Sweat Blocking Polo Shirt

News just in about a sweat blocking polo shirt from NanoDri.

Hi Tug,

I launched a new product on kickstarter — a nanodri sweatproof, stain resistant polo shirt.

The shirts have the same properties as the nanodri undershirts.

They not only block sweat stains from showing all over the shirt…including the front/back, sides and underarms, but they are also are stain resistant on the outside, repelling water-based liquids such as juice and coffee, and fat/protein suspensions such as milk.

[the underarms have a waterproof membrane for added sweat protection]


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They are made of 100% polyester with fibers many times thinner than a human hair, which makes them soft as silk, and gives them much higher surface area for quick-drying, effective wicking, and strong evaporative cooling effects.

As well, they are wrinkle and shrink resistant, with a ribbed collar with interlining to help keep its shape.

The shirts will be available around this May or June in navy, burgundy and white.

If you would like one to try out let me know which color and size, Ill send you one when I get stock to the USA.

Sweat Blocking Polo Shirt Details

  • Kickstarter (link)
  • Price: $46USD ($58CAD)
  • Colors: White, Navy, Burgandy
  • Fabric: 2-layer 100% Mesh Polyester
  • Layers: (a) Inside layer wicks moisture, pulls it away from the skin. (b) outer layer blocks the sweat from showing
  • Sweat Protection: All over
  • Underarms: Waterproof membrane integrated into the underarm area of the polo to ensure no sweat penetration in high sweat area
  • Sweat Blocking Effectiveness: Up to 100 washes, with very effective performance for 60-80 washes
  • Other: Stain resistant – repels liquids such as juice, coffee, milk, etc.

Sweat Blocking Fabric


Sweat Blocking Polo Shirt Photos



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    • heya daniel — thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      did you contact nanodri and share your thoughts with them?

      would you like me to share your contact info with the owner to see if he can assist you with a refund?


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