking for ways to improve our product/s. Thank you for trying us out and again we apologize for any inconvenience.

      We hope to hear from you.

      -Thompson Tee Support

  9. Hey I’m Joe,

    I am not a sweaty person at all but I was given some Gillette Clinical Gresh antiperspirant in a care box while deployed.

    I just started using it and it makes me sweat through my shirts wich is strange because like I said I’m not a sweaty person.

    Does anyone know if this particular deodorant tends to do that?

  10. I’ve had the Thompson Tees for about 3 months now and am still very happy with the fact that I haven’t had a sweat through as of yet.

    I am noticing that the pads inside the shirts are getting kind of crunchy as I wash and wear them, however.

    Almost like when you can tell an old person is wearing a diaper, crunchy.

    It’s my only gripe about the product, though. I will still vouch for the protection it offers.

    • Hi Jason, I’ve used the TT for about 2 weeks and they have been great! I am a bit worried they won’t last that long, but so far no sign of sweat on my shirts! The best I have tried so far!

  11. I just ordered two shirts. Hopefully these help with my pit mark issue. My only gripe is that the Thompson Tee isn’t available in black. I really like prefer black undershirts for most, if not all my attire.

  12. So after reading through your entire site for some type of sweat proof undershirt, I ultimately decided on the Thompson tee.

    I tested it out at a day at work, medical office, and it somewhat worked. Earlier in the day when I would have expected sweat it was dry, although there was some spots on the front of my outer shirt.

    I noticed that this was where the double layer had stopped. As the day continued and finally came to an end, I noticed much more wet areas where it was unprotected and finally soaking up the under arm areas.

    I know someone had mentioned this earlier. I was curious if anyone has compared the Sutran undershirt to the Silverback apparel X-static shirts.

    I think one of those might be my options. My main concern is the coverage not only under the arms but around that as well so the above problem doesn’t happen.

    Thanks for any advice and thanks Tug for this site.

    • Just wanted to say, if you sweat not just from your armpits then Thompson Tee is not the right choice for you.

      It works only for people who sweats from their armpits.

      However, if I’m not wrong , mike compared the two brands and Sutran was the winner.

      I think the comparison was in the Thompson Tees article. I’m sure you will find it there.


    • hey josh, here’s the thompson tee article for your reference:

      post a comment there and see what folks have to say.

      from what i can tell, thompson tee seems to have the best performing sweat-through prevention in the underarm area, but like you said, depending on your condition, you could sweat past where the pad coverage ends.

      silverback is a good product, but it just has two layers of fabric in the underarm and back area. i’m not sure the underarm coverage is wider than thompson – maybe a little bit more – but not sure if it’s where you need it. i don’t think it has any protective membrane in between the two fabric layers to further help restrict sweat through, so i doubt it would be any better than thompson tee based on what you described above.

      sutran has double-layer protection throughout the shirt, so that might work better for you, but the shirt might wear a little warmer overall than thompson tee.

      • Thanks Mohammed and Tug.

        Yea, I think what I would like is if the Thompson tee had a bit wider coverage area. But I’ll check the site you recommended and search if anyone has any more experience between the bunch.

        Thanks again

  13. I’ve had a problem with excessive armpit sweating for years now.

    I’ve tried the Klienarts shirts and Sutran prior to trying out the Thompson tee.

    I’m not a fan of the Sutran shirts. Not only are they really expensive, they’re also really thick and I don’t think do a great job of blocking sweat from going through. The first time I wore it was with a light green shirt to dinner with some friends, and it didn’t take long for the sweat to start making it through the outer shirt.

    The Klienarts did a better job, but the pads under the arms aren’t sewed to the shirt all the way around, and if you start sweating really bad – it’ll go through the pad eventually.

    I ordered the Thompson tee thinking it would be about the same as the Klienarts shirt, but it’s much better. The pads were completely sewn into the shirt, so it’s not awkward-fitting. Not to mention, the pads work great.

    I wore it under a tshirt to a grill-out/get together on with some friends in 90+ degree GA heat this weekend, and even though I could feel that I was sweating bad – nothing made it through to my outer shirt. The rest of the shirt is a really light material – thinner than a normal hanes undershirt.

    They tend to crinkle up a bit in the washing machine, but I haven’t had any problems with the collar “baconing” up yet.

    All-in-all, it’s by far the best undershirt I’ve bought, and has so far held true to the “sweat-proof” tagline. Also – they have the deep v-necks in now.

    I got mine in the mail last week, and it’s perfect for work or a night out.

  14. Hi all,

    I’ve been a heavy sweater my whole adult life. I just dealt with it up until recently as I started climbing the corporate ladder at my company.

    Let me tell you, there’s nothing more embarrassing than walking into a meeting with pit stains in the middle of the winter. I’ve tried all sorts of deodorants, I cut out coffee, etc… but nothing helped.

    It wasn’t until recently that I discovered Thompson Tee on your site. After reading Mike’s excellent review I ordered two large crew necks for twenty bucks a piece.

    They fit as expected and are quite comfortable but I was skeptical that the armpit pad would be sufficient in containing all of my sweat. Well, I was wrong.

    The very first day wearing one I decided to give it a REAL test and wore a light blue and white dress shirt. I pounded a large coffee on my way to work and even wore a jacket when it wasn’t necessary… 10 hours and several cups of coffee later, not a single drop of sweat was on my shirt.

    I was blown away. I was sweating normally and the inside of the tee was as damp as usual, but the outside layer was dry as a bone. I’m so impressed with these shirts I plan on buying several more.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, TUG! Your website and Thompson Tee have been a life saver. I highly recommend these tees to ANYONE with excessive armpit sweat.


  15. Okay so I have finally received my 3 Thompson Tees yesterday . I usually wear M size but the tee runs a little bit bigger so I suggest you to order a smaller size other than your current size.

    Day one:

    I’ve put my V neck into my first test and wore it with one of my colored dress shirt and jogged under the sun for 5 minuets. I’m talking about a Saudi Arabia temperature that no humen being could talorate .
    The result was amazing!! Not even a small stain. My shirt was completely wet except under the armpits.

    Day two:

    Went to the mall today and I wore my timberland short sleeve shirt which I usually make huge stain after 10-15 minutes of wearing it. But today was a completely a different day. My shirt was completely dry although, I feel wet under my arm.

