Suspenders Made From Silk Ties

News just in about a new brand of suspenders. SpenceUp makes suspenders made from ties.

Suspenders Made from Silk Ties

With the Holiday Season here there is always the search for what to get that special someone in your life.

We are always looking for something unique, something that has the wow factor and something that will not break the bank!

With that said; SpenceUp one of the coolest and trendiest, but still classy and very fashionable new men’s accessories is on the scene.

Even actor Jason Priestly is a huge fan! SpenceUp – suspenders made of silk ties!

One-of-a-kind and ideal for any man in your life (even women have fun with these), are truly fun to wear and talk about a conversation starter.

Made to be worn with or without a suit jacket or even with jeans and casual T-Shirt, these suspenders definitely have the wow factor and will impress.

They are ideal for holiday gift giving – boxed or in a stocking stuffer, you can’t go wrong with these.

Priced at $50 – they are budget friendly too.

SpenceUp Backstory Video


  • Website:
  • Price: $50
  • 19 color/pattern variations to choose from
  • More comfortable than regular suspenders
  • High quality stitching, embossed logo on leather patch, laser etched clips


Jason Priestley wearing SpenceUp Suspenders SpenceUp Suspenders Made from Ties SpenceUp Suspenders: Purple & Black

Suspender Alternatives

I gotta hand it to Joven and Nicole Yount, the founders of SpenceUp, for coming up with unique take on an old product.

Though, if you’re looking for ways to keep you pants up, and not in the market for this type of accessory, you may want to check out my article that provides over 10 different suspender alternatives.

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