Sweat Less: Apply Antiperspirant At Night Before Bed

Did you know that if you apply antiperspirant (also referred to as deodorant by some), it’s more effective at preventing underarm sweat than if you apply it after taking a shower in the morning?

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Apply Antiperspirant At Night Before Bed

Why’s that you ask?

Well, it’s said that when you apply antiperspirant at night, the active sweat-preventing ingredient has time to block the sweat glands while you’re sleeping.

If you put it on in the morning after you shower, as many of us do, you’re more likely to start to sweat before the antiperspirant can take full effect.

This essentially makes it less effective at preventing underarm sweating.


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Chris Plante over at TheVerge.com has recently tested this theory, and claims that by using this method it stopped his underarms from sweating seemingly 100%.


He started with regular antiperspirants, then even upgraded to clinical strength antiperspirants, but applied them after his morning shower as he’d always done.

Unfortunately, his armpit sweat glands were no match for the Texas-level heats, and he waded in pools of sweat.

Then he heard about applying antiperspirant at night, and by making that one change alone, it allowed him to stay clean and sweat-free.

Oh, and don’t worry about the antiperspirant washing off during your morning shower.

After a good night’s sleep, it’s had enough time to do it’s job, and your underarm sweat glands will be blocked like a hair-clogged drain for at least 24-hours.

Keep in mind, Chris is using a clinical-strength antiperspirant, so I don’t know if this would work as effectively with a regular antiperspirant.

I’ve definitely done this before, but it’s primarily when I’ve been testing some 7-day antiperspirants like SweatBlock or Dry Body Wipes.

But I’ve never done this with with regular antiperspirants and for the life of me, I don’t know why.

Maybe it’s a habitual thing. One thing’s for sure, I really do plan on trying this.

Maybe I’ll try it with a 48-hour antiperspirant like Axe Dry Spray or a clinical strength antiperspirant.

When Do You Apply Your Antiperspirant?

Do you wear antiperspirant or just deodorant?

When do you apply it? In the morning, or at bedtime?

And, how does it work for you? Tell me about it in the comments section below.

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4 thoughts on “Sweat Less: Apply Antiperspirant At Night Before Bed”

  1. I shower at night (the latency between showering and going to bed varies) and in the morning.

    It’s not due to hygiene, or sweating in my sleep but rather because I sleep better if I’ve showered before going to bed while the morning shower is a crucial component of my waking up process.

    If I don’t shower in the morning I’m basically walking around with my eyes closed for the first 3 hours of my day.

    Now that you have the exhaustive details, my question is How much time should I wait after showering at night before applying antiperspirant/deodorant before bed?

    While I might feel like I’ve cooled off enough to avoid sweating and allow the antiperspirant/deodorant to start it’s magic, the reality is I just feel like I’m back to a cool body temperature in comparison to the sweltering bathroom of steam and hellfire of which I just exited.

    I believe using this method to avoid excessive sweating the next day will also prove effective in drastically reducing the antiperspirant/deodorant build up problem as I won’t be slathering on the speedstick in a damp armpit creating a slimy paste that immediately seeps into the seams of my favorite T’s ultimately ending in a wardrobe that feels like my underarms are where birthday candles go to die.

    • heya chad — i’d recommend putting on your antiperspirant just before going to bed.

      that way the active ingredient in the antiperspirant will go to work, and won’t have to battle with too much residual moisture/sweat.

      i use a 7-day antiperspirant basically the same way.

      right before i go to sleep, i use the towelette to apply the antiperspirant to the areas i want to treat, and sometimes use a cool blow dryer for a few minutes to dry the antiperspirant wetness enough so i don’t get any on my sheets.

      seems to work pretty good for me. hopefully it’ll work well for you too (:

  2. I shower at night instead of early in the morning because I will not get in my bed until i have cleaned up first. After I do shower, I always put on a light layer of antiperspirant after drying off, then when I wake up, I just add a little more, wait about 5 min or so and put clothes on. This seems to work well for me. I had also heard of using certain dri at night and it eliminates the problem also. My short system works pretty well for me and lasts pretty much until I get home.Just to make a note, at night I just wash off the previous days build up and start fresh again.

    • thanks for sharing that chris!

      i’m a shower in the morning kinda guy — it helps me wake-up and feel refreshed/fresh before starting my day.

      though, if i have a day where i was more active and outdoors (beach, hiking, very long walk), i usually take a shower in the evening before bed.


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