    Sersiously guys I’ve never walked more confidence like today, wearing what I want without worrying and going to the bathroom every 30mins or have a backup shirt in my car.

    Thank you Tug for telling us about this awesome product and thank you Mr. Thompson for creating this innovative awesome product.

    • happy to help mohammed! that’s what i’m here for buddy.

      thanks for sharing all the details on your thompson tee experience.

    • I would say this is your best bet in that case! I would recommend, however, that you go a size smaller than you normally wear, because they run a little big and the armpit area can bunch or pucker up if it does not fit snugly.

      • Mike, How are the shirts holding up? I’m sure it has been more than a month since you started using them.

        Also, could you tell me how often do you wash them? I just ordered 3 tees and I’ll receive it in the next couple of days and you really have no idea how excited I am to use them!

  16. So I am getting married in NYC in September and I sweat throughly through my undershirts and dress shirts in the summer and when I put on a suit. I am going to be wearing a tuxedo and am looking for a very slim undershirt since my tuxedo shirt is a slim fit. How does everyone like this shirt ? Will it be a good fit under a tux? This seems to be perfect!

    • Eric,

      First of all, congrats on the upcoming marriage. I’m not sure how these undershirts show up under a tux shirt because tux shirts are pretty thin and you can easily see through most of them. Not sure whether you would be able to see the pad or pad seems through the tux shirt, but as far as not sweating through the Thompson, you can bet these shirts will do the trick. I have been wearing them for over a month now and I haven’t sweat onto my outside shirt on any occasion yet. They really are doing the trick. Good luck!

    • eric, i’ve got some ideas for you buddy! but first i need to know whether you sweat heavily in just the underarm area, or everywhere (chest, back, etc.).

      once i know that, i’ll be able to help you more.

    • ok, so seeing that you only sweat in your underarm area, and you’re not getting married (yay!) until september, i think you have some options here.

      i’m not sure if you’ve tried any of the stronger antiperspirants, but you might want to take a look at these two articles and do some experimenting over the next couple of months, especially with product like sweatblock and hyperdri.
      sweat management update & how to manage sweaty pit syndrome

      if you’d like to, at least temporarily, forget about the underarm sweating issue altogether for your wedding day, you may want to consider looking into the undearm botox injection treatment. the key here is to do it at least 4 weeks prior to your wedding since it takes a while to fully take effect.

      the other benefit of doing it earlier is that you can also determine how it works for you and whether or not you experience any side effects. it’s my understanding that the reduced sweating lasts about 6 months, so you may want to think about doing this within the next couple of months to be safe.

      group 1: the slimmest sweat-through resistant undershirts i’ve come across are from silverback apparel, sweatshield undershirts, and feelu. these three product lines are made with more absorbent materials like micromodal and have double-layer production in the underarm. silverback offers additional protection on the back and feelu offers additional protection right below the nape of your neck.

      group 2: undershirt products like thompson tee, advadri, and kleinerts offer more underarm protection than the three above, via various implementations of highly absorbent pads that vary in thicknesses. from reader’s reports, the thompson tee seems to be the most effective, but much of that depends on the actual person. as jason mentioned, if your outer shirt is thin and close-fitting, when you aren’t wearing your tux jacket, the pads in the underarm areas would likely show through to some extent.

      group 3: sutran undershirts are made with two-layers of fabric throughout the undershirt, with a small protective membrane in between to prevent sweat-through. the shirt is slightly heavier than all the undershirts listed above, but it will be less visible in the underarm area than group 2. since you don’t need overall protection, the sutran might be a little overkill for your wedding day needs.

      my recommendation:
      try one or more undershirts from group 1 as well as one from group 2. from group 1, i believe the least expensive is feelu and since they are are relatively close in feel and function, it probably is worth trying first. based on the feedback i’ve heard from readers about undershirts in the group 2 category, i’d suggest you try out the thompson tee.

      hope all that information helps! let me know if you have any other questions.

  17. Josh,
    This is the most comfortable undershirt I have ever worn. I was holding my wife in bed and even she commented how soft and comfortable it was. I have already ordered 5 and I am getting ready to order 5 more!

    If you were my brother i would tell you don’t wait another day to order one!

  18. Does anyone know how tight the collars are on these? I’m really interested because I have some issues with armpit sweat sometimes, but I’m really picky about my shirts having a tight collar also (that obviously won’t stretch out over time). Any ideas, or know how these hold up collar-wise?

    • hey josh, the front drop measurement on the thompson tee is 3.25″ which is pretty standard. what that means is that i wouldn’t describe it as a high, tight collar line. the tightness of a collar also depends on how wide the neck opening is, so keep that in mind too.

      as for whether or not the collars stretch out over time, i don’t think anyone would be able to tell you that yet. this article was published in mid january, so at best, the guys who have already purchased one or more thompson tees, they’ve only had them for a couple of months.

      that said, maybe one of them can comment on how they’ve held up so far.

  19. Thank you Mike. I ordered the sweatshield shirts before reading this blog. It was not very good in stopping the sweat from penetrating to the outer garment. I’m going to return them. I will order the Thomson Tee. I am not sure if it is available in UK. If not, I shall try the sutran max dry. I think we should create a proper site to put out the results of these trials. I had to search a lot before I actually found this blog. I will be keen to put something together very soon. Thanks & regards Sreeny

    • hey sreeny, thanks for stopping by and posting your comment. i’m pretty surprised you had a hard time finding this site and this topic.

      what keywords were you using on google to try to find it?? maybe i can add them to one of my related articles help boost the ranking on google.

    • Just a quick update from my experience with sweatshield under-shirts: I tried the sweatshield under-shirts. In the previous blog, I couldn’t give you the complete picture. The service was exceptional and the undershirts were the most comfortable I have come across.I have not seen a more comfortable material. It is very soft and light. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite work for me. I decided to return them and the owner Tim was very helpful and courteous. I was fully reimbursed along with postage. My contact details are with Tim and hope to receive information on any further developments.

      • hi sreeny! thanks for stopping by and posting your comments about tim’s sweatshield undershirts.

        for other reader’s benefit, can you be more clear on what exactly didn’t work for you with the undershirts? were you looking for underarm protection and you sweat through the material? did you need coverage in other areas.

        we just want to make sure that people know specifically what your condition is so they can compare and contrast whether or not sweatshield will work for them. it’s a nice product with double-layer protection in the underarm area, so it’ll be helpful to learn what type of protection you needed.


