STUCK Boxer Briefs: Keep Your Shirt Tucked Underwear

News just in courtesy of the RibbedTee newsletter — Underwear designed to help keep your shirts (or undershirts) tucked!

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Introducing STUCK Underwear.

The first-ever underwear line that incorporates grip technology designed to help keep shirts tucked!

Using a special anti-slip/grip silicone-based technology in the “STUCK” design applied to each hip, your undershirts or shirts will literally “stick” to the underwear, thus making them less prone to come untucked during the day.

  • Cotton/Spandex, super soft 40/1 stretch jersey fabric
  • “Love handle friendly” Nylon waistband
  • “No smush zone” front pouch with crotch gusset for added comfort
  • Easy-reach right-hand access panel for worry free relief
  • Double-reinforced construction with contrast stitching
  • Pre-shrunk, TagFree care label, Made in the U.S.A.

Pre-Order Discount!

  • Discount Offer: Receive 30% off your first two pair of STUCK Underwear
  • Restrictions: Discount valid on first two pair of underwear, valid through 4/11/14, shipping not included, cannot be combined with any other offer
  • Use coupon code below in Cart

Coupon Code: GETSTUCK

ribbedtee-tactical-performance-wicking-teeNew Performance Tee Announced Too

Code Name: Tactical Tee (Performance)

Status: In development


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Release Date: Q3 2014

Brief: A high performance athletic tee offering ergonomic seam placement, superior wicking, odor & temperature control, anti-microbial, with a soft natural hand (more cottony fee, less synthetic)

If you’re interested in getting on our Tactical Tee Pre-Order notification list, drop us a line.


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4 thoughts on “STUCK Boxer Briefs: Keep Your Shirt Tucked Underwear”

    • heya brian, stuck boxer briefs are a product from

      the first batch of the boxer briefs with the stuck technology have sold-out, but you should stay tuned for a new updated version of that product that will be released in the coming months (:

    • heya chris, yeah pretty interesting, huh?

      this seems to fall in line with other products designed to help keep shirts tucked, like the following:

      1. traditional shirt stays
      2. shirt keeper (available on amazon)
      3. hidden tailor belt shirt keeper
      4. ultimate belt shirt stay
      5. Prototype undershirt designed to keep pants ups
      6. magnetuck (
      7. tukz (, underwear with integrated shirt stays/clasps)
      8. Shirt Tails (, small round magnets with rubber grippers)

      i think the good thing about clip-type stays, is that they’re designed to eliminate untucking altogether. though, i can’t really see myself wearing anything like that on a daily basis. i know the military and former military do, which is totally cool, but that kinda solution really isn’t for me. plus, the clips seem to be something i’d feel due to their form-factor.

      the stuck underwear doesn’t seem like it will completely eliminate untucking, since there is no semi-permanent attachment to the shirt, but the added friction from the silicone should reduce it. plus, since i wear underwear every day anyway, there’s no additional thought i have to put into getting dressed.

      also, word on the street is that there will be additional stuck underwear options coming out, offering some other variations of stay-tuck technologies.

      let’s see what happens (:


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