Stealth Undershirt Guaranteed To Stay Hidden

Anyone looking for undershirts that stay hidden under shirts, may be interested in the new Stealth Undershirt.

For years, men concerned with sweat and perspiration protection had to choose between wearing an undershirt – and dealing with the unstylish look that comes with it – and not wearing one – and lacking the protection a high quality undershirt provides.

Men no longer need to make this choice!

The Stealth Undershirt’s unique design allows it to be hidden underneath nearly any shirt worn over it!

Introducing The Stealth Undershirt

The Stealth Undershirt joins several other makers of neutral-colored (i.e. Invisible) undershirts.

On the website, they also state that the Stealth Undershirt has a “patent pending” design:

The Stealth Undershirt’s patent pending design provides maximum sweat and perspiration protection while at the same time being hidden under nearly any shirt worn over it.

I sent an email to the maker to see if I could get more details on what part of the undershirt is patent pending and to learn more about the maximum sweat protection.

Here’s the response I got:

Hey Tug – thanks for reaching out!

I have been on your website several times. There’s a lot of great information on there.

My office is in Chicago, Illinois and that is where I store and ship the shirts from.

I was issued a provisional patent on the full constellation of the shirt’s characteristics. This includes how it stays hidden underneath shirts worn over it, including its collar, extra short sleeves, light color and material.

However, the shirts collar is perhaps its most unique characteristic.

It is not only cut deeper and wider in the front, but also cut a little more peripherally around the sides and back than a traditional undershirt collar. This is to ensure it stays hidden underneath shirts worn over it. I call this a retracted collar.

Regarding the maximum sweat and perspiration protection, you are right that this blend of materials allows for such protection.

Also, because it is so soft and light, it is breathable and should keep people from perspiring in the first place.

In addition, the shirt is designed to be more snug than a traditional undershirt, allowing for immediate absorption once a person does begin to sweat.

This will help to avoid any beads of sweat forming, which can occur with more baggy undershirts.

Currently, the shirts are manufactured in Pakistan.

Stealth Undershirt

  • Website:
  • Price: $10.95
  • Color: Heather Grey
  • Made In: Pakistan
  • Fabric: 50% Polyester / 25% Combed Cotton / 25% Rayon (aka Tri-Blend)
  • Features: Extra deep & wide v-neck, extra short form fitting sleeves

Stealth Undershirt Photo

The Stealth Undershirt | Deep V-Neck Undershirt | Heather Grey

7 thoughts on “Stealth Undershirt Guaranteed To Stay Hidden”

  1. I ordered a few of these and the quality of the shirt is fine.

    However, it appears that they are simply women’s fashion tees rebranded as undershirts for men. This of course does not prevent them from serving their advertised purpose, but be aware that the sizes run quite small since they are cut for women.

    I wear a large slim fit undershirt and the Stealth XL is extremely tight on me.

    • heya frank, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thought about the stealth undershirt!

      i actually had similar feedback for the owner of stealth undershirt and mentioned the shirt i received had the following female-like t-shirt characteristics:
      – shorter side shoulders
      – shorter sleeves
      – curved body
      – fairly large v-neck opening
      – shorter length

      i also mentioned that it really should have a tagless care label and not a sewn in one.

      he emailed me back stating that this first version of the stealth undershirt was intended to be unisex, and that he’d be working with his manufacturing partners to tweak the design for future production runs.

      i wear a medium undershirt mostly and the large was quite snug on me and the v-neck opening was pretty pronounced.

  2. You’re the Undershirt Guy and you haven’t tried one of these out yet? C’mon man! What’s the point of this site anyway? Try one on and post a review…the cost of the the shirt is a business expense for you!

    • heya frank!

      good to hear from you buddy and thanks for taking the time to comment!

      what’s the point of this site? well, to share undershirt, shapewear, sweat management, socks/etc. related news of new product announcements, product updates, sales, and answers to people’s questions, along with some reviews. i don’t write product reviews of every single undershirt i try or write about.

      i’ve already tried the stealth undershirt and may or may not write an official review on it. that said, if you have some questions about it, feel free to ask them — and i’ll be happy to answer (:

    • note: this appears to be a comment from someone affiliated with stealth undershirt. it may or may not be a genuine or unbiased review.

      Hi- I just recently ordered two. It is like not even wearing an undershirt. The combed cotton blended with other high quality materials makes for a pleasurable fit. Will be replacing normal T’s with more stealths soon.


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