  20. Long time reader of Tug, but first time poster…What brought me out was the outstanding service and product provided by Thompson Tees. I received the Thompson Tee about 2 weeks ago, promptly after I requested the trial and exchanged e-mails with Billy. Like the other readers/customers, I was extremely satisfied with the product.

    Although I suffer from compensatory hyperhidrosis throughout my entire torso as a consequence of ETS, it definitely works for underarm sweating.

    I found the Sutran lacking in the underarm department and it led to some sweat-through after a long day or with extended pressure/contact, but the Thompson Tee did not have that problem at all!

    I frequently augment the Sutran with the Thompson for maximal protection now and hope that a full body version could be seen in the future as a much better alternative to Sutran.

    The material is very comfortable and you will not feel hampered or bothered by the extra padding in the underarms. The shirt length is also reasonable and will not come untucked during the day.

    For those suffering from axillary hyperhidrosis, this product does absolutely everything it claims and would be my number one recommendation.

    Kudos to Billy and the Thompson Tee!

    • hey alex!! glad to have you as a long time reader (and now first time poster!!!) – now that wasn’t too hard, right?

      great to hear about how the thompson tee worked for you and thanks for sharing the additional details on the sutran shirt.

      i’m thinking billy is now working on some of his shirts that have protection in other places, thanks to all the feedback he’s been receiving from readers! (oh and other places too…)

      feel free to comment anytime!

  21. Hello fellow sweaters,

    I got in contact with Billy, the president of the company making the Thompson Tee, after seeing somewhere that they would ship you a free shirt to try out if you would give a review after trying out their product. Billy was extremely easy to converse back and forth with due to him also suffering from this crazy thing we call hyperhidrosis. He knows exactly what we all go through, and this is reassuring, because if the president of a company has just as much need for a product as I do, I know that a lot of thought and effort went into bringing the product to the marketplace.

    So Billy shipped me out my free sample of the Thompson Tee to try and I think it arrived at my doorstep an hour after we emailed. In reality it was a business day, but for a guy shipping out free t-shirts, he shipped it to me like I just paid $100 for it.

    I was super skeptical wearing the Thompson Tee the first day to work. I’ve tried just about everything under the sun and nothing works. I didn’t want to pay a million dollars to ship Sutran shirts from overseas either. So I put on the Thompson Tee under a shirt that I would normally wear because you’re less likely to see the sweat spots. Low and behold, I just happened to have a meeting that day with 50 other people present, which had me wishing for an open window on the 10th floor to escape from. So, nervous as always I sat in the meeting with my hands tucked under my armpits as usual. I got out of the meeting and went back to my desk and to my surprise my outer shirt was still bone dry. I was sweating profusely in that meeting. I could definitely still feel the wetness on the inside of the Thompson Tee, but it had not gone through either shirt that I had on.

    I’ve worn the Thompson Tee twice now since and I have had the same experience as referenced above.

    I’ve washed the Thompson Tee in between each wearing and the size does shrink a small bit after the first washing, but hasn’t since that time. The fabric is really comfortable and looks to stay in very good shape after washing and wear.

    I’m getting ready to purchase a weeks worth of Thompson Tees tonight because I am convinced that these are a great product! I wish these would have been around for the last 18 years of my life.

    Thanks Billy!

    • that’s a great thompson tee testimonial. thanks jason.

      i bet billy and his whole family have been smiling ear-to-ear lately. well deserved i must say.

  22. I got my new order. Now i got S size instead of M. I would suggest to go 1 size smaller, i m not sure about large.. but for my regular M this S works better.

  23. I received the Thompson Tee last week and it’s been through the wash two times already and still looks amazing. Most importantly, hydro-shield works! I’m a active user on International Hyperhidrosis Society’s facebook page and have uploaded some pictures of the Thompson Tee, before and after I removed it from its packaging, if anyone wants to see.

    I have exchanged messages with the president of the company himself, who also has hyperhidrosis, and he is absolutely a wonderful person. I believe this company earnestly wants to do good and they have put in a lot of time and effort in creating this shirt. The Thompson Tee is really good stuff!!!

  24. My 2nd review.

    Yesterday i was at the party from 10PM till 5AM. During that i was wearing my undershirt and slim fit t-shirt on top. Not a sign of sweat was visible during that time ! Amazing result ! I ordered some more undershirts now.

    And what i can recommend about the sizing. I order some S size undershirts now instead of regular M, as i often wearing slim fit t-shirts i want my undershirt to be skinny style. And as i found this cotton used for undershirt is really stretchable i hope i would not have problems with going size smaller, so the undershirt will be less visible. But we will see, if something wrong i think we can exchange it to different size.

    • dude, i gotta hang out with you. your party started at the time i’m usually thinking about hitting the sack (going to bed).

      back in the day i could hang till 3am – 4am, but nowadays i usually call it around 11:30pm. but, if there’s alcohol involved, i might pass-out around 9:30pm. i’m truly a light-weight.

      thanks so much for sharing stanislav – happy to hear the thompson tee is allowing you to rock your favorite slim fit t-shirt!!

      stay cool & dry buddy!

  25. Hey guys,

    So here’s my little review:

    First off when unpacking the tee-shirt i noticed the quality of the fabric, very soft and seems quite resistant as well and the protection in the armpit area is not as thick as i would have imagined. Overall the Thompson tee is quite comfortable.

    To put the tee to the test i put a dress shirt to work that sweat marks would easily show on (I am a moderate underarm sweater).

    I had a crazy day at the office that day so really broke a sweat, i really felt like if this tee-shirt didn’t work the sweat marks were really going to be apparent.

    But to my amazement not even a drop of sweat could get through this underarm barrier that Thompson as created. i was checking every 2 hrs or so and when i thought it could be a stained, nope, completely dry.

    This product works and does exactly what its supposed to do i will be purchasing more for sure.

    Anybody with underarm sweat issues should try this tee-shirt.

    Thank you to TUG for informing us that this product was out there.
    Thank you to Thompson tee for an amazing product and for shipping to Canada after I demonstrated interest.

    Best Regards,

    Best Regards,

  26. Ok Guys here is my review ! I got my shirt today !

    First of all it was well packed, once i toke it off i was really surprised quiality is real good ! Cotton is really soft and once a wear i was fealing really comfortable. As for size i got M and usually i am using M as well, so the size is true.
    The armpit protection is really comfortable, no noise, nothing i feel the same as regular cotton shirt.

