Supreme Collaborates with Hanes on Co-Branded Undershirts

supreme-hanes-co-branded-undershirtsHere’s a cool undershirt collaboration story. New York-based Supreme clothier, known for partnering with leading designers, artists, and photographers, is now working with international underwear/undershirt manufacturer Hanes and has just released a co-branded Hanes/Supreme undershirt and tank top. The Supreme logo is stamped at the bottom of the full undershirt.

The new Supreme offering looks to be based on Hanes ComfortSoft undershirt line. A pack of 3 undershirts go for $24 ($8 each) and a pack of  3 ribbed tank tops (wifebeaters) go for $18 ($6 each).

It’s hard to tell if these Hanes ComfortSoft undershirts are any different from the ones you can get at Target or Walmart, so I emailed the company to see if they could share any more information about the offering. Stay tuned for more information.


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