    At 11AM i wear the coloured, real slim fit shirt in which i am sweating the most as hell ! I am very active guy and i sweat really bad usually after 20mins i have a huge sweat stains on something colored and slim fit.

    Ok i went to the washroom to check after 2 hours at 1PM. PERFECT !!!! no sweat at all on my shirt, and i dont feel on my undershirt either, really comfortable ! amazed ! Mr Thomson thanks !!

    2 more hours 3PM checking and nothing ! and the undershirt is also dry !

    4PM last check because i was sweating really hard, very busy day, i was rushing along the office as the sprinter, i v seen tiny sweat marks on the upper side of the sleeves probably to much sweat or i was running and my sweat slide down the hand and touched the shirt, but the armpit spot where the shield is located is 100% dry.

    So i have only 2 suggestions, tips to Mr Thomson.

    1) maybe it’s possible to increase the size of the shield by maybe like 1 cm on the sleeve side, for extra cover.

    2) Design on v neck, its perfect for business shirts, tshirts protection, but sometimes especially in summer time i like to unbutton(open) upper 3 and then the undershirt will be visible, so my advise is to creat a little variety of neck designs, i would love to have some really deep and wide v neck version of it for some days where i have a deep v neck sweater on me so the undershit will not be visible.

    So over all the protection is perfect and the quality of shirt as well !
    So much more comfortable and healthy then using antiperspirants, today i just used my natural deodorant without any aluminium or alcohol and no smell at all.

    Personal thanks o the creator of this amazing product, i hope to see more designs from you soon.

    As for now i am going to wash it in a cold water manually and let it dry, but i am not sure if i should because it is really dry now and no smell. Going to order more.

  27. It’s 3:30pm and all is quiet on the underarm front. I am actually considering wearing a long sleeve shirt. I can’t tell you the last time that happened.

    Award=An autographed picture of Madonna’s hairy armpit with a little sweat drawn in!

  28. Day 2- 12 PM results are the same! Billy Thompson needs to be awarded some type of Pulitzer Prize for armpit sweat control. I should be receiving three more shirts shortly. I’ll give more feedback once I wash the shirts and go for round two on the same shirts. One happy hyperhidrosis patient here!

    • hey mark, maybe i’ll create the very first innovative undershirt award and have billy thompson be the first recipient!

      thanks for the contribution to the conversation. i really appreciate you taking the time.

  29. I didnt have this before, i start seieing this problem for last two years, but i always had cold and wet hands, now it get to my armpits and the fact i love fashion and slim fit colour shirts made very very sad seeing this stupied marks… I cant wear half of my clothes now cuz of that. I really hope on those shirts still waiting my order. It twkes time for canada.
    And personal thanks to the owner of the blog!!! I v read so much about sweating problems, different antiperspirants like drysol certin dry, i dont wanna ruin my health with them. I didnt know about such undershirts before this blog.

  30. Stanislav,
    On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being I just ran a mile), I would say a 2! In comparison, I would put the Jeez wear at a 7.

    I took off the shirt and felt the pads. They felt dry! I am still in shock over this. I got a second shirt in the mail today. So I will next wash them and see how they handle round two.

    I am hoping I get my other shirts by Wednesday. I am telling you all that I am not making this up. I only started my hyperhydrosis when I started taking my high blood pressure pills over 2 years ago.. I read that the Norvasc medication has hyperhydrosis as a side effect.

    I just started today with changing my diet (I love onions, garlic, and my coffee-all no no’s with hyperhydrosis). I am going to try to order Sage tea.

    Billy Thompson is my hero!

  31. Here is my emails to Billy Thompson from Thompson Tee:

    Hey Billy,

    It’s Mark- it’s 8 AM eastern standard time.  I just put on the Thompson T shirt. I just want to give you some quick feedback.

    I am loving it! When I wore the Jeezwear, it felt like I had a plastic bag underneath my arms.  The shirt is very lightweight and comfortable underneath the arms. 

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how my day goes. I’m already considering ordering five of these by the end of the day.

    12pm-  i am normally feeling uncomfortable by now but I feel dry as a rock in the Mohave desert!

    Am I dreaming?

    It’s 2pm.  I just finished a meeting and I was in a good mood.  I would always check my shirt before I would walk into a meeting.  Not today!

    I know that I am sweating but the pad is capturing it.  The Jeez shirt would make my armpits feel like a wet plastic bag.  It would distract me and make me self conscious.  This alone would increase my anxiety and cause me to sweat more.

    It’s 4:55pm-my day is almost complete.  I am so freaking happy that I ordered three more

    I can’t wait to take off the shirt and figure out how you did it!  I almost think my perspiring stopped that is how well it is working.

    Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!

    Did I say thank you?


    I am serious BUY these shirts!

    • Mark, i have a quick question did you feel your sweat underneath the arms ? I got that it will not be visible on your dress shirt, but does the sweat getting dry fast or you feel it on the undershirt ?
      Thanks for a review.

  32. Thompson Tee – Initial Review

    Sorry for the delay, it has been a very hectic week! I have had the opportunity to test the shirt through 1 full 12 hour day, and here are my initial thoughts:

    Shipping/Packaging – The shipping is lightening fast, and the shirt came in a very professional package, sealed in plastic with a very informative cardboard insert. One of the nicer packages I have seen.

    Size/Fit – I have not pulled out a measuring tape yet, but it felt to me like the Medium ran a little larger than most Medium undershirts I own. It seemed almost closer to a large in terms of the shoulder and armpit seams. I prefer to have my undershirts fit a little snug, especially if they have extra protection in the armpits. I am not sure if there will be any shrinking when I wash, but a little shrinking may be helpful (I will be washing today). The length was perfect, and stayed tucked in all day. The crew neck collar was a little wide for my preference, but again, this may not be an issue with the Small. If I purchase additional shirts, I will definitely get size Small. For frame of reference, I am 5’11, 170, 32″ waist, 39″ chest, and my dress shirt size is 15.5/34-35 fitted.

    Design – From a design standpoint, the shirts are very soft, high quality material. The seams are well put together, and I like the tag- less collar. My biggest concern with the design was the feel of the armpit area. You can definitely feel and hear that there is extra protection there, and it was a little noisy at first. The fabric is a little stiff, and rubbed against my outer shirt. If you have ever tried disposable armpit pads, or the Klienert’s shirts with built in pads, It is a similar feeling and sound. It did get better as the day went on. Also, it bunched up a little awkwardly when I had my arms to my sides or folded, creating a bit of a pucker that was visible through the outer shirt at times. I am interested in seeing if the shirt gets a little less stiff after washing. Had the shirt fit a little closer to my body, I think these concerns would have been reduced.

    Effectiveness – After a full day at the office, I was happy to see that the shirt did prevent sweat from reaching my outer shirt in the underarm area! I could feel the sweat, but it did not come through, so it appears as though it is working as designed. I would like to continue testing the shirt to see whether it loses any effectiveness after washing, but so far, so good!

    So how does the Thompson Tee compare to the competition?

    The Thompson Tee definitely has a lot going for it. Compared to Klienert’s, Thompspson Tees are far superior in both comfort and effectiveness.

    Compared to micro modal shirts like the Silverback/Sweatshield/Feelu, I have to say while the other shirts are more comfortable (especially in the armpit area), the Thompson Tee is much more effective in actually preventing the sweat from coming through. Overall, I have to give Thompson the edge over all of these competitors, because at the end of the day, effectiveness trumps comfort.

    Compared to my long standing number 1 pick for people who suffer from excessive sweating, Sutran, the Thompson Tee wins on comfort, but the Sutran shirt still takes the prize on effectiveness, as they prevent sweat from coming through the entire shirt, not just the armpits.

    Conclusion – For someone who suffers primarily from underarm sweat, and does not have issues with back or abdominal sweating, this may just be the perfect shirt for you. Personally, I am ranking this shirt as #2 on my list under Sutran, because I do depend on the all-over protection that Sutran provides. Still, at the current $19.99 price point, I think the Thompson Tee is a great value, and I will likely pick a few more up assuming they hold up after several uses.

    Feel free to ask any questions. I will add an update to this review after I have had the opportunity to wash and wear the shirt a few more times.

    • wowzers mike! that’s an extremely well written review of the thompson tee undershirt!!

      also, i appreciate you including the comparisons to the other sweat-through resistant undershirts on the market because i know that will help people make an informed buying decision.

      coincidentally, your assessment is very similar to what i already shared with thompson tee’s founder, billy.

      one thing that folks should know about sutran and kleinerts that i recently learned, is that their sweat-through protection capabilities are not permanent. sutran says their shirts will begin to loose their effectiveness after the 30th wash and kleinerts say their shirts will be effective for approximately 1 year, if you use their detergent.

      it is my understanding from my email exchanges with billy that the hydroshield underarm protection is permanent.

      i too like the overall protection of sutran, but with the shipping cost included, the per shirt cost is pretty pricey. for those that need that type of protection, it is well worth the investment though.

      i’d love to see billy come out with something with a similar protection level. if he used the cut and fabric from the existing hydroshield undershirt, and combined that with overall protection similar to sutran’s, i think he’d have a second product offering that would greatly appeal to others that need that kind of protection.

      • Tug – I agree with your comments. For your readers who deal primarily with underarm sweat, and do not have issues with back/abdominal sweat, I would actually rank the Thompson Tee higher than the Sutran. It is actually more comfortable than the Sutran, and much more affordable. The Thompson Tee also claims never to lose effectiveness, while the Sutran does start to lose some of its effectiveness the more you wash it (although I have had my Sutran shirts for over a year now and have not had any problems). The major benefit of Sutran shirts is that they protect you from sweat all over, vs just the underarms with Thompson Tee. If you don’t need that level of protection, I would suggest trying the Thompson Tee first.

  33. I just did my order, didn’t know we can apply for free tryout shirt. Can anyone comment on that here ? if it’s still available.

    I didnt try mine yet prob getting it in a week or so in Canada.
    I have cople questions about washing it.

    1.Should we wash it everytime after wearing it and sweating ?
    2.Will it lose some qualities after washing it again and again, like ppl saying sutran does after a month of washing loosing some protecting qualities.
    3.If i am wearing regular polos and t shirts and they are really slim fit, will be the v neck undershirt be visible or it’s also slim fit or kind like a compression style shirt?

    And guys waiting about more reviews coming in. How did you like. If it’s working i will be so happy.

    • hey stanislav, i’m pretty sure billy from thompson tee can answer your questions more precisely, but here are my responses to your questions:

      1. assuming you’re a heavy sweater in the underarm area, i would recommend at least a rinse/hang dry if you wanted to get more than one wear out of it. the shirt does have antimicrobial (anti-odor) characteristics in it’s hydroshield protection, so it should minimize/prevent odors, but i would still at least rinse it between washings in your circumstance.

      2. the sweat-protection is isolated to the underarm area, and from what i understand based on the email exchanges i’ve had with thompson tee founder billy, the protection characteristics (sweat-through resistance) is permanent.

      3. not sure on this one. i don’t have a v-neck version, so i can’t tell you how deep the front drop is.

      i’m sure others will chime in here to provide you more info, but be sure to come back here and let us know what you think of your thompson tee!!

      • I got an email from saying mostly what you just said. Adfor number 3 i was saying not about the v neck size but about the fit of the shirts. If my other polo of shirt is slim fit and strech the undershirt better be slim fit as well.

        I will report once i test it in real life with my sweater and dress shirt on top of it.

        I am a heavy sweater, but only in armpit area, i am so tired of the antiperspirants, first i hate them, secondly they don’t really help at all, maybe because i don’t use them before going to bed, but i hate it, i want my skin to breath at night and day time also. I hope those shirts will be a solution.

  34. This undershirt is the real deal, guys.

    I suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis, and I have tried everything to combat my condition: clinical strength deodorants (pretty much all of them), “stay dry” undershirts of various brands, and I’ve even looked into Botox and/or surgery (though I’m trying my best to avoid that route).

    Nothing I’ve tried has been effective. I am a high school English teacher, so you can imagine how embarrassing it is to standing in front of a classroom full of teenagers with huge sweat stains under my arms. You can also imagine how excited I was to see this post.

    I contacted Billy Thompson, and this guy is amazing–ridiculously quick response, amazing customer service, and similar to a previous comment, I received my free Thompson Tee within a day or two of emailing Billy.

    The day it arrived, I decided to give the shirt a true torture test. I put it on underneath my workout shirt and spent over an hour in the gym. Afterwards, I had sweat through both shirts in several areas, but my underarm areas were COMPLETELY and TOTALLY dry. Not a drop of sweat got through.

    I honestly could not believe how well it worked. I had actually tried my best to get sweat stains (for once), but it didn’t happen. I even took a picture and sent it to my wife, who was equally amazed. I immediately threw the shirt in the wash so I could try it out the next day at school. The next morning, I wore a gray shirt notorious for collecting some pretty wicked sweat stains.

    Again, not a single drop got through…all day long. I found myself raising my arms a lot more just because it was cool to do it without being worried about the kids seeing my underarms. Kinda made me think of those old “Raise your hands if you’re Sure” deodorant commercials from back in the day, haha.

    Needless to say, I have already ordered six more Thompson Tees so I can have one for every day of the week.

    I am so appreciative to Billy for creating an undershirt that completely solves my problem. I feel like posting this comment is the least I could do.

    There are so many products out there that claim to be something they aren’t. Everything said about this shirt is absolutely, positively true. I’d recommend it to anyone.

  35. in response to galo’s question about shrinkage, i’ve been exchanging emails with thompson tee’s founder behind the scenes and got the full scoop.

    because the thompson tee fabric is pre-shrunk before construction, consumers should only expect around 3%-4% shrinkage after the undershirts 5th laundering.

    comparatively, many non pre-shrunk undershirts can shrink between 10% – 20% after washing. while the number does sound high, if the manufacturer knows to expect a certain amount of washing shrinkage, they will usually make the product bigger to accommodate for it. of course, some companies don’t do that too.

    “pre-shrunk” basically means that the fabric is laundered either before or after the undershirt or t-shirt is put together.

  36. Tried to order but they didn’t ship to Canada initially. Sent an e-mail to the company and got a reply from Mr. Thompson (President of Thompson tee) and they decided to add Canada as there first international shipping area. Placed my order today cant wait to give them a try. TUG what’s your impression so far?

    • hey yves! wow, that’s really good customer service. billy thompson is great and very responsive, so i am super happy to hear that they quickly added canada to the list of available ship to countries.

      i’ve had a chance to wear my thompson tee a couple of times and i’ll tell you the feedback that i sent over to mr. thompson.

      first, the undershirt is incredibly comfortable. it’s made with a super soft 100% combed cotton (’40 singles’ jersey) that has a bit of a stretch to it. i really love the fact that it has a good amount of natural stretch, without needing to use lycra/spandex. the shirt feels great to wear and has a great overall fit. i told billy that i’d love to see a version without the hydro-shield underarm protection for those of us that do not need it.

      the hydro-shield underarm protection is well designed and i can definitely see how this technology would perform better than other sweat-through resistant undershirts. many of the other available undershirt products in this category simply have 2-layers of fabric in the underarm area, with no other type of protection. they hydro-shield protection consists of a slightly padded membrane that is integrated into the underarm area of the undershirt. it’s well designed and looks very nice.

      when you first put on the undershirt, you do notice/feel the padding in the underarm area, but compared to other underarm-padded undershirts, the thompson tee hydro-shield membrane is not as thick as others.

      because i’m not a heavy sweater, i cannot tell you exactly how the thompson tee truly performs in a real-world scenario. but, my guess is that it will perform (prevent sweat-through) in the underarm area better than most of the others (not necessarily all of them).

      i’d like to hear from guys who’ve tried sutran and kleients, who get the chance to try the thompson tee. i’d love to hear how it compares.

      keep in mind that thompson tee has protection in the underarm area only (for now) so if you have heavy sweating in areas other than the underarm, it probably won’t help you much other than just being a nice comfortable undershirt.

      hope that helps!

      • I was shocked to find the shirt in my mailbox just 1 day after talking to Mr. Thompson of Thompson Tee! I am putting it through a full day of stress testing at the office tomorrow, and will share the results here within the next couple of days.

      • wowzers! now that’s some really good customer service and fast-as-hell shipping. good going thompson tee!!

        thanks for the update mike. keep us all posted here. can’t wait to hear your product feedback.

        fyi: i already updated my undershirt resource workbook (sign up for the undershirt guy email list to get a copy) with the measurements from my medium-sized crew neck thompson tee – for those that are interested.

      • Tug,
        How’s the length of the shirt, my biggest concern (aside from the yellow stains)is that after a couple of washes, I can’t even lift one arm up in the air without the bottom coming up to my belly button.

      • hey galo! thanks for stopping by and posting your question.

        if you sign-up for my mailing list, you can download an entire workbook of undershirt measurements which include those of the thompson tee.

        my size medium, pre-wash, is around 29″ long, a very respectable final length. if you wear a larger size, you should expect those to be longer than mine. generally speaking, there’s 3/4″ – 1″ difference between sizes. so if my medium is 29″ long, a large would likely be around 30″ long.

        i have not washed mine yet, but it’s supposed to be pre-shrunk which means you should expect very little shrinkage. maybe i can get some intel from the owner on exactly what pre-shrunk means in respect to their product.

        hope that helps!

  37. Well, they seem to have done absolutely nothing since last year. Here is their answer:

    “Thank you very much for contacting us again and expressing your feelings about our product.

    As we did with your last e-mail we will pass these suggestions again to our researching team. They are trying to improve the garments and all of them are really useful to have feedback from you, the customers.

    Thank you very much indeed.”

    • hey andrei, thanks for the info. for what it’s worth, this is the response i got from my contact at sutran:

      Thank you very very much Tug! This is the kind of feedback we need from our customers.
      It’ll take a little while but for sure we will fix these things they ask us for.

  38. I notified Sutran about the itchy tabs and seams about a year ago and they said they would take it into consideration. I just sent them another e-mail to check up on their progress. I will notify you here with their reply.

  39. I too find the Sutran seams to be scratchy. I took a closer look and found that there is actually reinforcing nylon thread mixed in between the regular threads. This thread is transparent and can sometimes have a loose end that will scratch you. All in all though, I find your conclusions about Sutran to be true. I’ve also tried Sweatshield and comparing to your review of FEELU I think they’re almost identical. I’m satisfied with Sutran but they could be so much better if they improved the seams. I unfortunately also managed to order 6 pieces only to find out about MaxDry the week after.

    • I have sent Sutran feedback before, and have read the translated versions of their message boards, and it does appear like they take the feedback and give it to the people designing the shirts, however, it is hard to know if they have made any real changes yet. I think some of the issues with the fit are because of the European styling, but the issues with the itchy seams and tags should have been fixed already. I asked them about timing for getting crew neck Maxdry shirts, and they said that they are getting ready to test them locally, but had no dates for when they would become available. With shipping costs so high, and the shirts already so expensive, I am not going to make another purchase until they have exactly what I want!

    • fwiw, i’ve had separate email exchanges with silverback, sweatshield, and feel u regarding their product line’s “similarities”. silverback was first, then sweatshield, then feelu. each company, of course, feels they bring something unique to the table.

      i’m rather certain that sweatshield got inspiration from silverback, and feel u got inspiration from sweatshield and silverback. “inspiration”, in my definition, is taking a concept and trying to improve upon it somehow.

      from a manufacturer’s point of view, it’s a straight design rip-off, but if you’re a clothing manufacturer, that’s just part of the business. i recall a company in china ripping off the equmen design pretty quickly back about a year ago, but i didn’t mention it here on the site because i didn’t want to promote a company that was blatantly ripping off another design without any regard or any differentiation.

      in reading mike’s original comments about feel u, if i compare his comments to what my initial impression of sweatshields were, i’d say my take would be that sweatshields may be a little thicker – but i can’t say for sure. i’m used to very light-weight undershirts, so what mike perceives as thin, i may perceive as normal for a shirt of that type.

      i’m going to send mike some of my sweatshield and silverback undershirts so he can compare and let us know the differences!

  40. I just ordered one shirt to try out. If they work well, this could be a great alternative to some of the effective, but very expensive alternatives. I’ll keep you all posted!

      • I ordered the FEELU V-necks and I love them! I tried the sweatshield T’s with no luck. I thought the sewn in underarm pads were very uncomfortable.

        I ordered three of the FEELU’s and plan on ordering more. The only complaint I would have is how long it took for me to get them.

        They came from oversea’s and took about 4 weeks to get here.

      • hey cooper! thanks for stopping by and posting your feedback about feelu!

        as far as i recall, sweatshield undershirts don’t have sewn-in underarm pads. or at least the ones i have don’t have them. i think there is just a double-layer of fabric like feelu.

        regardless, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

    • Hello all,

      I received my shirt in the mail, and have had a chance to test it out a little. Here are my initial observations:

      The material is very soft, but the shirt is on the thin side. If you have a lot of dark chest hair, like I do, you can see it through the shirt.

      The neck opening is wider than I prefer. I order a Small crew, and the opening definitely appears wider on me than the example in the pictures above.

      Because the shirt is so thin, and the neck opening was wide, I decided to wear a basic cotton undershirt (Hanes) over it, which was about an inch tighter around the neck than the FEELU. The FEELU shirt was very comfortable, I just didn’t like the way it looked under the polo I was wearing. I also figured it would be interesting to see how the shirt handled sweat given an extra layer of clothing in the 107 Vegas heat.

      The shirt is nice and long, as you can see in the pic, and the seams are high quality. The hem around the collar is thin, about half that of a typical undershirt It is also part spandex, so it fits to your skin. Unless you are ripped or really comfortable with your rolls, you are probably not wearing this shirt without something over it, unlike some undershirts that are a little more versatile. From a comfort standpoint though, this shirt far outperforms the other “sweat proof” shirts I have tried so far.

      My primary issue with this shirt, as with most shirts in this category, is regarding its “sweat proof” claims. In this area, the shirt fell short for me. Like a few other micro modal shirts I have tried, the FEELU shirt does a good job at wicking and keeping me feeling more comfortable, but I didn’t notice any significant improvement in keeping my sweat from soaking the outer layers of my clothing. I think this shirt would perform great if you were a light sweater, but if you have more chronic sweat issues, I doubt this shirt will meet your expectations. After wearing the 3 layers for the day (most of the time being indoors in around 76 degrees F) all 3 layers were damp in the armpit, back, and waist areas.

      I have only been able to test it once so far, but it is a pretty comfortable shirt, so I am sure I will be giving it another go soon. For the price, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. I have spent much more money on other shirts that were uncomfortable to wear and failed to block sweat.

      Other items: I believe the actual delivery of the shirt took about 16 days from when I ordered it. It comes from Hong Kong, and in my case, required I go to the post office and sign for it. For some reason the company labeled the contents as “Electronics.” The customer service via email was very pleasant and provided updates on the shipping status of the order.

      Good luck all. Let me know if you have any questions.

      • hey mike! great review of the feel u undershirt. maybe we’ll promote it to an official review article.

        question, out of all the “sweat-proof” undershirts you’ve tried, can you tell all of us which ones you’ve tried and which ones you’ve been most satisfied with?

      • I have tried about a dozen different types of “quick dry” sport type undershirts before finding this site and realizing that there was such a thing as sweat proof undershirts (or at least the claim).

        For me, the quick dry shirts typically just pull the sweat away from my body and onto the next layer of my clothes.

        As for the “sweat proof” options, the issue I have found with most of the shirts in this category is they are very expensive unless you buy a large volume.

        Plus, there is very little information outside of blogs like this and the manufacturer’s advertising.

        So, I have been working my way down the list of options as I can afford it. Here is where I am at so far:


        I have tried the shirt with sewn in pads, and I have tried the regular and extra absorbent disposable pads.

        I have provided my input on all 3 somewhere in this blog, but the bottom line is they all soaked through my clothing and provided me with only minimum protection from my excessive underarm sweat. Also, the actual shirt with sewn in pads is not very comfortable.

        In a pinch, the disposable pads are better than nothing at all, and are pretty cheap.


        These shirts have received the best overall reviews I have found, so I actually did bite the bullet and spent over 230.00 to order 6 of them from Spain.

        The most important thing to note about these shirts is that ALL of the material is sweat proof, not just reinforced armpits like most others. I provided a very detailed review in the Sutran thread, but bottom line is they actually are the closest thing to sweat proof shirts I have ever found, and they saved my life on my last 3 business trips to Beijing.

        I just got back from Beijing where the heat index was 110 and humidity was 100%, and never once did I sweat through my outer clothing. The downside with Sutran: they are not very comfortable and they are very expensive (around 50-60 per shirt with shipping) unless you order 6 under the current special.

        Another note: Sutran came out with the “Maxdry” product after I purchased their regular sweat proof shirts (although they still do not have it in a crew), and these are supposed to be even more effective than the ones I bought, albeit more expensive.

        If Sutran can address their most critical design flaws (itchy seams and tags, short length), and get a US distributor so shipping does not cost as much as the shirt, they would be my hands down pick for anyone.


        see my review above.


        I was about to try this shirt before seeing the FEELU shirt available for 5 bucks cheaper.

        From what I can see on the Sweatshield website vs. the FEELU I have in hand, these 2 shirts are very similar in material and almost identical in design.

        This will probably be my next purchase, since you can buy just one for 30.00 with free shipping.


        Shirts run 45-55 each with shipping depending on the type, and the last good sale they had required a purchase of 5 to get the per shirt cost down around 35, so I have not tried them yet, but they are next on my list when I have the money.


        Options look very similar to Klienert, and given my experience with that them, I have not tried them out yet.

        Of course Tug, I would be happy to test and review anything you want to send my way!

        In the meantime, I do look to your blog to find sales and learn about new options out there for those of us who have this problem.

      • awesome stuff mike! what size undershirts do you wear? i have some silverback and sweatshield that i might be able to offer up for you to try.

      • Tug,

        Thanks again for sending the samples of the Sweatshield and Silverback shirts.

        I just returned from another 2 week trip to China, where I had an opportunity to put both shirts through some great real life testing. Here are my high level results:


        As I suspected above, and as another user noted, this shirt is almost identical in material and design to the FEELU.

        Comfortable? Yes, but it did very little to shield any sweat from my outer dress shirt. There is no added protection other than in the armpits, and like the FEELU, I quickly sweat right through that extra layer and onto my dress shirt. I also had visible sweat on my back.

        This shirt may work for a light sweater, but did not live up to its name or promises as far as I am concerned.

        Silverback Bamboo

        I definitely noticed a higher level of quality in design, material, and packaging vs. the Sweatshield. This shirt boasts reinforced protection from sweat in the armpits AND though the middle section of the back – more coverage than most competition, but nowhere near the full coverage of the Sutran.

        Silverback’s advertising is much more reserved than their competition, claiming the shirts will “reduce sweat” not prevent it from coming through. Ultimately, it did reduce the sweat that was visible on my outer dress shirt, but not by much.

        A comfortable, high quality, undershirt? Yes. Worth over $50 with shipping charges? Not in my opinion.

        The Silverback also offers the “X-Static,” which is $10.00 more expensive, and the website says it for people with hyperhidrosis. I did notice, however, they are careful about word choice in the description of that shirt as well and do not claim it will prevent sweat from soaking your outer shirt.

        Given my results with the bamboo shirt, I do not think I will be shelling out over $60.00 to find out any time soon.

        To be fair, Silverback does offer free shipping if you spend over $100, as well as a 10% discount if you buy 5 or more shirts, however, these promotions really only benefit someone willing to take a pricey risk that the product will live up to its promised, or an existing customer.

        They do nothing to target new business from the large potential customer base who have yet to find a product that works for them. Personally, I would gladly pay $20-30 as a “new customer introductory price” for a shirt like the X- Static.

        And, if the shirt actually lived up to the promises, I would not have a problem buying 5 for $45 each. Something to think about…

        Bottom line – my stack ranking after the recent testing of Sweatshield and Silverback Bamboo:

        1) Sutran still tops my list of sweat prevention shirts based on performance, but the unresolved design flaws and excessive shipping costs still keep me from buying more at this time (I bought 6 originally).

        I have not tested the Sutran Maxdry, (it was not available when I made my purchase) but I would suggest anyone who is purchasing from them now try at least one Maxdry, as it appears to be an even better product than the other Sutran shirts I purchased.

        2) Silverback Bamboo rates a distant second, far exceeding the Sutran in comfort, but missing the mark on performance.

        I would expect the Silverback X-Static to rate higher than the Bamboo, but I highly doubt it can perform on the same level as the Sutran.

        3) FEELU – very comfortable, but lacking on performance, detailed review in original post

        4) Sweatshield – I would rank the Sweatshield just under the FEELU only because the FEELU made an attempt to add a little extra sweat protection in the upper back/neck area.

        5) Kleinert’s – While they performed a little better than 2-4 in keeping sweat away from my dress shirt, they were much less comfortable.

        You do notice the bulky armpit pads, especially when they are soaked through with sweat, and eventually, they still let the sweat pass through to your dress shirt.

        Hope this info helps someone out there, and feel free to ask more questions.

        I will probably not be buying any new shirts in this category for a little while, but the offer to be a guinea pig is always on the table!

      • great stuff mike. can’t tell you enough how much i appreciate you taking the time to post all your thoughts. there is no doubt that the information you have provided will benefits others.

        so, if i can sum up your observations:
        1. if you could buy sutran from a united states supplier that didn’t charge as much for shipping, you’d likely buy more.
        2. if you could find an undershirt that had the protection of sutran, but the fit/feel of the silverback bamboo – one that had reasonable shipping costs – that would likely be your sweat-through resistant undershirt of choice?

      • Tug, you summed it up perfectly. The perfect undershirt would take the design features of a Silverback and the performance of a Sutran, without the ridiculous international shipping charges. But for now, I have to say Sutran is the only way to go for people who really need a shirt that can prevent those embarrassing sweat stains!

      • Thanks a lot for your review Mike. I was really confused about which undershirts to try but your comprehensive review was very helpful. I am going to order a few Sutran undershirts and hopefully that will help me with my sweating problem.

      • Guarav – Glad you liked the review.

        I will add that since completing this review, I have tested the new Thompson Tee, and it is currently #2 on my overall list for people suffering from excessive sweating issues. If you primarily have problems just in the underarm area – I would actually rank it higher than the Sutran.

        It is actually more comfortable than the Sutran, and much more affordable. The Thompson Tee also claims never to lose effectiveness, while the Sutran does start to lose some of its effectiveness the more you wash it (although I have had my Sutran shirts for over a year now and have not had any problems).

        The major benefit of Sutran shirts is that they protect you from sweat all over, vs just the underarms with Thompson Tee.

        If you don’t need that level of protection, I would suggest trying the Thompson Tee first.

      • WOW! what a review Mike! I suffer from excessive sweat in underarm areas, and I’ve tried many products like Sweat Block and Certain Dry but they weren’t effective.

        Based on your review I will purchase Thompson Tee shirt. I just contacted them if they ship internationally.

        I hope this product put an end of my suffering.

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